At that time, everyone was frightened and uneasy, and speculation was everywhere.

Bai Zhi is casting spells, although there are some doubts, and he is not interrupted by being disturbed.
The black-faced man couldn’t help but snort when he saw this picture of everyone. They only feel ear suddenly sounded a loud thunder. The scene suddenly quieted down.
When the black-faced man saw that the panic was stopped, he said solemnly, "What a scandal? If I disturb Bai Zhi’s sorcery, who can afford it? This volcano was blessed by a powerful array of ancient wizards, and it will explode there. And even if there is an earthquake outside, there will be no problem if there is array protection. "
Although he was reprimanded, everyone was relieved to hear that the volcano had a secret blessing.
I heard the black-faced man say, "Zi Sang, Dan Tai will go out with me to see the outside situation, and the rest of you will stay here and take care of Bai Zhi. If anything goes wrong, you will not be spared when you come back. Heaven and dark black, you two should restrain everyone. "
"Yes, Han Dawu" and dark black should track at the same time.
Looking at Han Dawu with two middle-aged men left, looked at each other for a total of days and dark black, without any language. There was a sudden silence here. Only Bai Zhi waved a bell and beat silently.
Yang Xiu flew down the crack, and after a kilometer, it touched the ground.
Although it was dark all around, Yang Xiu’s eyes were working spiritually, and he immediately saw the surrounding space clearly.
Unlike a glimpse of the gods just now, it is completely different to feel the shock brought by being there.
It’s like a temple, surrounded by vast space, without a pillar to support it.
Rows of statues stand on both sides of the temple, coldly overlooking all beings.
These statues are as high as a hundred feet, carved with stone, and lifelike.
Most of them are heads of animals, or heads of animals, wearing giant snakes in their ears and stepping on dragons on their feet, all covered with scales.
Yang Xiu stood at the foot of these gods, looking extremely small, and felt the coercion of the gods.
Occasionally, a cold wind blows, which makes Yang Xiu feel that these gods are alive. This idea makes Yang Xiu shudder, but it still lingers.
Through the rows of statues, the pattering footsteps seemed unusually empty. Yang Xiu always felt that someone was watching him in the dark, but no matter how he probed with his gods, there was no problem now.
Some hair in my heart, Yang Xiu opened the wings of Qingluan, and I quickened my pace. He wants to check the temple thoroughly and see if there is anything worth taking away, and then leave at once. He doesn’t want to stay here for a moment, and he always feels that it seems extremely dangerous here.
The temple is so big that it has been half a column of incense for coming in, but Yang Xiu has only gone less than a third. Besides, there were statues everywhere, and there was no temple or anything else.
"It is impossible for such a big temple to have nothing but to store these gods!" Yang Xiu, frowning, flew to the front of an idol, and then checked it carefully with the gods. There is nothing special about these statues except that they are too realistic.
"Is it what’s in the idol?" Think of it and do it, brimming with hair in my heart. Yang Xiu stood in the distance, raised his palm, and tentatively patted the vanity of one arm of this idol.
The arm of the idol suddenly broke and fell to the ground, and there was a crisp sound of "thud, thud".
Yang Xiu didn’t expect the arm of the idol to be easily interrupted, and he also found that the middle of the broken arm of the idol was hollowed out. Just now, I was able to deceive Yang Xiu’s divine knowledge.
But to Yang Xiu’s surprise, in the middle of the broken arm of the idol, a dark red liquid was constantly flowing out, which smelled pungent and turned out to be blood.
It was weird enough that there was blood in the middle of the idol, and it was still blood that could flow. You know, look at the existence of this temple. I’m afraid it hasn’t been thousands of years. Even if there is any blood, it should have solidified long ago.
This now makes Yang Xiu more cautious, and I don’t know what else will be hidden in the idol.
Yang Xiu will immediately open the whole statue to see it, but he is afraid that there will be any trap. He first opens the protection of the dark blue cassock, and when his wings move, he flies to the distance flush with the head of the statue.
After getting ready, Yang Xiu waved his hands again and again, and the spiritual force hit the bottom of the statue from a distance, and the statue with a height of 100 feet suddenly collapsed and shattered.
"Wow", more blood was scattered on the ground like a waterfall. When everything was calm, Yang Xiu didn’t have any magic weapon, jade slips, classics and so on in the fragments of these gods.
But there is a big push maggots surging in the blood.
Although I know that the secret code of magic weapon is not so easy to get, this is still disappointing for Yang Xiu.
Looking at the ground, dense, overlapping and entangled maggots, Yang Xiu is going to give birth to a true torch and they are all purified. After all, it is so weird to appear in a place like this, and it is inevitable that something will happen.
But just as Yang Xiu was about to start work, these maggots on the ground suddenly mutated.
One by one, the bodies began to turn black and hard, but actually a layer of skin like a carapace grew. Then a pair of cicada-like wings emerged from their backs. Eyes protruding, hands and feet growing, tentacles, unexpectedly began to mutate with the naked eye.
Yang Xiu instinctively feel bad, immediately move innate true fire.
However, after the real fire, except for the pool of blood on the ground and the maggots that haven’t had time to change, the mutated bugs were not damaged at all.
Instead, one by one "buzz" flew, even tens of thousands, forming a dark cloud, and immediately swept to Yang Xiu.
But Yang Xiuxian, fortunately, although these bugs are dissatisfied with their flying degrees, there are still many gaps compared with Yang Xiu’s qingluan wings. This gives Yang Xiu enough time to attack with the charm and magic weapon.
But to Yang Xiu’s horror, these bugs turned out to be hard and abnormal. The general low-level and intermediate ofuda had no effect on these bugs, while the advanced ofuda could only destroy a dozen at a time, and this number could not hurt the worm army at all.
Also, when Yang Xiuyong attacked Yun Jian, now these bugs are like all desperately taking the initiative to pounce on Yun Jian, completely covering the magic weapon in an instant. Then these bugs spewed a black unknown liquid at Yun Jian. Yun Jian was corroded by these liquids, and before he could react, he lost his mental strength and fell to the ground. And Yang Xiu immediately lost contact with Yun Jian.
Yun Jian was destroyed in an instant, which made Yang Xiu surprised and angry. Unexpectedly, the magic weapon of liquid pollution spewed by these insects was so severe that he dared not attack with it again.

Chapter one hundred and nineteen Wu Tomb II
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Since it is not easy to destroy, then avoid it. Because these bugs are limited in size, as long as Yang Xiu fully expands the size of qingluan wings, they can be dumped immediately.
However, just after Yang Xiu’s promotion, inadvertently, these bugs actually stopped chasing and devoured each other together. Yang Xiu don’t understand, but also know that this is not a good thing, so before leaving at the last moment, and hit a high-order "filariasis" to them. But it still didn’t have much effect, and there were not many casualties.
He didn’t care, no longer stayed, and immediately flew elsewhere.
Yang Xiu really doesn’t believe that these are the only stone statues in such a magnificent place.
But now I’m still disappointed. There are really only these giant statues in such a magnificent place.
Yang Xiu is just going to visit all the places now, and then he will leave after completely breaking the hope in his heart.
But before long, Yang Xiu suddenly heard a buzz from behind.
Looking back, now it’s just that group of black-shelled worms, but to Yang Xiu’s surprise, the number of worms this time is less than half, but the size is much bigger than just now, and its flying degree has also increased nearly times.
Yang Xiu didn’t know how they found him in such a big space, but the thought that they could evolve immediately by devouring each other shocked Yang Xiu.
And it seems that they seem to be chasing after Yang Xiu, so Yang Xiu won’t let them evolve, and intends to solve them while he can still deal with them now. Otherwise, if they are advanced, Yang Xiu can’t imagine what will happen.
Mind move, the ghost king and day ghost immediately released from the hand of the dry Kun. Yang Xiu immediately gave the order to attack them.
I saw the ghost king suddenly spit out a mouthful of black gas in the direction of the worms. These worms were unguided and didn’t know how to dodge, so they were easily covered by the black gas from the ghost king.
Insects suddenly fell in succession, but although these black gases have some effects on dealing with them, they are not obvious. Most of those fallen bugs flew up from the new place because they didn’t count their breath.
Fortunately, however, these bugs can’t deal with these ghosts as they can with healthy Yun Jian. The scene was deadlocked for a while.
While the ghost appeared from the rear of these swarms, just sticking out two bones and claws, tearing and pulling, until some bugs died, but for many swarms, it didn’t hurt elegance at all.
Yang Xiu saw this seesaw battle and couldn’t help worrying.
Although he still has a purple jade gourd treasure that can be attacked in a large area, he doesn’t dare to use it now because he is afraid of being blissfully honored or Ji Yuxin outside, so he hasn’t recovered it since he gave Jiman self-defense in a different space last time. And regardless of whether it will be sensed by those two old monsters if it is used here, it will have to be refined again even if it is not sensed.

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