Haikui looked at the girl carefully from top to bottom with playful eyes and sneered, "You don’t make me shameless. Although my face looks beautiful, I don’t like nobody with breasts and I like gentle and virtuous, and you hum like a tigress."

The girl listened to Haikui and rolled her eyes angrily. "You, you, you take advantage of me, you, you, you, you rascal."
"Why are you stuttering?" Haikui looked at her and sneered. "Besides, did I touch where you came from or what, where you are, you are a rogue?"
"Let me go" The girl saw that Haikui didn’t let her feel wronged and angry at all. She had never been like this before. The other disciples of Jiugui Xiandao let her talk to her, even the elders loved her. Where is it like Haikui that not only doesn’t let her eat her tofu all the time?
Haikui sighed when she saw tears in her eyes, and said, "You can cry if you are convinced by your woman. I will let you go as long as you promise me one thing."
"Hum, I won’t promise you anything," she said, looking away from Haikui.
"Well, then I have to kill you," Haikui said with a sigh.
"You kill you even though you kill" The girl turned back and stared at Haikui with tears in her eyes and said.
"No, I can’t kill you. Kill you. The reality of Wuyang will find me desperately. It’s not as good as this …" Haikui said with an evil smile on her mouth.
The girl was a little scared when she saw his strange smile. When she didn’t finish the rest of the story for a long time, she couldn’t help but ask, "What are you going to do?"
"Do you think I’m going to rape before I kill or kill before I rape? Which do you think?" Haikui snorted and stretched out his hand to touch her face with a smile on his mouth.
The girl looked a little pale, and when Hai Kui said this, she threatened, "Do you dare? Are you afraid that my grandfather will try his best to find you?"
"Of course I’m afraid that I’ll die anyway. It’s better to rape first and then kill, so that I can die happily," said Haikui. The other hand was put on the girl’s shoulder on airs to strip her clothes.
"Well, you just said you wanted me to promise you one thing, so let me go. I promised now." The girl closed her eyes and shouted loudly.
"Well, just keep your eyes closed and I’ll let you go in a minute," Haikui said, releasing her hands from the girl.
The girl’s eyelashes jumped as if she wanted to open her eyes. Haikui shouted, "If you open your eyes in one minute, you still rape first and then kill." The girl was too scared to peep.
Haikui cut her fingertips with her true qi, and a drop of blood dripped into the girl’s eyebrows. Then she grabbed her head and asked, "What’s your name?"
"Why do you ask my name?" The girl asked puzzled.
"Where so many useless talk do you want me to …"
Before Haikui finished, the girl hurriedly said, "Moon Spirit."
Chapter 226 Let you go
"Moon Spirit" Haikui chuckled and took out a jade bottle to put the ghost of Moon Spirit into the jade bottle.
"What are you laughing at?" Yue Ling frowned and looked unhappy.
"Nothing. I just feel that the girl with such an aura name is a bit too unruly."
The moon spirit opened her eyes and glared at Haikui "Who is unruly?"
"What I want you to do is not to speak ill of me after returning to Jiugui Xiandao, and not to pester people to bother me again. Are you willing or not?" Haikui looked at Moon Ling and asked coldly.
On the spirit of eyeballs which were ga zi ng turn HaiKui knew this ghost girl must be thinking about what a bad idea.
"Well, I’ll just go back and don’t speak ill of you, and I won’t ask someone to hit you." Yue Ling looked at Haikui and said with a sincere look.
Haikui can believe her, and it’s a ghost.
"Well, since you promised, I will let you go." Haikui’s purpose has been achieved, and her soul has been controlled. If there is any situation, she can be taken as a hostage.
Haikui stood up and walked outside the cabin.
"You really let me go," said Moon Ling in disbelief.
"If you don’t want to go, stay here," Haikui said with a straight face.
"Why don’t you go?" Moon Ling Ceng sat up and dressed up behind Haikui.
Wei Chengxian sat outside the door and waited for the two of them to come out. He stood up and looked at Haikui vaguely and said, "What took so long? I also heard a lot of action inside. You two weren’t really working just now, were you?"
"All like you?" Haikui said faintly at his one eye, flying towards the exit of abode of fairies and immortals.
Wei Chengxian saw Haikui fly away first, and the moon spirit was about to fly behind, but Wei Chengxian stopped her and stared at her again and again.
"What are you looking at?" Yue Ling frowned at Wei Chengxian’s lewd eyes.
"Little Miss, that boy is a silver wax spear. I’m sure it won’t make you feel better. Why don’t you be happy with me again?" Wei Chengxian rubbed his hands and said.
Wei Chengxian wants to do this mainly because he has been trapped by the white ape for a long time, and he hasn’t done it for a long time. He really wants to see such a beautiful bubbling girl. How can he let it go and absorb some yin from this little beauty to recover?
Wei Chengxian’s moon-watching spirit seems to be condensed but not scattered, so he teased Hai Kui and wanted to have sex with her.
"You go away" said Moon Ling, pointing to the tip of Wei Chengxian’s nose.
Wei Chengxian’s smirked old face is wrinkled and his eyes are shining with green light, so everyone can see what he is thinking.
"Don’t go yet?"
When the moon spirit saw Wei Chengxian was a little messy, Haikui turned his body and whispered that he turned a blind eye to Wei Chengxian’s wretched appearance.
"Oh" Moon looked up at Haikui, but I was still a little scared to see Wei Chengxian stepping on the ground and chasing Haikui.
Wei Chengxian gloomy looking at the back of the moon spirit and at the back of Haikui in front vomitted an one mouthful saliva toward the ground.

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