Thousand-Eye Pacific "Ah!" With a roar, I raised my feet and stepped on a tree and immediately rushed over. His face has been deformed, and now he is a six-headed bird, and now he is a 30-year-old strong man from other places. No matter how he changes, he is full of murderous look.

Without waiting for others to make moves, Bai Meng once again threw the big five elements and swept away thousands of dust. Even under the sword of Xuanhuangshi, he smashed into pieces, leaving only spots of blood on the white jade altar as if it were the tears of six birds.
Bai Meng slowly opened his eyes and stared at Empress Shi Ji with endless bullying and repression. She grabbed the flying stone and came over step by step, and said coldly, "I’m willing to save your life. Don’t kill yourself. I killed your master and brother just for self-protection, so I won’t embarrass you if you are willing to surrender!"
Empress Shi Ji stopped and laughed, suddenly stopped and glared at Bai Meng. "What you value is just my magic weapon, so I don’t blame you for killing ourselves today, just as you said, you just did it for self-protection."
After she said this, she threw the flying stone banners in her hands on the ground and ran retrograde. Zhenyuan’s whole body was thumped and rattled, and she was about to burst and smash the rocks.
"Don’t worry, girl!" Suddenly there was a high drink in the sky, but it was Huang Lingzi and the Arctic reality.
When Huang Lingzi saw that this woman was a flying stone on the Huangshan Mountain, it took tens of thousands of years to absorb the essence of heaven and earth before her soul came to life. It was really valuable and had some true temperament. She immediately flew out of the 36-way Zhenyuan charm to suppress her rebellious truth.
Bai Meng doesn’t try to stop difficulties. Like Huang Lingzi, only the woman turned out in this stone enjoys herself the most. Although the personality is inevitably a bit extreme, it is also affectionate and righteous.
Tian hu’s old demon deserved to die, but she, the green fox, and the Three Demons with Thousand Eyes didn’t deserve to die. It was just an accident. I accidentally killed the blue fox and had to kill Qianyan. Now she’s the only one left. Naturally, I hope Huang Lingzi can save her.
Seeing that Huang Lingzi’s lack of practice can’t stop this stone spirit, she is also bent on death and Bai Meng has to make moves. The fairy vine flew out of the sun and moon and bound the stone essence. This vine binds the spirit to lock the soul, and immediately curses the real yuan scurrying about in her body.
Seeing Bai Meng’s rescue, Jinguang Mantis hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed again and again and shouted, "Master, spare my life. Jinguang is willing to be a servant all his life and will not regret it!"
White faint a sneer at. Excalibur Dreadwind immediately flew out along his mind. This golden mantis was immediately pierced without a dike, and its protector, Jin Guangwan Daozhen Yuan, flowed like a spring into Excalibur Dreadwind.
Standing next to Golden Mantis, the doll monster opened his mouth and didn’t know what to do, but he didn’t dare to help. He just looked at Golden Mantis in disbelief and watched her body dry up a little.
"Help me … old white squid!" The golden mantis reached out to the doll monster with great difficulty and pain. Begging him to help.
The doll monster made a tingle all over, as if it were an electric shock. It was shocking to see that the golden mantis slowly lost weight and finally became a dried-up mantis mummy.
Bai Meng will Dreadwind Excalibur back. He took a cold look at the doll monster and asked, "Who the hell are you? With your strength. Why aren’t they in the Thirteen Pacific Islands? "
The doll monster listened to Bai Meng’s question but didn’t throw the dark sword directly. Hurriedly and busily caressed my chest and asthma, I gasped and plopped down on my knees and said, "I … little demon … was originally a jade squid in Huangtian River of Lushan Mountain, and some people called me a jade-skinned giant salamander. When I was practicing for a thousand years, an old man from the northern Sect of Lushan Mountain taught me a line of five elements of Taoism. I practiced hard at the foot of Wulaofeng Mountain in Lushan Mountain. Two years ago, I was bullied by some old men from Taiqing Sect and had to flee to Huangshan Mountain. Later … I got to know this golden light. He said that he would protect me from soaring in the future and I entered this evil demon gate! "
As he talked, he even cried and cried, and he was really similar to a baby.
Bai Meng couldn’t guess whether he was telling the truth or lying, so he took a look at Tianlong Zi. When Tianlong Zi saw Bai Meng, he immediately offered a mirror of destiny, first according to Shi Ji’s empress and then the jade squid.
After taking a photo of two goblins, he showed a smile and didn’t speak, but in Bai Meng’s view, it was natural that the white squid didn’t tell the truth and had a predestined relationship with Zi Xia Wonderland. He immediately shouted, "I see that your practice is not easy and there are no bad consequences. From today on, you will practice in the Linglian Pool outside the Hall of Tibetan Scriptures. You can’t go out without my law. If you dare to get sick, I will take your sex and order you not to be reincarnated forever!"
Jade Squid was overjoyed. He immediately kowtowed several times and loudly said, "I know that I just want to get through all kinds of difficulties safely, so I won’t make trouble if I get a positive result in the future!"
Bai Meng could see that this jade squid was a timid guy, and it was useless to keep it. It’s just that since this jade squid hasn’t done anything bad and it’s not easy for him to practice, he should stay in the fairyland and let it practice slowly and wait for it to soar.
At this time, there is only the problem of Shi Ji, but this Shi Ji still needs Huang Lingzi to slowly enlighten Bai Meng and doesn’t want to ask too much, so let Huang Lingzi take Shi Ji back to the Purple Palace.
Bai Meng asked Tianlong Zi to lead Zhu Xingjun and the second generation of disciples to clean up the war-torn land, while he conveniently collected the seal of thousands of dragons and thousands of treasures and returned to the fairyland.
The second generation of disciples who suffered heavy casualties before and after the first world war are afraid that no fewer than 20 people are injured and almost half of them die. Bai Meng counted the list and couldn’t help frowning and sighing.
Most of these second-generation disciples were brought back from the Ziyang Sect and the Moon Magic Temple in those years, and they have already built a foundation. After experiencing this World War I, the accumulated network foundation in Zi Xia Wonderland was destroyed a lot.
Nangong Paiqingsong was seriously injured, and the other four disciples under his name were not saved except Tian Changzi, Tian Lezi and Tian Jizi. Even the big disciple Tian Changzi was seriously injured, but it was not Qingsong and Qingmei San who were afraid to die on the spot, but only three second-generation disciples were left.
Although the Ziyang Sect went to war late, it was rather tragic. Not to mention the five disciples killed and four others brought by the door, only the big disciple Tianjizi got away with it. Fortunately, there are still many young people in Ziyang School whose accomplishments are not low, which does not affect their luck.
The Guanghan Sect is even more bleak. The Red Crescent was wounded twice. Not to mention that the last Huangyue was also wounded by the old demon in tian hu. It was not Guangyang’s real hand that would have killed him on the spot. Seven female disciples under the sect injured three of them before, and finally the other four died in battle and almost broke the foundation of the sect.
These three factions were originally the most prosperous ones in Zi Xia Wonderland except the authentic Yin and Yang of Xuanmen, but all of a sudden they lost most of their foundation and suffered heavy losses.
Most of them were in Bai Meng’s heart when Bai Meng, Huang Lingzi and the Arctic reality rushed out to kill the bat bodhi old zu because of the lack of strength in this door.
If he hadn’t gone after the bat bodhi old zu with ice silkworm and Jin Chanzi’s Gankun Tongbao, there wouldn’t have been great damage in the third battle. Now it’s better that the damage in the third war is a little worse than that in the second world war.
Bai Meng sat silent on the lotus throne with his head down, and his heart was a little frustrated. If he hadn’t been too reckless, it would have been a great victory, but he couldn’t help sighing again.
When Huang Yue saw Bai Meng’s remorse, he immediately forced a smile: "Master, don’t worry about my fairyland. Although it suffered many losses after this war, it was still a great victory. Since then, it is expected that no one will dare to break into our mountain gate within a hundred years!"
Bai Meng said with a wry smile, "The bodhi old zu bat may not dare to come again. Now that he has seen the great array of mysteries, he will definitely dare to come with his skill and courage after careful preparation. In fact, even if he comes again ten times, I’m not afraid. It’ s just that I made a mistake in this war and it’ s really embarrassing for everyone to suffer heavy losses! "
"Patriarch, you don’t need to blame yourself. I think it’s rare for Zi Xia Wonderland to be able to lick those big monsters with such force. However, what I am worried about is not the bodhi old zu Bat or the Shushan Sect, which has always liked to be biased and has three treasures in the Mahayana period. If they take advantage of our weakness at the moment to make trouble on the pretext of a two-year contract, I am afraid we will not be able to resist it! " Guangyang reality suddenly sank with a sigh.
Bai Meng’s heart was in a deep depression. It was clearly the victory of the war. Now I don’t know why, but everyone’s heart is in a low mood. I think it’s also a fairyland in Zi Xia. I’ve never had such a setback. It’s hard to avoid being unacceptable when people are used to everything smoothly for a while.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-one SuoRen
Today’s Zi Xia Nebula … It’s too low to breathe; It’s a little confusing.
Bai Meng stood on the white jade temple of heaven and looked up at the sky. It was a bit monotonous but so quiet to have only that endless nebula in the sky.
"I’m afraid the Shushan Sect won’t come after the First World War. After all … they have to measure it!" Violet scattered people step by step, carrying their own skirt, light and quiet, but they couldn’t hide a trace of worry in their eyes.
"It will come!" Bai Meng looked back at her, and gave me a subtle smile. She continued to look up at the Zi Xia nebula overhead for a long time before saying, "How could she not come?" Nowadays, the so-called four factions actually come and go for the benefit of our school, but some are long-term interests and some are short-term interests. Many things seem to be doomed, but they are also reasonable to follow. I think the weakest point of their Shushan Sect is the method of mind. Their Emei method is only a second-rate method, but it is only as long as the sword. Therefore, the greatest sense of crisis among the four schools is that they have the sense of crisis at this moment. The Emei people of all ages are very persistent in strengthening themselves and even sacrificing their peers! "
"But after all, they are noble and decent Taoists. I still hope to have a settlement. Even if they disagree, there is no need to fight like this!"
"You are bored here all day long and don’t know what’s going on outside. In fact, the so-called noble decent is not just a big gate. The means used by each are not very aboveboard. Forget the shushan school. Let’s just say it’s too clear. Actually, He has been holding us all these years, just like the Shu Mountain holding Huang Lingzi. " White faint a sneer at.
"Ah … this is really unexpected. What are you going to do?"
Bai Meng only replied faintly: "I’ll see you then. What good way can people be detained in their hands?" Even if I’m right It is impossible to get people back without losing money! "
There is still a year to go before the appointment of sending the mountain gate in Shushan, and it is said that the length is long, short and short. A year’s time is just a blink of an eye.
Tian hu and the old demon suffered heavy losses in Zi Xia fairyland. A year’s time can’t be fully recovered at all, and then we will face the appointment of sending the land to the mountain gate in Shushan. Although the Shushan Sect may not have such an old demon as the bat bodhi old zu. There are absolutely no fewer than six or seven people in the Mahayana period, and the three treasures that are even more difficult for ghosts and gods are run.
In particular, there is a more difficult seven evil spirits to deal with in the middle. I don’t know why Bai Meng always has a bad feeling in his heart. Tian hu’s old demon, though terrible, is just the strength in the later period of Mahayana. Compared with the seven evil spirits who are proficient in Taiping Daoism, it’s a little different.
Fortunately, the damage caused by the first world war with tian hu’s old demon is also quite fruitful. There are many magic treasures captured, including thousands of seals and thousands of seals. In addition, there are rare treasures such as Shenmu sword, and there are a bunch of strange magic treasures such as flying stone banners, tian hu sword, green fox sword and golden sickle.
Yaobao is a unique category. Gankun Sitongbao belongs to Yaobao, but it’s just authentic. This kind of demon treasure is different from the magic weapon of magic fairy, and it is also growing with the improvement of its own strength by the owner, because they are part of the fairy’s novel arrangement and are almost the same as the fairy’s inner elixir.
Most of the demon treasures are difficult to imitate or even unique! Sex is like everyone is different, and so is every goblin. If the owner of the demon treasure dies, there will be no room for growth in the future. It can only be re-refined as a very rare material to become a magic weapon, otherwise it will be impossible to use it.
I accidentally got dozens of demon treasures. As long as I refine them well, I can really refine a lot of good magic weapons to worry about the lack of magic weapons in fairyland. This is a supplement.
After the war of Seven Shamen and Huangshan Mountain, especially this mountain gate war, Bai Meng has seen through that it is vain to cultivate for the highest level, and it is of little use without proper magic weapons and exquisite occult skills.
On the one hand, the reason why our side took themselves, the Arctic real person, the Guangyang real person, the Jin Lingzi and the Huang Lingzi as five people in the previous World War was that the five people were able to practice. The more important reason was that they all had their own treasures and wonderful skills.
All the schools in the world, the Emei Shushan School, have experienced the most wars and have the deepest understanding of the importance of this treasure, which is why they are extremely keen on all kinds of good magic weapons.
The Shushan Sect’s sword practice is a unique skill, and it also has its own opinions, but there is no great idea, and there is no advantage in alchemy, array method and character seal, which further stimulates the desire for the magic weapon of the Shushan Party.
After so much experience, I gradually feel that I can understand more and more that Shushan sent people to die for wealth, birds to eat and fix the truth … to die for magic weapons!
The more I can understand that Shu Shan sent Bai Meng, the more I can feel that the Covenant between Shu Shan and my own mountain gate must be imminent, so it is rare to give them such a good excuse not to seize the opportunity to seize the magic weapon in their hands. How can they be willing?

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