Looking at the smug and gloating smile of Haoyang real person, Bai Meng stood up angrily and said, "How dare you look down on me and show you the true skill of Ben Shajun!"

Bai Meng suddenly took out a black wooden tripod. As soon as the wooden tripod came out, a cold wind blew in the whole treasury.
He bit his middle finger and spouted a blood symbol on the wooden tripod, only to see wisps of black evil wind floating in the wooden tripod. As soon as the wind landed, it became an evil spirit, and nine evil spirits of different shapes changed continuously.
These evil spirits are all green, and a pair of cold and mysterious scorpions are chilling and frightening.
At the sight of these evil spirits, the real Haoyang grimaced slightly and said, "It seems that you are really a good material for cultivating immortals. Although this ghost control is not a subtle spell, and you have the help of top-level celestial objects such as the Nine Ghosts and the Magic Ding, there is no good way to cultivate the true spirit. It is really your talent."
Bai Meng’s hey hey smile has been praised many times, but it feels good to be praised by such a master … Bah, a money addict. He ordered the nine ghosts to count a few sentences and let them drive their own cars to put the BRICS class into the Gankun bag.
With the help of these nine hundred-year-old evil spirits, it’s much faster to move the golden bricks than before. It’s getting late for the real people in Haoyang, and it’s finally inconvenient for them to take away the golden bricks that have been circled by Bai Meng, just blowing several tornadoes to help Bai Meng clean up the mess as soon as possible.
This is really a real whirlwind!
I was not satisfied with scraping all the gold bricks, so I suggested to the real person Haoyang: "There are several countries to the west where the gold bricks are much bigger!"
The old Taoist frowned and said, "am I that greedy person?"
Bai Meng thought for a moment and smiled: "Then it’s easy to say that there’s a small country of Fanbang. It’s impossible if you don’t go. They robbed our Chinese territory. It’s still making trouble now. One is India. Oh, it’s Tianzhu. There’s another one … It’s just that the thieves of Fanbang used to be bad, so it’s hard for you to come out once. Please teach them a lesson and let them know that we have a lot of Chinese people!"
The old Taoist priest frowned slightly and said, "That place in Tianzhu is a Buddhist holy place. Forget it. Many things between Taoism and Buddhism are beyond our control. But his mother’s … sins are all learned from your little evil spirit. This small country should be taught a good lesson! "
"He’s still a bully!" Bai Meng laughed and high-fived, "What the elder said is so reasonable. You are always rare to come out. Why don’t we find a place to refine enough purple gold and then go to toe?"
The old Taoist laughed and said, "The gold in my bag of Taiyi Gankun is enough for me to refine 120 pieces of purple gold sand. No amount of money is useless to me. As for your gold, hehe, I don’t think I will help you refine it. You little devil, your life is too hard. If I help you get dozens of kilograms of purple gold sand for no reason, I’m afraid I’ll be damaged and lose some luck. I can’t do such a thing!"
"Damn you, you old Taoist priest are so insidious!" Bai Meng couldn’t help complaining in his heart, but it’s useless for him to ask for purple gold sand now, even if he doesn’t need red gold sand. It is estimated that at least four or five hundred tons of gold will be enough for him to use. Then he laughed and said, "That’s all right. I’ll lead the way and you burn the wall. We’ll take advantage of the interest to go around the small country!"
The old Taoist priest is quite cheeky and laughs. "In that case, why don’t you lead the way quickly?"
Who the fuck can have too much money?
Bai Meng took the old Taoist priest with him, biting his teeth without considering his physical exhaustion. This is a saying in Ming Dynasty. In order to take care of the old Taoist’s habits and reduce his guilt, he just said it was a big one.
In fact, Bai Meng really overestimated himself. As soon as the old Taoist burned through people’s treasuries with three flavors, he couldn’t wait to jump in, feel guilty, take out a purple-gold mixed-yuan dry-Kun bag, hold a magic tripod with nine ghosts, and call out nine ghosts to grab the gold bricks with him.
The bricks here depend on the fact that if the bricks in Naypyidaw can be described as the East China Sea, it is simply the fucking Pacific Ocean.
Wait, didn’t the old Taoist priest say that too much gold was useless to him? Did this … Nine tornadoes blow out by themselves?
Come on, grab it!
Fortunately, I took a nap on that flying sword for a while, and now I’m a skilled worker again. Look at the way these nine century-old evil spirits move things, even the old workers at the old Shanghai pier are not on it.
Fortunately, the treasury was buried deeper, and no one came in to disturb them for seven or eight consecutive hours. Bai Meng also took time to sleep. Anyway, the nine-headed evil spirits don’t have to sleep.
As soon as I woke up, Bai Mengcai now nine evil spirits were staying in their original Zijin mixed-yuan dry-Kun bag, which was about to overflow. He used this bag for so many years, and this is the first time to fill it.
I turned to look at the old Taoist priest, who is still pretending to be non-stop. What kind of bird is this old Taoist priest? I’ve seen greedy people, but I’ve never seen anyone so greedy.
"It seems that next time I’m going to put ten more eight dry Kun bags on my body. Oh, my God, I originally had two Zijin dry Kun bags. It’s really a loss!"
Bai Meng is really crying at the moment!

Chapter 10 Two billion only bought two things
After grabbing the state treasury, Bai Meng really felt that he should have nothing to ask for, and even wondered if Wang Ding’s life was problematic. It was clear that he was the richest and most expensive. If he poured out all the gold bricks in the bag of Gankun, he estimated … It’s really hard to estimate that this seems to be too much. Although most of the treasuries of the two small countries were scraped by the old Taoist priest, he could scrape at least 1,000 tons by himself.
1,000 tons. Even if it’s one or two gold and two hundred dollars, he’s robbed four billion. It’s too fucking cool. It’s a pity that these gold can’t be converted into money immediately. It’s better to find someone to smelt them into purple gold sand later. That’s where the big money comes from.
Refining purple gold sand is not something that anyone can do. You can’t really burn it without blowing three flavors. A thousand tons of gold is burned with three flavors of real fire. Although the gold is burnt into gold ash powder, it is worthless, but at least two thousand kilograms of purple gold sand can be obtained. How much the fuck is this?
My heart suddenly looked forward to a set of fix true cheats and treasures promised by the old Taoist priest. Now that I have money, this is the practice. I still have to work hard from scratch!
Bai Meng smiled and flew back to Jinling with the old Taoist priest in the boundless night.
Back in Sanlitun night market, he didn’t come these days, and everyone thought that he had made hundreds of millions at a time the other day, so it didn’t surprise him to rest at home these days.
Wang Ding and Lao Liang have already prepared the goods. As soon as they arrived at the market, Wang Ding packed the Zi Long phlogistic herbs in jade boxes for Bai Meng.
Bai Meng smiled and said, "I apologize to you for 90 million yuan, but the amount of business this time is too large for me to turn around. I’m afraid I can’t pay you for the time being!" "
Wang Ding smiled indifferently and didn’t say anything. If Bai Meng wants to default, he can’t do anything with the name of this little evil spirit gentleman. Anyway, who is Bai Meng? He is clearly in no hurry.
Bai Meng is in a hurry. Fat people’s total assets are just a few points. They can’t compare with their 90 million goods. Maybe most of them are on credit. He secretly thought that he had to find a way to find enough funds as soon as possible to make himself and Wang Ding’s business turn around.
It’s important to do business. It’s important to have goods on hand for three cents and seven cents, but it’s not a problem to keep buying goods without living money. Sooner or later, I think Lao Liang is still very rich. After 30 years of repairing the truth, there are 300 million accounts empty at the moment.
Bai Meng tore up a check for 40 million and gave it to Wang Ding, asking him to endure for a period of time. As long as he slowed down, he could definitely settle the remaining debts as soon as possible.
Go to the old beam again. This man can’t say that he is not a good man, but he is a businessman after all. He looked at his poor adventure and begged protective talisman to take himself into the business. Although he didn’t die, he got lung disease for no reason. He coughed badly every day.
Because of this kindness, I don’t want to bother the old man to tell the truth, but the deal with Haoyang reality is too big. Sanlitun belongs to its own territory, and there are more than 20 fix true businessmen who may help themselves collect those goods with a debt of 300 million, which is Lao Liang.
Seeing that Bai Meng was blowing with an evil wind, Lao Liang came quickly with a helpless smile, put down the teapot in his hand and pointed to the big red gourd around him: "You can take it with you." However, Shajun, let me make it clear first. Now your business is getting bigger and bigger. Be careful to capsize in the gutter. And this time, you are in a hurry. I can only get the goods with some friends who are not very serious. They want money. Where is the surplus of 300 million in my small business? You should try to get together 160 million as soon as possible to plug up the hole I left behind, and then we can slowly find ways to deal with those people. We can’t afford to offend them! "
Bai Meng Zheng also has his own jargon in the business field of repairing truth. This "not-so-serious person" is actually a person who practices magic tricks. This kind of person really wants money and is desperate. He really can’t afford to offend himself and blames himself for the large land preparation on his plate, so he is in such a hurry to get the goods. Otherwise, Lao Liang wouldn’t take the initiative to contact those people. His little evil spirit gentleman is the bully in Sanlitun. If he really goes out, it’s nothing.
He knows in his heart that these accounts are not cheap, and it is impossible without 500 million yuan, but seven or eight points are all on the goods. Where is the living money of 300 million yuan, he has to take a big gourd and say, "Don’t worry, I still have this measure. If you allow me three days, I will definitely collect 160 million yuan and never give you any trouble!"
Old beam nodded slightly and closed his eyes against the back of his recliner.
Bai Meng may feel a little heavy and depressed in his heart. This business is really a bit too much. It is not a problem to make a business of 100 million yuan with his current financial resources, popularity and reputation. This time, it is really a big play. Maybe something is got. The business of himself and the only two teachers and friends may have to be lost.
Driving a gust of evil wind, he went straight to the Lotus Slope of Wushan, where he made an appointment with Haoyang Road, and it was only two miles away from the White Garden where he lived.
When I first arrived at Lianhuapo, I saw Haoyang Laodao meditating there, and Bai Meng flew over in the evil wind and said, "Give me half of the goods first. After all, we are a trader. You are doing business with traders. Don’t break the rules. I don’t care who you are, real person or founder!"
"You’re such a bad temper. I’ve lived for so many years, so it doesn’t matter. Hum, if you deal with those young disciples of Shushan and Taixu, your temper will be bad sooner or later. You, a lone star in Dreadwind, will have a successful day, and then others will not be afraid of you. If you continue like this, you will really suffer! "
It’s rare for an old man to give a well-meaning sermon, but suddenly he thought of the expression when he and he robbed the BRICS. With a sneer, he put away all the gourds and jade boxes, only to see what the old man wanted to give to himself.
Haoyang Road has been silent for nearly half an hour before carefully taking out a golden dry Kun bag from the bosom and pouring out only two things for a long time. It is the same as the A4 paper on the front of a black jade treasure chest, but it is quite heavy and twenty centimeters thick. The other thing is very simple. It’s just a very ordinary hollowed-out carved jade basin with a lid on it. The lid is also hollowed out. It’s 30% to 40% carved and breathable. At the same time, you can’t see what’s in it. The shape of the jade basin is really exquisite and elegant, and it also emits wisps of strange blue smoke. It sounds like it’s filled with a living thing, but you don’t know what it is.
The old man had no scruples about pushing both things directly in front of Bai Meng, and smiled slightly: "I won’t let you down!" "
He naturally doesn’t have to worry about it. If Bai Meng plays fake with him, even if he is a once-in-a-thousand-year evil spirit, killing him is like strangling an ant.
Bai Meng thought it was obviously not a bad thing that the road was so proud. If I checked the goods myself, I wouldn’t hand over my own things. How can I be looked down upon if I don’t have tolerance?
He immediately pushed the red gourd and the jade box containing Zi Long’s phlogistic herbs to Laodao: "I haven’t inspected the goods in a hurry, but these goods are two of the three people I can only trust in this world. I believe they won’t lie to me!"
The old man said with a slight frown, "No need to check. I have already experienced it as soon as you sat down beside me. If I don’t have this ability, would I still be a real Haoyang? It’s you. Take a good look at what I handed over. It will surely benefit you for life! "
After saying this, the old Taoist priest suddenly added: "Don’t worry, there is no one within three hundred miles, and there is no one who has entered the realm of refining and gasification, let alone a nobody in Yuan’s infancy!"

Chapter 11 I got the beautiful cheats.
Being polite to others means being hard on yourself!
Bai Meng doesn’t care what face it is. Just open the Mo Yu treasure chest now. The old Taoist priest hasn’t died for hundreds of years. Maybe what he thinks will benefit him for life is all over the place now. Or maybe it’s a book called "Wu Zhen Jing", which is now a printed book of 22.60 yuan in Xinhua Bookstore!
As soon as the Mo Yu treasure chest was opened, a stream of black and white qi whizzed out, and it was almost time for the qi to drift away. Bai Mengcai poured out the contents, totaling thirteen cheats, and several of them were particularly thick in many printed books today, which could simply print hundreds of thousands of words.
Every secret book is a manuscript, but the strokes are neatly written, and the strokes are well-balanced and clever. Many calligraphy works are not comparable to the first book, The Record of the Pope of Yin and Yang. It is probably that a person who claims to be the patriarch of Yin and Yang, Qingyun Zi, is about to ascend to heaven. At the end of the historical article, he can also read the words "Twenty-one years of Hongwu". Presumably, this patriarch of Yin and Yang was promoted to immortality after the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty.
However, there is also a possibility that Hongwu was killed by lightning after that.
This is a casual book, not too thick, just forty pages.

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