"I was there when I was in Zhuang Guogong!"

A moment in Yunlie Day has already contained many meanings in a short sentence.
"I will also participate!"
Andy Zhuang’s favorite is to arrange troops and immediately volunteer.
When Zhuang Shun saw that his second brother and fourth brother had gone, he also shouted, "I want to go!" "
Tang Luoling smiled at these cousins. It’s no small matter. They are all willing to help Yunlie train soldiers. That is naturally a good thing.
Now that I think about it, it’s better for the whole family to stay in the military camp. There’s nothing to worry about. When I think about it, she directly said, "I have an idea. Let’s form a corps in Xinling County and train here. After that, we will live here. Even if the new emperor wants to play tricks on us, it’s impossible."
Xia Houlian took a sniffle at the corner of his mouth. "The new emperor declared that he could not resist the decree when he entered the palace."
"Can’t resist purport and you? You can go. "
Tang Luoling immediately replied that she didn’t know about him.
If the rebirth of an evil spirit of Emperor Wudi can’t settle a new emperor, he deserves to die!
This girl was born to beat him!
Summer Hou Lian was so angry that she couldn’t wait to sew her mouth now. It’s hard for her to run like this!
"So I don’t need a wheelchair?"
Zhuangqi is very happy to stay here. No one knows that he is not in a wheelchair.
Tang Luoling immediately shook his head and said seriously, "Now it’s not enough to send those wives and concubines away from Zhuang Yongan."
"good! I’ll do it! "
Zhuangshun put away the paper fan in one hand and looked triumphant.
Things are almost arranged. Some of their young players are ready to meet the palace attack. They need to recruit, that is, they need to arrange accommodation for the soldiers.
It’s better to wait for the stars, Wen Qing and others to come in with those bandits or have a place to stay.
Fortunately, Xinling County is divided into two parts, half is wasteland and half is Sichuan waterfall jungle. If the wasteland is to be developed into a big city, I am afraid that no one will come. Chapter 499 New Corps 1
At three months, the blink of an eye.
From hot summer to autumn, the whole Sichuan waterfall jungle is covered with yellowing leaves.
And they also began to be busy. From time to time, they went to the wasteland. Tang Luoling painted on the map. She found that there was no so-called city in this southern Zhou Dynasty.
She designed a castle that can be attacked and defended, a big pool, and even the edge of the Sichuan waterfall jungle. She designed a wall, and some poisons crossed the border and hurt the city people, which is not good.
The city she designed definitely occupies more than half of Xinling County. If hundreds of soldiers don’t start work, they are afraid that they can’t finish it.
However, Yun Lietian, Xia Houlian and Zhuang Hao directly nodded and decided to build as she said after reading the drawings.
Even in the summer, Hou Lian went back to Kyoto specially and found 300 wall-building masters to help with the work.
There is a moat around the city because of Tang Luoling’s tossing.
As soon as the design is finished, she will continue to practice, because Yunlie’s day is already a statue of Wu, and she can’t be too weak.
So when several cousins were busy, she directly gave them the gold from the auction, and then from time to time, she refined some high-level Dan medicine for Zhu Yi to take back and start the auction with the help of the reputation of Huishengtang.
In this way, the name of Huishengtang is even louder in the mainland of martial arts.
But the silver from the hidden world kept flowing into Tang Luoling’s hand. Unfortunately, the silver was not warmed in her hand for a while and then transferred to Xia Houlian, who asked him to invite masons and carpenters.
Wen Qing returned with 30,000 troops when Xinling County was in hot work.
She traveled all the way back, and those rough people were as young as 30 and as young as 16.
Yun Lietian looked at those people admiringly and said, "Well done!"
"The handmaiden dare not take credit because she needs to avoid the eyes and ears of the palace. The handmaiden boldly arranged for them to enter Xinling County before and after a team of one thousand people. The handmaiden made a claim and asked the Lord to punish her."
Wen Qing stood by hand, thin and dressed in a strong face and calm waves.
"Where are the stars?"
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! 8! ! ! !
"The stars came behind with hundreds of troops. Because of the large number of people, Yan Luo and Mo Yi also crossed the river with 60 thousand troops."
Wen Qing returns in an orderly way.

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