Chapter seven hundred and twenty-one Re-understand "Leader! Tens of millions of reinforcements poured in from outside Sifang City, under the leadership of the heads of armies, re-deployed in the city as quickly as possible, and rushed to the defensive position in the heart of the city to join the soldiers.

Seeing the empty war fortress, no matter in the street or indoors, I can’t see even a figure. It’s like a ghost town. The hearts of the freedom alliance reinforcements entering the city can’t help but be extremely different. The information I received before is not to say that the troops of the four-zone Coalition are crowded with people, as if they are endless, and there is no end in sight. The original defenders here have been turned upside down and bloody. How can they now ignore their own people or the people of the four-zone Coalition, half of them? Even if the living can’t see it, how come there isn’t even a dead body after playing for so long? !
Bing Wang seemed to see the doubts in the hearts of his subordinates, and he was very proud. "Haha, I know what you are wondering. There is no doubt that the people of the four-zone alliance have indeed been to the war fortress before and fought with our people. Look, the culprits of the four-zone alliance are all here!"
The soldier king pointed to the nine heavy four people and continued, "But just now, it has been wiped out by this man of God with one stroke!"
"Oh …!" The arrival of the reinforcements all this just understand, all with incredible eyes looked at the heart of the city statue of Troy, head held high, think about a recruit between wiped out all the people of the coalition forces in the four areas, this is how terrible strength, think of this, all can’t help but feel awe of Troy.
"Now all four of them are army of one!" After a little explanation, the soldier king looked at the way of the nine heavy four people look fierce. "Do you think you can leave so easily by patting your ass? ! Since you have come to attack my war fortress, you must have the consciousness to pay for it! Somebody, chop these four chop suey into meat sauce for me! "
"Yes!" When all the soldiers under the King of Soldiers heard that they were rubbing their hands one by one, they were about to rush up to attack the nine heavy four.
"Bing Wang!" At this moment, standing on the top of the statue of the heart of the city, Troy suddenly said in a gloomy tone, "I just said let the four of them leave. Didn’t you hear me clearly? !”
“……!” When all the soldiers under the king’s command heard that Troy was wrong, they all paused and didn’t dare to make a move.
"This … this must not let them leave so easily!" Bing Wang’s expression is going, and his tone is unwilling. "You didn’t see how many people they killed me before. If I don’t kill them today, I will give the players who died in this war an account. How can I convince them later? !”
"That’s your business!" Troy said rudely, "Anyway, I said, let the four of them go!"
The soldier king didn’t expect Troy’s attitude to be so firm, but he was angry in his heart. He didn’t immediately take back the orders he had just given, and the atmosphere between Troy at that time could not help but be somewhat rigid.
Surrounded by the freedom alliance hordes, the nine-fold four people present were also surprised by Troy’s attitude. Listening to this meaning, it seems that this person and the soldier king are not completely at the same end. In the heart, they can’t help but gloat, watching the next conversation between the two people in a good way.
At this time, Helen, who has been separated from the Kog ‘Maw the Mouth of the Abyss where the skill effect disappeared, saw the veins standing out on the soldier king’s forehead, and some emotions were on his brain, which meant to contradict Troy. Although her arrogant attitude towards Troy was so unquestionable, there was something wrong with it, but after a cool thinking, she pulled the soldier king’s skirts and motioned for him to calm down and not to be impulsive.
Unfortunately, the current soldier king is already riding a tiger, and it is hard for Troy to make him so humiliating in front of so many of his men, which can’t help but make him somewhat unacceptable.
"May I ask why you want to let them go? !” Although the king of soldiers was very dissatisfied with Troy’s decision, because of Helen’s prompt, he finally didn’t lose his mind, and he fought with Troy, still sitting patiently with Troy. "These people are all ambitious. As can be seen from today’s raid, they have been spying on our American area for a long time! If we don’t take this opportunity to destroy their will in one fell swoop and let them go like this, it will be tantamount to letting the tiger go back to the mountain and it will become a disaster! I can’t say when, today’s scene will be staged in the United States, and it will be our players in the entire United States who will suffer! "
"Are you finished? !” Troy’s expression hasn’t changed much, but people can obviously feel it, and his eyes become sharper.
"Ah, that’s it!" The soldier king feels that his words are meticulous and reasonable, so he is confident and supercilious.
"It seems that you have misunderstood something. The purpose of my coming to end this war is not to stop these people from invading the United States!" Troy said coldly, "I need to make you understand it again!" "
Troy said, and slowly came to the ground from the top of the statue in the heart of the city. He held his hand flat and grabbed it. A bow like a milky way appeared in his palm, and the other hand bent his bow and took an arrow, not an arrow, but a long sword like a milky way on the bowstring.
"Hey!" With the sound of a burst of surprises, the hilt of the long sword remained in the hands of Troy, and only the blade was shot out. More precisely, it was not the blade that was shot out, but the blade continued to extend out with the strength of the bow of the Milky Way, penetrating everything it had passed, and finally penetrated the walls of the war fortress and extended out of the city.
"Void chop!" The bow in Troy’s hand disappeared, and his hands held the vanity sword that stretched out and didn’t know how far it was, and he made a 360-degree roundabout chop.
People who see Troy, who are well-advised, jump up in a reflexive way, avoiding the chopping trajectory of Troy’s vanity chop.
Nine heavy four people are very well-advised and naturally hide in the past. Although Bing Wang and Helen are dissatisfied with Troy in their hearts, they dare not neglect the attack launched by Troy, so they avoid it and avoid it.
However, other freedom league players present who have never seen the destructive power of Troy’s attack will be miserable. In the gaping gaze of Bing Wang and Helen, as long as they stood on the ground and didn’t dodge Troy’s chop, they were all cut in half like tofu and died suddenly on the spot.
This is not just to shock the people who escaped, but to shock everyone, the whole war fortress was actually cut in half by Troy’s vanity.
"Boom!" The war fortress was completely reduced to ruins with a burst of disorderly thunder.
The king of soldiers was stupid, and so were the air combat troops of the Freedom Alliance, which dodged a bullet in the air. They were all stunned by all the destructive effects caused by Troy, and their brains were blank, and they didn’t know what to say.
At this moment, Troy, who accepted the formula, clapped his hands easily and said to the soldier, "Can you do what I say now?" !”
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-two There is a problem
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-two There is a problem "You …!" The soldier king’s expression was distorted, and he stared at Troy with a carefree expression.
"Do you have any opinions? !” Troy’s expression sank.
"No, no!" Seeing the soldier king standing there with his mouth closed, he didn’t mean to respond to Troy. On one side, Helen finally felt impatient, and quickly pulled the soldier king behind her, while answering for the soldier king.
Troy looked at Helen and then at the soldier king. Seeing that the soldier king didn’t object to Helen’s words, he snorted contemptuously and turned to Jiuchong for four people. "You can go!"
“……!” Nine heavy four people frowned, and didn’t hesitate to do more, and turned to go.
"That’s right!" Seems to be the matter here, Troy is preparing to leave, slowly lift off in the body, and suddenly seems to think of something, opening his mouth to everyone present, "A week later, I will hold the world’s first warfare competition to challenge the top players in various war zones around the world! Then I will distribute a list, and all players in the list must be present at that time, otherwise, the scene here is the end of your war zones! And the five of you! "
Troy’s eyes swept over the nine heavy four men and the soldier king, and he walked over and said, "They are all on this list. I hope you can all attend on time, and don’t make it difficult for me!"
Although it sounds on the surface, Troy is consulting with five people, but at this time, Jiuzhong, Bing Wang and other five people sounded, but they didn’t recognize any meaning of consultation, which was completely the tone of command.
"Since you all keep silent, I’ll take it that you all agree, and then I’ll be waiting for you!" Say that finish this last sentence, slowly rose in the air of Troy figure like a dream bubble disappeared into the void.
“……!” Looking at the place where Troy disappeared, all the people present stood there speechless for a long time. Nine heavy four people looked at each other, and then looked at the opposite soldier king and Helen, and their expressions were a little weird.
"… go!" Finally, Jiuzhong directly started the collective fixed-point transmission function of transmitting the ring, rolled up the big fiend, pacifism and please listen to me, left the war fortress that was already in ruins, and moved back to the Golden Jubilee Hall of the ethereal imperial city in Huaxia District.
“……!” Looking at the place where the nine heavy four people left, and looking at the ruined war fortress, the soldier king and Helen looked at each other silently.
The golden jubilee hall of the misty imperial city in Huaxia District.
Nine heavy four people appeared before the dragon platform golden throne, big fiend three people looked at each other, and finally focused on nine heavy, a face of vacant asked, "what the hell is this? !”
"This will be said later!" Jiuzhong leans back on the golden platform of Longtai behind him with a casual expression. "You’d better appease the players who just hung back inexplicably!"
"… hmm!" Three people to react, nodded, immediately open the voice communication, get in touch with their respective war zones.
Taking this opportunity, Jiuzhong also quickly opened the voice communication, and first recalled the marine troops led by Wang Baobao who were still intercepting reinforcements from various districts overseas; Then I told Simon Biao Xue and recent flowers about the whole thing, and asked them to appease their players, and then came to the misty imperial city to discuss something. Finally, Jiuzhong has to appease the players of the Holy Alliance who participated in this action, and call all the core personnel in the Alliance to the Golden Jubilee Hall for deliberation.
Time is not big, Shen Yue, one like Lyu3 bu4, Wang Baobao and others rushed to the Golden Jubilee Hall, and then Simon Biao blood and recent flowers also came together.
At this time, the big fiend three people also temporarily finished the things at hand, representing the three major war zones, and participated in the proceedings this time.
Jiuzhong first once again told the whole story in detail to all the people present. "That’s the thing, that’s the situation!"
In addition to the big fiend three people, others listen to nine heavy after finish, all is a face of startled looking at nine heavy, "no … there are even more abnormal people in this game than you? !”

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