"Xiaolan Conan is still missing."

Xiaolan sitting beside her on the small Iraq introduced a garden and then happy way
"My father is still in Tokyo. We came in to play with the park. I didn’t expect to see Xiao Yi today. I thought I’d find you to play someday!"
Xiao Yi knows that she always rubs people in. She gives a little of her cupcake to three people.
"Are you interested in this gem jewelry? I heard that there will be an auction? "
Xiaolan shook her head.
"I’m not interested. I came with the garden if I wanted to come."
Garden took a bite of jelly.
"I’m actually not interested because my aunt asked me to help me buy that set of blue diamond jewelry."
Blue diamonds are rare. A whole set of blue diamond jewelry is even more precious. This is the finale. Many people are talking about this set of jewelry. Not long ago, Xiao Yi heard about the price of this set of jewelry. The string behind it scared her heart and soul. She broke her fingers for half a day. According to her current money progress, she needs to live for about 500 years and then borrow it from heaven for another 500 years.
And now the girls’ garden actually says it wants to buy it? So rich?
Of course, Yi also regrets that he has no other ideas.
After all, if she really wants money, it’s not difficult, not to mention taking out the golden mushroom and sneaking around the bank or jewelry store, and then she can have as much money as she wants
Although she is poor, she has backbone. After all, it is her choice!
Just … when will the monthly salary be paid? Her wallet has been decorated in recent days, qaq.
Suddenly Conan asked
"Is Sister Xiaoyi here to buy jewelry, too?"
Yi quickly shook his head when he heard this.
"Of course not. I have no money."
She said frankly
"I just rubbed someone else’s invitation to eat here."
Then she took a bite of cake and narrowed her eyes.
Xiaolan immediately smiled at this and blinked her naughty eyes.
"What a coincidence. That’s what I’m going to do."
After all, she doesn’t like jewelry, and she has no money to buy it. This is a garden with friends. What else can she do besides eating and drinking?
The garden is also deep, and this kind of banquet is the only highlight. Before the auction starts, they might as well eat and talk here.
Xiao Yi was even happier when she had two people to accompany her to eat. She was quite enthusiastic and went to the table to get a lot of desserts.
Xiaolan is worried.
"We can’t finish eating so many things?"
"Don’t worry, I have a big appetite."
Xiaoyi was very bold and spoke, and then in Xiaolan, the three people had a good time with their shocked eyes.
Seeing Xiao Yi eat a plate of Pufftower, five plates of cake, six plates of pudding, a big bowl of ice cream balls and a big bottle of juice, the appetite of three people is really great.
Garden shocked to stare at the slender black-haired beautiful girl, she is careless and surprised, and can’t help but touch her abdomen.
"God, where have you eaten so many things?"
"Of course it’s in my stomach."
Yi smiled.
Xiaolan didn’t expect her new friends to have such a thing. I can’t believe it. Look at Xiao Yi’s abdomen
"You haven’t changed your waist after eating so much."
It’s unscientific. So many things have to go around the waist, right? But now the food seems to be in another dimension.
Yi blinked. "That’s probably because I digest faster?"
Garden than than his waist and than than the small Iraq suddenly envy.
"How do you keep fit with such a big appetite? Are you still so thin after eating so much? "
Yi thought for a while.
"I have a lot of exercise at work and I am born with a special constitution?"
The garden was stimulated by the new friends, and suddenly she made a fist like chicken blood. She firmly stated that since the talent is worse than others, she can make up for it diligently. From the day on, she will also work hard to train a slim waist and attractive mermaid line!
Now … Boo-hoo is a big blow. She needs some ice cream to comfort herself.
On the other hand, Conan … I’m afraid it’s not as likely that there will be a mermaid in the world in the future.
Conan looked sideways at Yi.
"By the way, Sister Yi, since you came with someone else, what about the person who came with you?"
Xiao Yi looked down at Conan’s seemingly clear but hidden sharp eyes and couldn’t help feeling.
It’s strange how to look at a one-year-old child who is keen and likes to search the surrounding information. I can’t blame her for mistaking the child and Mr. Random Step, right?
She took a sip of juice way
"He went to wash his hands and hasn’t come back yet."
At this time, a waiter came to clean up the tea table. Xiaoyi couldn’t help but look at him.
That man is a medium-sized, ordinary-looking man. It looks nothing special in the past, but Yi somehow feels that there is something wrong with this man.
She can’t say what’s wrong, but she trusts her intuition.
After the waiter walked a distance, Xiao Yi got up and said that he needed to go and wash his hands.
She followed the waiter across the corridor, and there were people coming and going everywhere. The noise of guests and waiters was very noisy and lively, which was very helpful for tracking, but even so, Yi was still cautious. Her steps were almost inaudible and light as a cat.
Soon she saw the waiter go in to wash his hands. Yi didn’t go in, but waited for her in the shadow with an oil painting at the corner of the stairs. The black dress made her blend into the darkness smoothly, as if she had become a shadow in the darkness.
But strangely, the waiter never came out after he went in. Instead, three women came out one after another, one of whom had long brown hair, a handsome face and a tall figure. Of course, this height is medium for women and men.
Yi squinted at the woman, then withdrew her eyes and quietly sat at the corner of the stairs until the woman was about to turn and leave the corridor before she lifted her heels.
If at this moment, a figure appeared and grabbed Yi’s wrist.
Yi was held by him because it was none other than Osamu Dazai. She looked at this guy dressed as a waiter and frowned.
"What are you doing?"

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