Yunzui can’t figure out whether she is really crazy or not, but it doesn’t matter. She will make Dou Saiqi really crazy!

"Cloud foam …" Cloud drunk deliberately said two words and didn’t say it.
Dou Saiqi looked around after hearing the name for a moment and then stood up and shouted, "Moer, where are you?" Moer! "
How did Yunzui Lengran Dou Saiqi react like this?
What else does Yunzui want to say? Dou Saiqi has stood up to go outside. Yunzui also got up and put his hands around his chest. Is this Dou Saiqi really crazy?
If a normal person is drunk, normal people can judge logically, but if she is really crazy, she is not crazy, and I don’t know if she is really crazy or not.
393 Chapter 393 First encounter (11)
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"Yunmo, she is still alive. Do you want to know where she is?" Cloud drunk sound behind her.
Dou Saiqi’s back was stuck for a moment and then walked out.
Yun Zui couldn’t help raising his eyebrows, then turned around and picked up the Dou Saiqi and walked out without touching the food.
Dou Saiqi was just out of the hospital, but it was not long before he was robbed and stopped by the people in the Prime Minister’s Office.
When I saw someone drunk, I handed the square plate to someone and then said, "The Prime Minister’s wife won’t eat a glass of water. If you don’t eat, you may drink water."
With that, Yunzui walked away.
The food hasn’t moved, so Dou Saiqi is hungry for a long time. If someone brings her a glass of water, she will be hungry and she won’t eat rice. That is a very painful thing.
How long can she last before the water drops in? Why don’t you just eat? Then it is easy to eat something by mistake!
After leaving Yunzui, she went back to her yard. She knew that Chi Mie was waiting for her in the room, but she didn’t go in, but called out seven people in the yard.
They immediately showed up and went straight to the point and ordered, "Now give one to two of you. Keep an eye on Dou Saiqi, and let her give it to me whether she is really crazy or not."
Say Yunzui took out the medicine bag and threw it to 7.
7 immediately reached out and took it, then bowed his head and obeyed, saying, "Yes, it will be completed."
And Yun Zui said, "There are three people in General Mu Lian’s office who are pegged to Yun Mo’s courtyard. I want to know whether she is close to Mu Lian or not."
"Is brought life" 7 mouth way again
Yunzui nodded with satisfaction and immediately said to 7, "Then you choose five people to do these two things."
"Yes" 7 immediately brought life.
In staring at such a small thing as Dou Saiqi, Yunzui sent two people because they could be reduced to rest and supervise around the clock.
It takes three people to go to Mulian, not only to be reduced to rest for 24 hours, but also to be careful about Mulian. Moreover, if Yunmo takes action to give someone a message to Xiangge, one person can continue to monitor Yunmo, the other person can rest, and the other person can send someone with Wuxiang Niang, so more secrets can be found out.
Yunzui turned and entered the room, but she didn’t expect to sit in the room. There were a lot of pools in front of a case, and they were watching attentively.
And put a whole table of dining tables at the table position.
When Yunzui entered the room, he saw a man flying from the window with a wooden box in his hand, and then saluted Yunzui before turning to the table to beat the wooden box and decorate the dishes.
Do you feel three black lines dripping from your forehead?
What’s the big deal? Let’s get a few dishes. Do you need people to fly around to arrange meals?
And it’s so full of tables, and Chi Mi doesn’t take her seriously, does she?
How can you account for her case? And brought him all here
Yunzui looked at the room carefully again and found that Chi’s clothes had also moved here!
This is the concept of cohabitation?
Cloud drunk immediately fierce fierce stare to pool what immediately nu way "your ya is too independent, have you ever asked my opinion? You treat this place as your territory. What if someone sees you if you don’t handle it in this room? "
394 Chapter 394 First encounter (12)
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But Chi Miwen’s reaction was faint, and then he raised the piece of evil spirit Yan, who was charming all beings, and said with disdain
"It turns out that you are so insecure. Didn’t you speak? No one else is allowed to enter this hospital except the maid who brought you food. Since you have given orders in this way, you should believe how dignified you are. You shouldn’t show such insecurity for fear that others will find the king in the hospital."
Chi Mie deserves to be Chi Mie. Both of them are black-bellied masters. Even if things are wrong, they can say that they are reasonable and become others.
"You …" Yunzui molar immediately said, "Forget it. Whatever."
Then he sat down at the table and prepared to eat.
But Chi Mie said, "Wait a minute."
Cloud drunk was stuck. Why wait?
Because just before Yunzui came back, the front door of the house was lit with many candles in the room.
Otherwise, the light will be dim and you can’t see clearly.
Chi Mi blew out some candles and left two candles on both sides of the dining table before Yunzui said "Eat".
Yunzui was startled. What, are you cooking a candlelight dinner like her?
Suddenly Yunzui smiled and said, "Although you did everything right, you don’t understand the meaning of romance."
"Then tell me about it?" Chi Mie is very curious about all the strange behaviors and words of Yunzui.
He also wants to blend in with the drunken world and be as strange as her.
"It’s not the same if you can explain it to you. You have to taste it slowly. Let’s eat at the Evil King’s Hall." Yunzui chopsticks knocked on the rice bowl and gave a tinkling sound.
It’s really special for Chimie to get drunk with a smile.
Just now, he heard Yunzui tell 7 people in his room, and he had to say that Yunzui means is very accurate.
"Don’t call me evil king. Am I evil?" Chi Mi can’t help but leave her eyebrows slightly.
Besides, the temple is too much of a title.
Yun Zui couldn’t help but be stunned. She said casually. I remember that many names in the city are called the report evil king, and the temple is also very pleasant to hear.
"Not evil is evil! Charming! " Yunzui flatters a sentence because he doesn’t want to talk too much.

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