Gong Sunsheng was overjoyed and accepted it without hesitation. For him, the Lingcao of 7,000 years is much more difficult than the sons of thunder.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Return to destroy the magic star (below)
After Fukai opened a double courtyard, Xi Fangping rushed to Chicheng Mountain, where he bought 40,000 Jin of Taiyan stone with ten 7,000-year-old flat trees, which is the output of Chicheng Mountain in about ten years. All of a sudden, it was completely changed by Xi Fangping. Then, Xi Fangping rushed to Baiyun Temple again, and also used ten Lingcao trees to get a huge amount of dust-forgetting pills and Shengji powder from Baiyun Temple. At the same time, he also took out 10,000 pieces of 3,000-year-old gold ginseng and gave it to Baiyun Temple, asking them to refine 500,000 pieces of gold essence pills with enough dosage. Although he also knows that Baiyun Temple will get some benefits from it, Xi Fangping doesn’t matter, he makes a big profit. You have to make some money for others. If you have money, everyone will earn it. This is the secret of doing business. Xi Fangping was very careful, trying not to use Lingshi, but to use Lingcao. For him. Lingcao can be regenerated, as long as it is given enough time. There are as many Lingcao as you want. But … Lingshi is different, many times. Lingcao alone cannot solve the problem.
After Baiyun Temple was finished, he went to Baihu Mountain and Feijian Gate again. Xi Fangping rode a one-horned cow and hurried towards Cihang Temple. This time, the magic star was destroyed, which has made everyone know. If you don’t go to Cihang Temple to have a look at Huiqing, it’s a bit unreasonable. In fact, originally XiFangPing was thinking of going to visit HuiQing as soon as he got to destroy the magic star, but he couldn’t make up his mind, for he was afraid of seeing HuiQing’s red eyes.
Before he entered Cihang Valley, Master Yuan Qing met him at Taniguchi. These big sects all have their own ways to convey information. If Xi Fangping didn’t deliberately hide it, he wouldn’t have broken into the valley at all. Xi Fangping dare not neglect Teacher Yuan Qing, who is the master of Sister Hui Qing. In fact, he has to call Teacher Yuan Qing a senior. However, now Xi Fangping is the senior elder of Yingyue Palace, and his status is the same as that of the Yuan Qing teacher, even higher. The two sides are friends, and God knows how to calculate this stupid account.
Xi Fangping jumped out of the unicorn and greeted him. He said loudly, "Thank you for coming to meet me from afar. I’m afraid.
Master Yuan Qing made a Buddha’s name, and he lowered his hand and said, "It’s a great honor for Xi Daoyou to come here. Please invite Xi Daoyou in. There is nothing good in Cihang Valley, and there is always a cup of green tea. "
Xi Fangping shook his head: "No, Teacher Yuan Qing, I’m here to see Hui Qing. I have something urgent to do, so I have to leave at once. Please also ask the teacher to call Huiqing’s sister out. "
Mrs. Yuan Qing smiled and shook her head and said, "I’m sorry, Mr. Xi Daoyou, but Hui Qing can’t come to see you. After Daoyou left last time, Huiqing closed the door. This time, she is closed to death. If she can’t advance to the early stage, she will never come out.
XiFang calm down a dim, he knew. Hui Jiang closed the death gate for him. When he left, Xi Fangping told Hui Qing that he would leave for a period of time and strive for an early advancement to Yuan infant. At the same time, Huiqing should also step up training and strive for early advancement. HuiQing must have listened to his words, just closed the dead, have to advanced yuan baby. Hui Qing’s deep affection has never been shown on his face, but that intention has made Xi Fangping deeply uneasy.
For a while, XiFangPing this just lift again. He said to Yuan Qing, "In this case, I won’t go in next time. I have some things here, please ask Teacher Yuan Qing to accept them."
After that, he took out twelve Lingcao from the storage bag, gave it to Yuan Qing and said, "Teacher. Among them, ten Lingcao trees should be regarded as filial piety to your teachers, and please help your teachers to take care of Huiqing. There are two other trees, after Huiqing goes through customs. Just give it to her.
Then, he took out another catty of Xuanyu, put it in a brocade box, and handed it over. He said, "These are some refining materials that I got in the next place, which are very suitable for martial sister Huiqing. Please give them to her, too."
Yuan counted his head. Took the brocade box. When I opened it, my face suddenly changed color. Obviously, Yuan Qing, who is well-informed, didn’t know what this thing was, but she already saw the extraordinary thing.
Xi Fangping left Cihang Temple in disappointment. He was a little afraid to see HuiQing, but when he didn’t, he was so worried that even he didn’t know why he had such contradictory ideas.
Xi Fangping returned to Hunyuanzong, and first called out the first and second products of the immortal beasts in his belt. This just started the biggest goal of this trip. Since there is a serious shortage of Lingcao on the Cape Star, the exotic flowers and plants that are almost everywhere in Hunyuan Sect are worth a lot of money. When I left last time, I didn’t know what I needed on another planet, so. The amount of Xi Fang’s flat mining is not much, which is just nine Niu Yi hairs to the exotic flowers and grasses of Hunyuan Sect. It’s different now. There’s a shortage of lingcao in Arcturus. If we don’t get some in the past to exchange lingshi, it’s really a bit unreasonable. Especially. The war is about to explode. At that time, the injured monks must be hundreds of millions of herbs for healing, giving birth to stocks and restoring aura. The demand must be quite large. If we take some, he will make a fortune.
Xi Fangping used three. For many months. In Hunyuan Sect, a large number of holy healing products were collected, such as blood orchid for stopping bleeding and enriching blood. Cold tobacco for promoting granulation and bone bonding, etc. Tuck it all into your belt. These herbs are still precious on the magic star. When you arrive at Arcturus, you will definitely be able to sell large-priced clams with fine notches and different shapes, at the very least. Xi Fangping stayed in Feixian City for a long time. There is no "Ya Qu Meng" Lingcao.
Four months later, Xi Fangping left Hunyuanzong and ran to Yingyue Palace. As he expected, the double sacred courtyard, Baiyun Temple and Flying Sword Gate. Bai Hushan sent what Xi Fangping ordered to Yingyue Palace. A huge amount of Dan medicine, 20,000 sons of thunder, and other things were filled with a whole hundred storage bags, and they were also storage bags used by monks in Yuan infant period. How many things have Xi Fangping bought? What makes Xi Fangping even more stunned is that the five hundred thousand pieces of horoscopes and five thousand pieces of magic weapons obtained by Yingyue Palace were actually filled with five hundred storage bags used by monks in infancy, and they were piled up on the table. It’s scary to see. As a parting gift, Yin Wuji also gave Xi Fangping a hundred extreme talismans, which is enough to deal with the high-order talismans of the monks in Yuan’s infancy. There are not many of them in Yingyue Palace. This time, the bottom of Yingyue Palace was almost hollowed out. However, compared with Yin Wuji’s 40,000 Jin of lunar stone and 15 Jin of xuanyu, Yin Wuji didn’t even frown when he took it out. Not only did he give a lot of talismans, but at the same time, at the request of Xi Fangyi, Yin Infinity made him some very useful array flags, and Xi Fangping carefully put these things into his pocket.
After Xi Fangping said goodbye to all of you, he took a big cloth bag and wrapped all 600 storage bags. It was really time to fly to the transfer array, and then he took out all the contents of the storage bags. Put most of them into your belt. Such a huge amount of things still occupy only a small part of the belt, so we can see how big the capacity of this belt is. It’s just another world.
After leaving for four months, Xi Fangping finally returned to the Pleiades. He made a big circle outside first, and then entered Feixian City from the other side. He didn’t go back to his stupid shop without a door. But straight to the inner city of feixian city. At the city gate, Xi Fangping was blocked by dozens of Jiedan monks whose eyes were higher than the top. Xi Fang was calm and surprised. When he came some time ago, there were only ten knot Dan periods at the gate of the inner city to lead dozens of condensation periods for posturing and blocking idle people. Now, the strength of the guards has increased by about five times, so it is certain that the situation has become more and more tense.
A guy in the middle of Dan’s marriage swaggered over and shouted, "Who are you? Don’t you know this?" You didn’t build the place by yourself? "
Xi Fangping is no different. He doesn’t need to compete with a janitor. That’s what janitors need. Look at several janitors outside Wanbao Hall. It doesn’t seem that there is much difference: "I’ll remember that Xi Fangping, the boss of the firm, has something important and needs to meet the elders of your sect. Please ask Taoist friends to convey it on his behalf."
That guy slightly lowered his head and looked at Xi Fangping with the eyes of looking at ants. Ha ha smiled: Boy, you are a little monk in the early days of Jiedan, and you want to see our elder. Who do you think you are? Stop talking about the elder. The general elders in the door are not what you can see if you want to see them. "
Xi Fangping was stunned. Haosang himself was quite famous in Feixian City. Why didn’t this guy know it? He smiled and asked, "I don’t know where your friend came from. Didn’t you come from Feixian City before?"
That guy said grumpily, "It’s none of your business whether I’m from Feixian City or not. Yes, Lao Tzu was just transferred from other places. Today, the gatekeepers are all elite teachers from other places, and I’m not the only one. Go away quickly, otherwise, don’t blame Lao Tzu’s heartlessness. "
Xi Fangping’s fire suddenly came up. No one ever dared to be so arrogant in front of him, even the Yin Wuji at the end of Yuan Ying. He is also respectful and courteous, and you, a little monk in the middle of Dan, dare to cross up in front of me. He shouted: "Daoyou, are you going in or not?" If you don’t go in and report, you will be at your own risk. "
that The guy held his head high, and haha laughed: "You have a small knot in Dan’s early practice." The tone is not small. I just don’t report it. What can you do to Lao Tzu? " Xi Fangping laughed angrily: "Very good, very good. Then I won’t go in and tell you that Wan Changlao, if he doesn’t explain this matter within three days, then all the consequences will be at his own risk. "
Say that finish, brushed away. He didn’t think of it. The quality of Feixianmen’s disciples is so poor. This guy is obviously begging for a notification fee. However, Xi Fangping used to go to any sect. The elders of that sect are all rushing out in person. When have you ever been so angry? Give Feixianmen a warning and let them know. Don’t take yourself too seriously. In Xi Fangping’s eyes, Feixianmen is not really a big sect, and it is urgent. He brushed his hand away, and you Feixianmen are waiting to be wiped out by the golden light.
When I returned to my shop, it was just dawn. XiFangPing surprised now, at the gate of his shop, full of monks, guess calculated, at least one hundred and eighty. Xi Fangping was surprised that there were only twenty or thirty monks selling medicine for him. How could so many people come?
At the sight of Xi Fangping’s arrival, Zhang Gensheng quickly pushed the crowd away, rushed to Xi Fangping’s face and shouted loudly: Oh, say, throw her ten-day book and dry her umbrella.
, Daoyou. What took you so long? Do you know. Everyone is looking for you, and they are looking for four crazy people.
Xi Fangping smiled and said, "A-dao Zhang, what’s the matter? I didn’t give you enough stock to sell for three or four months, which should be more than enough. There is no need to be so nervous.
Zhang Gensheng smiled bitterly: "Xi Daoyou. You have no idea how tense the situation is now. The war between Jinguangding and Feixianmen will probably start in a few months. Feixianmen has issued a general mobilization order, but if it is repaired in Feixianmen. Everyone has the obligation to participate in the war. If they are neutral in the war, they can be allowed to join Feixianmen. What a good opportunity this is. Joining Feixianmen means that you can get guidance from your predecessors, which means that you can get the practice skills of Feixianmen, which means that the possibility of advancement should be increased by several times, or even more than doubled. In the past few months, there have been nearly 100 yuan-infant monks in Feixianmen, and the news came out, which almost caused a sensation. Therefore, in the past few months, our business has been very good. During the Dan period, the monks spent everything to buy our Lingcao and Dan medicine. The stock given by your old man was sold out in one month. "
Xi Fangping asked strangely, "What happened to those scattered practitioners? Don’t you know that they are fighting so hard? Will the chance of being killed be very high? "
Zhang Gensheng ha ha laugh: "Yes, the probability of being killed is really very high. However, everyone knows that the more dangerous the place, the greater the opportunity. In order to join feixianmen, in order to advance. This little danger is worth taking. Besides, the people who bought Lingcao this time are basically monks in the Jiedan period in the San Xiu. They have basically experienced the experience of being refused entry. It is strange that they don’t seize such a good opportunity. "
After thinking about it, Xi Fangping asked, "Did Fei Xianmenbu force you to participate in the war after the call-up order? .
Zhang Gensheng smiled: "Theoretically, we all have the obligation to take part in the war, but if we don’t take part in the war, they can’t do anything to us. They can’t catch us one by one. Therefore, it is estimated that only about 30% of those who really want to take part in the war to seize opportunities. This ratio is basically the same for the scattered repairs in previous wars, so it is easy to work out. As for the Yuan infant monks in Sanxiu, they simply don’t care about the identity of the so-called Feixianmen disciples. If they take part in the war, Feixianmen will have to come up with a lot of things as a thank-you gift. Of course, monks like us in the Dan period, if they don’t take part in the war, don’t think about joining Feixianmen in the future. Also, if Jin Guangding wins, they will not accept the scattered repairs on the original Feixianmen site, and they can’t even accept the scattered repairs on their own site. Therefore, for the scattered repairs in the Jiedan period, There are really not many opportunities. It’s a monk in the gas-condensing period. If the talent is excellent, the chance is even greater than ours. There are people in each sect who are responsible for investigating the talent of monks in the gas-condensing period. They will find you on their own.
Xi Fangping nodded slightly, so that’s it. That is to say, the status of the scattered repairs in the Dan period is quite bad. If you can’t get on or off, it’s not worth introducing to Feixianmen because they don’t have much potential. It is no wonder that these Buddhist monks in the Dan period are so enthusiastic about participating in the war. Xi Fang moved calmly. There are so many scattered repairs here, and there are more than 200,000 in Dan period alone. If you can call some people to your own hands and practice them, then. Even if you don’t use the celestial beasts, you will have a certain influence on the Pleiades. As for the animals left in the celestial world, it is not an emergency. It is best not to use it. After all, if people all over the planet know that he has such a powerful force, it will inevitably arouse others’ suspicion and even jealousy, and some factions will gang up to attack Xi Fangping.
After careful consideration for a while, Xi Fangping said to Zhang Gensheng, "Wait a moment, A-dao Zhang. I just came back from picking herbs. Many herbs have not been sorted out yet. Don’t worry, the herbs in my storage bag are enough for everyone to sell."
Xi Fangping walked into his shop and closed the door. Only then did he take out a lot of herbs from his belt and put them in a storage bag. At the same time, he specially took out a storage bag and put in five thousand magic weapons from Yin Wuji. Inside his belt, there are many magic weapons. Apart from these 5,000 pieces, there are also several thousand pieces taken from the enemy in previous wars and from the side of more than 700 bodies in the secret room. Finally, there must be some. However, the power of those magic weapons is quite good, and the materials used are also good, and Xi Fangping is reluctant to take them out. And the five thousand magic weapons given by Yin Wuji are basically the most common magic weapons, which are on the magic star. It’s just a dirty magic weapon, and even the scattered practitioners on the annihilation star can’t see it. This is what Xi Fangping specifically asked Yin Wuji to refine. No wonder Yin Wuji cut corners. With Xi Fangping’s idea, even such a magic weapon is very powerful on the Pleiades. It’s at least twice as strong as the magic weapon used by the Godsworn in Feixianmen. A good magic weapon will attract others’ attention and may cause unnecessary trouble. I can’t help it. Arcturus is such a place. Good goods are easy to make others jealous. ,

Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Bodyguards
Chuan used this time. After sorting out my thoughts. Xi Fangping pushed away a few times, not collecting the previous payment, and then said to nearly 100 monks outside the door, "Thank you for joining us. There are plenty of herbs to sell this time. Just … I have something to say to you, and please think it over carefully.
This small shop under the sun has no name. Unexpectedly, you gave me the name of the firm, and I like it very much. Since it is a business. It’s not a good thing to always be supported by the next person. Over the past year or so, the business of the firm is getting bigger and bigger, and the pockets of the firm are bulging. It is estimated that your pockets will not be bad. With the understanding of the firm, it is estimated that there is one friend who sells well. There are at least tens of thousands of lingshi income in a month, and there are thousands of lingshi income if they are not sold well. If you have money, everyone will earn. This is the secret of doing business next time. It can make friends get some benefits, and I am already quite happy.
However, it is not good for the exhibition of the firm to sell it like this. I’m ready to open a large business in Feixian City, which is much bigger than Wanbaotang. With the quantity and quality of Lingcao in hand, it is more than enough to open this business. Of course, I didn’t want to compete with Wanbaotang when I opened this firm. I just wanted to change my herbs and other things into Lingshi. In this way, it is also good for all Taoist friends. However, I have only one person, and it’s really a bit too busy to open this business. Therefore, I want to call some Taoist friends to help me. According to a preliminary estimate, I need 1,000 to 5,000 Jiedan monks. I can’t help it. It’s a big business in the next home, and the goods sold are quite precious. The number of bodyguards in the firm alone is estimated to be several thousand.
Anyone who wants to join the firm will be given a magic weapon and 500 pieces of lingshi every month. Five hundred pieces of lingshi, and at the same time, some lingcao will be given as a reward. It should be quite good for all of you, right? The disciples of Feixianmen in the Dan-knot period only have a hundred Lingshi at most a month. Such treatment. It is estimated that there will be no more if you search the whole Pleiades. Of course, after the firm is officially opened, it will no longer adopt the way of selling streets and lanes for friends, and all goods will be sold in the firm. Therefore, if you don’t join the firm. Two months later. The supply of goods will be cut off in the future. Please forgive me for the inconvenience caused. "The monks were all stirred up and cut off the supply of goods after two months, which was for them. It’s just that they’re broke. For more than a year, those monks have been doing quite well by Xi Fangping’s Lingcao, such as Zhang Gensheng, and they already have ten or two hundred thousand Lingshi on hand. Such a large amount of lingshi is rich in oil in scattered repairs, but. Herbs, pills and magic weapons on the star Arcturus are so expensive. That stone doesn’t cost much. If Xi Fang cuts off the supply of goods, it means that they have to go back to the old situation of fighting for a few pieces of stone.
However, if you join the firm, the situation may be very different. Five hundred pieces of lingshi a month is quite good, and there are magic weapons and lingcao, which is simply a good job that falls from the sky. A position like this may not be attractive to people who have already made a fortune, such as Zhang Gensheng, but for those who have just joined the net and want to join this business, the temptation is hard to see. Therefore, many monks shouted on the spot that they were willing to join the firm. Among them, basically Xi Fangping has never met before.
Xi Fangping smiled and stopped talking. Instead, he took out a sword from the storage bag and said loudly, "Look, everyone, this is the magic weapon I am going to configure for the bodyguards of the firm. I don’t want to boast about the power of this magic weapon. Please invite a Taoist friend to try it. "
A monk who looked quite capable at the end of Jiedan stood up and took the sword in Xi Fangping’s hand. After looking at it carefully for a long time, his face showed a different color: "Boss Xi. This is the first-class magic weapon, the magic weapon used by friars in the Dan period of Feixianmen, whether it is material or power. It’s a long way from this sword, not to mention our bitter practice. In the workshop. The magic weapon of life’s core monuments used by many yuan infants is not as good as this sword. In my opinion, if this sword is sold in Wanbaotang, at least 100,000 pieces of Lingshi can be sold.
The monks present were all red-eyed, which was a magic weapon worth 100,000 pieces of Lingshi. These people worked hard, and most of them could not earn so many Lingshi all their lives, not to mention having a magic weapon that even the monks in Yuan’s infancy could be jealous. At present, 70% to 80% of the monks rolled up their sleeves and shouted loudly to join Xiji Firm and become bodyguards of Xiji Firm.
Xi Fangping calmly retrieved the sword from the monk at the end of the Dan knot and stuffed it into his storage bag. Then he said loudly, "Of course, the magic weapon will not be given to you in vain. Surely some people have made up their minds. When you get the magic weapon, run away at once. It’s all thrown behind the head. Therefore, if you want a magic weapon, you must impose a ban on me. If you want to escape with the treasure halfway, there are naturally ways to make it worse than death.
When the magic star was destroyed, after Xi Fangping ordered a lot of things from Shuangshengyuan and Baiyunguan, he wanted to think, if he didn’t order something from Feijianmen and "Jixiao". It really doesn’t make sense. Therefore, he purposely sent Peng II by individuals and sects. Flying Sword Gate is good at manufacturing all kinds of large-scale offensive machinery. However, those things can’t be put in the storage bag at all, and Xi Fangping doesn’t have the ability to put these things into his belt, and there aren’t so many flying boats to use them. Therefore, Xi Fangping only ordered some single crossbows from Feijianmen. Xi Fangping didn’t bother to calculate how many sets of crossbows Lingcao could exchange, and directly dropped ten Lingcao in seven thousand. Ask all the flying sword doors to be replaced with crossbows.
After arriving at Baihu Mountain, Xi Fangping watched it for a long time. Except for the forbidden character, nothing was to his liking. After all, what Baihu Mountain made. It’s a bit sinister indeed, and Xi Fangping doesn’t like it very much. Forbidden character is a specialty of Baihu Mountain, which is used to impose a ban on monks. Once the forbidden character is implanted in the monk, it can be easily done when he wants to die. With Xi Fangping’s strength, he can even ban monks in the middle of Yuan Ying. However, the forbidden symbol has a shortcoming. The forbidden person must be willing to let go of his body and mind. Otherwise, he will be a monk in the period of gas condensation, and Xi Fangping will not think about implanting the forbidden symbol into his body. Therefore, although White Tiger Mountain will create forbidden symbols. However, there are not many opportunities to come in handy. XiFangPing also don’t know if this thing can come in handy, he is just really bad to throw the White Tiger Mountain aside, so he just threw ten Lingcao trees. Just order the forbidden symbol from them. It is also quite easy to remove the forbidden symbol, as long as the person who is under the symbol breaks the forbidden symbol with aura. It’s just, if you want someone else to hit the symbol. The only end is that the operator is broken.

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