Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Amazing move
Yun Xuan Valley Master, who hasn’t opened his mouth since he entered the stadium, was a little puzzled. He turned to the crowd behind him and said, "It’s not necessary for this child to say that he is swollen and fat. W WW. T XT 8 0. C OM The fastest novel network to update the text section: If this child has a false appearance, it’s not entirely true. Before the competition, not everyone can enter the final of the Four Immortals, and luck alone is not enough. I think his purpose at the moment is just to make Yunxi suspicious and lose his mind, which will greatly increase the winning rate. I wonder if you are satisfied with my opinion? "
"Yun Xuan Valley Master’s words are just what we want. They are reasonable and have been taught!" At the back of the people began to Yang in y and n violations of pinch mei said.
In the ring, Yunxi made Tianjun make moves, but he was still as motionless as dead mouse feels no cold, just staring at her firmly.
Suddenly, Tianju spoke golden words and said softly, "This dance of Yan is also practiced in perfection, which is gratifying."
For the dance of Yan, Tianjun has some different feelings. His inner thought has always been that there must be a set of footwork that can be attacked, retreated and defended as the backing and dependence. At the beginning, if this dance of Yan hadn’t been specially designed for girls, it would be hard to get involved in it myself, and it wouldn’t have taken a lot of trouble to learn the art of flying Sect with the old, which would be a little far away.
Yunxi’s county has begun to tremble slightly at this moment, and every word of your husband can really kill her this day, and every word pokes in her heart.
The trembling voice came slowly, and the jade hand was a little shaky, pointing to Tianjun and saying hesitantly, "You, you …"
"Sister, sister, what’s the matter with you?" Yunyue was on Yuntai, shouting from a distance. Yunxi’s gaffe had never happened since her memory, and she couldn’t help but worry about being scared, thinking that she had been countered by something.
Fu Bo is still cheerful. This expression is not noticed by Yunyue, but Zuo Hao, who had seen one side before in the dead of night, has a big doubt in his heart, but there is no worry about Se inside. Somehow, he always feels that this old man is an aboveboard person and will never do anything to hurt Tianjun. Besides, if such despicable means are investigated, it will be swept out of the house by Van Gogh, even if he is a dignitary.
"I what?" Tianjun said jokingly.
"You, who are you?" Yunxi asked with some disbelief. Although she had some slight doubts at the moment, everything was still undecided.
"Me? I am Tianjun of Tiangu. " Tianjun ha ha smiled, and his face turned straight. He said solemnly, "Yunxi, look at the move."
Panlong Jian flew out with the tone of Tianjun, and it was soft and weak during the flight. Everyone saw that this sword did not bless any spiritual force.
At first Yunxi was still in the middle of Mi Li, and Hun was so suspicious that he didn’t expect Tianjun to suddenly shoot himself.
I suddenly woke up and hurried to run the psychic force, but at first glance, the sword flew to me lightly, and I didn’t even feel any sense of danger, and the Excalibur Van Gogh also sensed something. I didn’t move, but just flew tightly against the Panlong sword, which also meant nursing.
Panlong Jian gradually flew to Yunxi’s eyes. Looking at this half of Excalibur, Yunxi felt a little distressed about who was so reckless, but after the sword, a sword ear immediately attracted all her attention, even her body and mind.
"Kowloon bound silk sword spike?" Yunxi recognized it at a glance, because there is a cloud word in the middle of it, and there is nothing in the world except the one he gave to Tianjun.
"You, you …" Yunxi finally confirmed who the person in front of him is at the moment, and there will never be a second one except that person in the world.
"Brother Tianjun!" Yunxi has been crying, and finally shouted out the sentence that has suppressed her heart for many years. This sentence will only be silently recited when no one is around. Today, I can finally say the name that has been bothering me for many years in public.
Tianjun was touched by the scene and remembered Yunxi’s feelings for himself all the time. Even as a man, he could not help but burst into tears at the moment.
"Brother Tianjun, when it is really you?" Yunxi still can’t believe everything in sight, because this dream is too long and too long, which makes her a little hard to accept at the moment.
"Well, well, it’s me, it’s me." Tianjun choked to answer, and the unforgettable scene came and went in my mind.
"My name is Tianjun!"
"My name is Bingxi!"
"Uncle," Yunxi knew that it would be difficult to control himself if he went on like this, which would make people gossip, so he made up his mind and said to the law enforcement elders, "Please declare Tiangu Tianjun a winner. I know I am no match for him, and I hope Uncle will forgive me."
No one, no matter how imaginative, would have thought that Yunxi, the number one popular Van Gogh, would give up to Tianjun in Tiangu before it started, and it seems that they are already familiar with each other. Was the previous play for everyone?
Too wide of the mark, this amazing king began to talk in succession, not to mention them, even the famous man on Yuntai was at a loss for a while, and such a game that was originally expected ended in such a farce.
Yuntai, Yun Xuan Valley Master only moved a ripple at that moment, and then returned to his usual style, which made people unable to see whether it was happy or sad for a father to see this situation.
Yunyue nature is even more jaw-dropping. Brother Tianjun, who has been chanting in my sister’s mouth for a long time, can’t have you near him, while Fubo has already made an official visit to this place, ha ha, smiling, but he didn’t realize that he couldn’t help but leave tears.
Others, ZuoHao nature is also a confused face, this way is unheard of, rare in the world, so, I’m afraid that Tianjun will kill two birds with one stone, although I don’t understand, but I’m really happy for my lover.
For example, Wu Qiang of Tianyu and Yuan Jin of Wu Zong are totally unnatural. This time, they can’t kill Tiangu, which makes them feel bitter. Moreover, this new champion seems to have some ambiguous feelings with the size of Van Gogh’s alum elder sister. If this continues, the two factions will share the same spirit, and it is not as convenient as before to want to move some hands and feet in the future.
This competition really lost both the wife and the soldiers, which is the same idea for both of them.
Jin Xun and Feng Ling looked up at the challenge, but they couldn’t help but look at Xuanji around them. I just wanted to ask if Xuanji didn’t mean to be angry.
Although Xuanji understood that this day would come sooner or later, it seems that the beloved is in love with another woman in full view, even a saint, and it is hard to accept for a while. ! .

Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Strange feeling
"YunXi wench, do you really want to decide to quit and his game? Don’t think about it? " This law enforcement elder is also very surprised. From the appearance, there is nothing surprising about this day. In his view, Yunxi is fully capable of World War I, and even has a chance of winning more than fifty percent, so he asked puzzled. {ww.txt80.com fastest text chapter reading}
"I still hope that my uncle will be fulfilled." From beginning to end, Yunxi’s eyes never left Tianjun’s figure, as if in her eyes, Tianjun was the only one left in the world, and all her eyes contained was the deep tenderness and endless love for Tianjun, which was a feeling that others could not read.
"Well, in that case, I declare Tiangu Tianjun the winner!" Helpless sigh, a puzzled face said, endless depression and depression in my heart.
After all, there are too many unknown things between Tianjun and Yunxi, and these people can’t understand them. Yunxi understands what these people think and see, and although he can’t control their thoughts, he doesn’t mind people’s opinions.

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