White jade table flashes, nail head seven arrows book and Yuan Tu, A Nose double swords disappear, and then instantly appear, and this moment, nail head seven arrows book and Yuan Tu, A Nose on the residual soul residual spirit disappeared …

Yan Mo smiled indifferently, then took out a book of life and death, and wrote "Empress Chiling" and "Dark Goddess of Heaven" on the book of life and death.
In the wild, saints are above everything else, and no one can disobey the will of saints. The names of "Empress Chiling" and "Dark Buddha" are written on the Xuan Ming sage’s life and death book, which means that the two lives should be over. However, these two have great magical powers, which are enough to be dragged by the arrival life and death book, but they can’t resist the traction of saints. Besides, their residual souls are still in the hands of Xuan Ming saints, so they are only at the last moment of their lives.
The collapse of two behemoths means the end of the great era of the wild, and the semi-witch tribe has occupied the peak of the wild species, so it officially entered the leading role stage …
Chi Chang is the establishment of heaven, as the jade emperor, governing all immortal ways.
The semi-witch clan changed its name to "Man", and Chen Feng became Ren Huang, ruling all corners of the country and covering a territory of 100,000. After 3,000 years, it became the holy throne. After abdication, it was appointed as one of the four emperors in heaven, Gouchen the Great!
The lunar star has become the most mysterious place in the wild, with various legends circulating everywhere. However, the lunar star is empty, and people can only see pieces of tea trees on the lunar star …
Hundreds of millions of years have passed, and there is no other saint except Xuan Ming. Many quasi-saints are looking for the jade die, but the jade die is missing …
Many Xiandao elders speculated that Xu Qi was the fate, but Xu Qi had disappeared in the wild, and no one could find him …
A few years later …
Another world, the earth.
Xu Qi Yin God stood in front of "himself" and looked at "himself" lying in the hospital bed, while his sister Xu Min took care of it …
One day …
"Min Min, the total solar eclipse is coming. Push me out quickly, quickly, quickly."
"Come, come, it’s not time yet. Why are you in such a hurry?"
"Hurry up, hurry up, the total solar eclipse will come out later, and I want to watch it for the first time."
"Elder brother, are you hot? Do you want to take an umbrella? "
"No, the total solar eclipse will come out soon. Besides, it will only take a while. After reading it, I will go home. It will only take ten minutes before and after. I will be fine."
"Brother, look, the total solar eclipse is coming out."
Xu Qi stood by and watched the total solar eclipse with her sister. At that time, she was still very young …
Looking up at the sky, Xu Qi smiled indifferently at the strange total solar eclipse and said, "Six roads are connected with six roads, and nature meets nature, but it can’t be changed for a lifetime, just, just."
The new book "Cold Blood" and the rumor.
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volume one
Chapter 1-Missing persons
Time: In the 13th year of Xiaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty, location: In the discussion hall of Qiyun Club, the first and largest cuju organization in Lin ‘an, the founder and former master of Qiyun Club, Mr. Qi, was playing anxiously in the hall. In addition to Mr. Qi, there were a bunch of wives and servants of the Qi family in the hall. Dim candlelight swayed gently with the evening breeze, and one or two dazzling snuff bloomed from time to time, and the atmosphere around the servants dared not take a bite. The atmosphere was oppressive and suffocating.
Something terrible has happened! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Yes. Something really happened.
A few hours ago, a bolt from the blue made the whole family still unable to recover. The pride of the family, the grandson of Qi Yun’s former husband, Qi Na, fell off the cliff when he was hunting outside the city because his mount slipped.
It’s the Cliff of God. Father Qi knows it all too well. When he was young, he hunted with his close friends every month, and he was familiar with its dangers. Even God fell and it was hopeless, let alone a human being. It’s been almost five hours since he came back to report that he had gone hunting with Qinan and the search and rescue personnel rushed to the rescue. There is still no news back. If he was not worried about being too old, his health was not very good. Father Qi couldn’t wait to go out and search and rescue his baby grandson himself. That’s a heritage. ! ! ! ! ! !
Sit back in the spacious and soft tiger chair in the discussion hall, rubbing his thigh that is sore from walking for a long time, and his thoughts slowly drift into the endless night with the wind in the dark night. ……………
During the reign of Xiaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty, it was a contradictory and delicate time. After Xiaozong ascended the throne, he rebelled against the policy of compromise and concession to the Jin State in the Gaozong period. He restored Yue Fei’s reputation and actively fought against the Japanese. Although defeated, it also made the Jin State suffer a certain amount. In addition, with the rise of northern Mongolia, the Jin State was caught between Scylla and Charybdis, unable to invade the South on a large scale, so he had to accept the negotiation of the Southern Song Dynasty court and signed the so-called "Longxing Peace Negotiation". The imperial court in the Southern Song Dynasty gained temporary peace with some concessions. The economic and cultural prosperity of the Northern Song Dynasty was continued in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the capital city Lin ‘an (now Hangzhou) also replaced the position of Kaifeng in Bianjing in the Northern Song Dynasty and became the largest commercial center in China at that time.
At that time, Hangzhou had become a place where merchants concentrated, and people’s living standards reached an unprecedented height. Books such as "Old Wulin Stories" recorded that there were 440 lines in Hangzhou at that time, a royal street across the north and south, also known as "Tianjie". From north to south, Shili Street was painted with carved buildings. All the way to Fengshanmen, the pavement is paved with stone slabs, and there are many businesses on both sides. "There is no one who doesn’t buy or sell."
A minister in the Southern Song Dynasty complained about the extravagance of the world, saying: Now farmers’ pawns actually put on silk shoes. No wonder some western scholars say that the living standard of a European monarch at that time was not as good as that of a soldier guarding the city gate in Hangzhou.
"Outside the castle peak building outside the mountain, when will the West Lake dance stop? The warm wind makes tourists drunk and makes Hangzhou Bianzhou. It should be the best summary of the bustling scene of Hangzhou at that time.
Qiyun Society was born in such an environment. During the Southern Song Dynasty, although politics was extremely corrupt, the development of economy and culture was not greatly influenced by politics. Since the signing of the "Longxing Peace Conference" with the State of Jin, the Southern Song Dynasty entered a relatively peaceful stage.
Cuju, a popular entertainment activity in the Northern Song Dynasty, flourished with the development of economy and culture. Cuju activities have become a common practice, whether in the folk or in the court.
When he was young, Grandfather Qi was a keen fan of cuju, enjoying a high reputation in the field of cuju. His family was originally a business family, doing business for generations, with abundant funds. When Grandfather Qi was old, he set up a cuju team by himself, named it "Qiyun Club" after his own name. This was the first cuju organization in Lin ‘an. Later, various forces in Lin ‘an followed suit, and cuju organizations mushroomed and organized various competitions on a regular basis.
Father Jiyun had three sons, but none of them had great interest in Cuju. However, Qi Nan, the eldest grandson, showed great desire to learn Cuju since he was a child, and his talent was extremely outstanding. Therefore, among the younger generations of Qi’s family, Qi Nan was the most popular with the father.
For this reason, the old man did not hesitate to teach in person. In order to exercise his leg skills, Qi Nan became a teacher at the age of 8, and hired some of the best cuju masters in Lin ‘an to teach Qi Nan cuju skills. Qi Nan didn’t expect much. Cuju skills were better than blue in shine on you, and he led the "Qiyun Club" to win the cuju competition organized by the royal family in one fell swoop at the age of weak crown, and was given calligraphy by Emperor Xiaozong.
Since then, Mr. Qi has retired from the background with peace of mind, and let Qi Na officially take over the Jiyun Society and become the second generation master of Qiyun Society. Although Qi Nan people are only in their twilight years, they have a rare composure among young people, and they have kept a large Jiyun Society in good order. It is a great comfort for Mr. Qi to have such a grandson.
But who would have thought that such a situation has happened now? Is it that heaven is jealous of talents?
"Master came back, master came back! ! !” A rush of footsteps at the door caused a commotion in the hall. Father Qi recovered from his meditation, but his heart tightened with the approaching of footsteps.
Qi Qing, the elder’s eldest son, Qi Nan’s father, walked in quickly, and his face was anxious and tired, even the dim candlelight in the hall could not hide it. Father Qi sighed, but he didn’t find it without asking. The expression on Qi Qing’s face spoke for itself. There are endless inquiries in the hall, and it is like a vegetable market. Father Qi felt that his soul seemed to be far away from his body, floating above the noisy chamber. Naner! Where the hell are you? ? ? ?
Ten days pass quickly. Qijia has organized a lot of manpower and material resources to search and rescue, but there is still no news from Qinan. Not to mention the body, I didn’t find a hair under the cliff. The hope in his father’s heart also faded bit by bit. Ten days! ! ! The old man feels like ten years later, and people have become ten years older. People who live always have expectations. When God deprives a person of the right to expect, it is meaningless for that person to live. This is the general mood of the old man now.
A month passed, and there was still no news from Qina. Father Qi was so ill because of Qina’s disappearance that he died half a year later. Jiyun Society also gradually declined with the death of his father and the disappearance of the second husband, thus withdrawing from the stage of Lin ‘an Cuju. This is another story, not for the time being.

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