"The strategy in the chest can reach a million soldiers!"

I looked at the other three civil servants, looked at their calm faces and shouted in my heart, "Great talent. . . They are all great talents. . 。”
Jia Wen and looked JiWu, I knew what he was thinking, quietly left the pie mouth, and immediately resumed his calm touch and bowed to JiWu.
"Childe, some of my senior talents are not at home or refuse to be an official. Ah, there’s nothing I can do! It seems that they have already arrived. "
Ji Wu keenly grasped the word "it’s done", and his heart was shocked. There are such great talents in the world, but it’s a pity that they can’t be used by me.
Jia Wen said with a faint smile, "However, please rest assured, as long as the name of the son is true, I will have a reason to convince them." In addition, these two are also first-class talents, especially General Fang Jin, who is superior in force and brave in the three armies. "
"This Wang Qiang, even more scheming, is an exhaustive strategy!"
"The other three are even more talented people in handling government affairs!"
"With these people as the team of the childe, why worry about the great cause!"
Ji Wu was warm and indifferent by Jia Wen, as if he had set foot on the ninth five-year plan, and now he was full of lofty sentiments.
"If I am the master of Yangzhou, you will be the hero!"
Jia Wen bowed with a smile: "I wish you a son!"
Ji Wu thought to herself, "Hurry up and present it to win them over. Well, get a banquet first."
Then JiWu forward two steps, one hand holding a person’s hand, will party into, Wang Qiang’s hand firmly grasp! A face of affectionate said to the two.
"There are two, I feel at ease!"
Party into is nothing, a face of detachment, talk as little as possible.
Wang Qiang, with a trembling face and a bitter face, howled in his heart: "Is he the legendary gay man? Look at the affectionate eyes and listen to the coquettish tone. What do you mean,’ I feel at ease when I have two’? It is clearly empty for a long time. Look at this hand. "
Wang Qiang suddenly burst into tears and looked at Jia Wen with bitterness, cursing in his heart: "You didn’t say anything before, didn’t you?". . . You’re already with him? Look at you like this, it won’t be a small pain. "
Jia Wen looked at Wang Qiang and his eyes shone brightly. He gave him a look that you know. While Ji Wu was not paying attention, he said to Wang Qiang, "Your good friend is here."
Wang Qiang was angry and shouted at Jia Wen: "I am not gay friends!"
Ji Wuna asked Wang Qiang dully: "Mr. Wang, dare to ask, what is’ gay friends’?"
Wang Qiang said awkwardly, "Oh, this gay friends means. . . Yes. . . Good friend, haha. "
Ji Wu’s eyes lit up and said, "So, Mr. Wang, we should be gay friends."
Wang Qiang suddenly burst into tears. . .
What is this? My pure reputation has been ruined by this Jia Wen.
Jia Wen leaned in and said, "Of course, you are naturally good friends, but I am not. I am your subordinate."
Wang Qiang pointed to Jia Wen and kept shaking his hands, pointing to Jia Wen with a weak smile and yelling, "You are immoral!" Then he said to Ji Wu Shuo, "We are also your subordinates."
Ji Wu is very happy in his heart.
A line of people entered the banquet, and Ji Wu was very diligent in pouring wine for several people.
Wang Qiang muttered to himself, "There won’t be cuen medicine here, will there?"
. . . . . .
JiFan watching Xun Yu constantly send up intelligence laugh.
All the soldiers of the local garrison were trained, and Lu Xun also retrained 8,000 unique troops.
And the original six thousand five hundred unique army was trained by Dian Wei and Xu Chu to be a tiger guard, full-time protecting JiFan.
A new round of conscription has been started in various places. Before that, Ji Fan’s good deeds played a role, and there were countless people recruiting.
Ji Fan ordered the transfer of troops on the spot.
After a series of orders, more than 80,000 veterans arrived in the plain.
All these 80 thousand foot soldiers were transferred to Beihai.
On March 15th, JiFan officially ordered. . . The soldiers are going down!
Chapter 11. Your own way! The fourth more! 1w2ok!
Ps: I’m still 4 more till 1930 tomorrow! Keep your word! Currently collecting 1915. ! I hope you can collect it.
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March 24th, when spring is blooming.
"Xuzhou secretariat of Yim Ho,
Ji Fan’s 6,500 tiger guards, Zhao Yun’s 10,000 fine riders and 100,000 old soldiers add up to 116,500.
Thirty thousand old soldiers stayed behind to guard Beihai City, and Dong Zhao guarded it.
Seventy-six thousand five hundred foot soldiers went out of Beihai and pointed at Xiapi.
But the first stop is Sheyang Town!

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