Wang Qiang roared: "Brother! I found out the village of Yanyi that you asked me to check. Darling, long hole! There are a lot of grain and iron under the Sanfangzhai. "

JiFan dull face sitting in the hall listening to Wang Qiang said.
Xun Yu sighed and said, "Side effects! It will be all right in a few days! I’ll send some people to count the data! Wang Qiang, send a few people to Jingzhou to check the situation. "
Wang Qiang looked at JiFan with a complicated look and murmured, "I remember that at the beginning, I was like this for several days. . . Hey! It’s all forced by fucking life! " Smiled at Xun Yu and said, "Well, I’ll go first!"
Xun Yu looked thoughtfully at Wang Qiang.
This Wang Qiang is not simple.
Chapter 9. Yecheng Storm
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Collect tickets! ! ! With claws outstretched, the wolf howled! Ticket ticket!
JiFan rested for three days in a row, looking back with a lot of spirit! Eyes faintly projected a sharp! Corners of the mouth with a malicious and complete color light away. .
I walked into the hall and looked at Xun Yu, knowing that I couldn’t help him.
Sitting on the throne, he asked Xun Yu, "Wen Ruo. What do you think of the current plain raiders! "
Xun Yu smiled faintly and said, "Master, you’d better call all the actors and Marotta. The wisdom of three people is much higher than that of one."
Ji Fan flicked the dust on his clothes and shouted at the two unparalleled troops outside: "You, go and shout for the talents and Marotta!" I asked them for advice. "
Xun Yu looked at Ji Fan’s brush and asked, "Your master’s spirit is greatly increased today, and his spirit is much better. Obviously, your master has figured it out!"
Ji Fan looked at Xun Yu brightly and said, "Wen Ruo, I am very wronged, you know?"
Xun Yu caressed a few beards that had just risen, and said with gentleness and elegance, "I would like to hear the details!"
Ji Fan’s face suddenly became fierce: "In terms of strength, others are not as good as me! I am a fierce scholar, and he is not as good as me. But I am always in a passive state. The last time Plain City attacked me, it was infinite. It’s time to find him to calculate this account! "
Xun Yu smiled and said, "Master, in the final analysis, there is something wrong with the intelligence system. My Lord is blind. . Well! Nature is passive. "
Ji Fan smiled faintly and said, "Hehe, I have given it to Wang Qiang."
Only a blue suit with a white feather fan came to the hall smartly, and then Marotta was also dressed in a gray robe with his hands indented into the long sleeves, and his eyes were cold.
Ji Fan raised his eyebrows and said, "Wen You’s temperament is really chilling!"
Marotta smiled, lost her temperament and said, "Master, congratulations on the great spiritual change!"
Ji Fan looked at Xi Zhicai and said unexpectedly, "Chi Cai has also changed, and his temperament is different."
Xi Zhicai was obviously happy to say, "Master, I have been loyal twice, and my intelligence has now risen to 93. Or the master is valued. "
Ji Fan was a little surprised. He looked at Xun Yu and asked, "Has Wen Ruo’s politics improved?"
Xun Yu obviously didn’t care to say, "It’s just a small town, so how can we improve it?"! If it is a country, it can also be properly governed. "
Ji Fan nodded and said, "I believe that! Ok, let me get to the point. I’m not happy to see the plain now, so what! "
Marotta smiled and looked at each other.
Just then, the dramatist put out his fist and said, "Master, it’s just a plain. Master He Lao remembers. At present, the plain is being stormed by my 60 thousand yellow turban insurrectionary army! After March, both sides have almost consumed it. We are taking advantage of the fishermen. At that time, the master need only 10 thousand instead of 100 thousand to pacify. Please be patient for a while. "
JiFan suddenly thought of his own God-given depression, which might help them. Now he told them everything that happened in Nanpi City, plus his own guess.
Marotta said calmly, "I saw it at the beginning, too. Unexpectedly, in this case, why don’t you think about Jizhou Raiders?"
Ji Fan raised his eyebrows and said, "I’m not worried about Nanpi City. I’m worried about Yecheng. If you storm, the loss will be quite large. "
Xun Yu smiled and said, "Master, why not enter Yecheng? . 。”
Xi Zhicai frowned and said, "Let General Zhao Yun come back! Escort the master! "
Marotta frowned and suddenly flashed his mind and said, "Master, why not?". . . 。”
—————————————————————— dividing line
Under Yecheng, Ji Fan stood at the gate with twelve unparalleled troops.
Ji Fan praised: "It is worthy of being a giant city of the imperial city level! Tomorrow, I’ll come to visit this Xiongcheng! "
After entering Yecheng, he came to Yecheng for only one purpose, and of course this purpose also has a step!
First, the first step!
Spend money lavishly! Dally with good women!
This job is good! JiFan smiling into the city, just to the gate.
"People stop, and the entrance fee is 10 yuan!"
Ji Fan directly smashed a gold and roared: "It’s not easy for you guys! Take it to the kiln! "
Two soldiers immediately with flattering bow and respectful JiFan into the city.
I found the leisure restaurant and walked in triumphantly.

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