Throughout Kyushu, all the top experts left their homeland a hundred years ago. In just a hundred years, the practitioners who grew up were only in the realm of semi-deification. Of course, there were also some talented people, but in this troubled times, they died countless times. Every once in a while, any new talent with a strange son of heaven will be assassinated by the hostile side, which is why the highest state of Kyushu is only half-deified for a hundred years.

Zhuge entered Tianchi before dawn, and his chickens and dogs were restless. Half an hour later, he came out of Tianchi and shot several elders in Tianchi. At the moment, there are six golden dragons flying out of his head, Chutianchu, and nine dragon spirit veins have gathered six, only the last three.
But for the next period of time, Zhuge didn’t go all over Kyushu, but he couldn’t find any clues about the remaining three dragon spirit veins.
"It won’t be taken into Shengxian Road." Zhuge had a bad feeling when he was not bright.
Two months have passed, and during these two months, I have searched everywhere, whether it is Kunlun wonderland, barren land, chaotic land, overseas, and Zhuge Buliang, but I have never found any clues.
Buddha prison.
Zhuge stood on a hill before dawn, with a bloody coffin and a burly figure standing on it.
"Is there no other way?" Zhuge not bright frown way.
The burly figure on the blood coffin shook his head: "I have never heard of any other place leading there except Shengxian Road."
"Thanks a lot." Zhuge flew away from the Buddhist prison without a bright arch.
Overseas turtle back island, Zhuge landed in front of a grave, and the stone tablet was clearly engraved with: the tomb of the teacher’s blue sky. Zhuge Liang bowed deeply to the grave of the elder of the sky. This is the site of the Yaohai School, but it is a pity that the Yaohai School no longer exists. At the turn of the new era, it has been destroyed by other sects.
Zhuge was lost in thought when he was not bright, and looked at the tombstone and fell into memory. When I first entered the world of cultivating immortals, everyone in Yaohai School looked at myself coldly. Only the elder from the sky looked at himself with special respect and taught himself the science of cultivating immortals, and today’s achievements were achieved.
If the Kirin girl stood not far away, the fire in her palm flashed, but it eventually faded.
"Who are you?" Suddenly there was a sound of jiao drink behind him, and a woman in red came up.
Li Kewei can be said to be one of the few surviving practitioners of Yaohai School. One hundred years have passed, but Li Kewei’s appearance has not changed much, and she is still graceful. Behind her, a young man in white, impressively, is Siqinyu.
Kirin girl seems to have an instinctive resistance to human practitioners if she quietly retreats to one side. Perhaps the hundred-year pursuit has left a shadow in her heart.
A hundred years can change many things. Li Kewei and Si Qinyu are now a couple, living in seclusion overseas and not participating in the struggle of cultivating immortals.
Zhuge turned around silently before dawn, and Li Kewei immediately exclaimed, "Ah! You … you are … little teacher younger brother! "
"Sister." Zhuge was surprised that he didn’t shine. I didn’t expect to meet my old acquaintances again.
Li Kewei can be said to be one of the few relatives in this world. When they meet, they are naturally deeply touched. A hundred years ago, the Ascension Road was opened, and Li Kewei and Si Qinyu, who had no power and influence, naturally had no chance to enter. In order to avoid the struggle of cultivating immortals, they retired overseas and became a couple of immortals. This is also a good choice.
Zhuge smiled bitterly. At the beginning, only himself, Li Kewei and Si Qinyu were still in the world among the disciples of Yaohai School. And God seems to care for them, and achieve a happy karma for them.
"Shengxian Road has already been closed, and it is probably impossible to enter." After learning that Zhuge was not bright in his heart, Siqinyu said.
"I want to gather nine dragon spirit veins, and maybe I can find some clues." Zhuge said before dawn, and six golden dragons flew out overhead.
Siqinyu shook his head and said, "I’m afraid I can’t. I heard that when I first entered Shengxian Road, the two dragon spirit veins of Xiuxian Alliance disappeared at the same time, which shows that they took the other two dragon spirit veins with them. The rest of the dragon spirit pulse … should be in the hands of falling heaven, but he has already entered Shengxian Road. "
"what!" Zhuge’s heart was suddenly cold before dawn, and the only trace of fantasy was shattered: "Then I will never get into the Ascending Immortal Road, and I will never see the Dream Glass, Lin Er and Xin Er … and my old friends again."
When it comes to Yin Meng glass, Siqinyu’s eyes flashed a trace of fluctuation, which immediately showed the color of bitter nai.
The three men talked for a long time. Finally, from Li Kewei’s mouth, Zhuge Buliang learned that the Zhuge family still existed, on an island three thousand nautical miles away.
Leaving Guibei Island, Zhuge flew to the island where Zhuge’s family was located before dawn. Kirin girl is still behind him if she leaves. She seems determined to stay with Zhuge Buliang, knowing that one day she can get revenge.
On an island 3,000 nautical miles away, Zhuge did not reach out and swept away, and he had already seen a huge manor in the depths of the island. He swooped down and came to the outside of the manor. He could feel that there was a ban around the manor. It was not particularly powerful, but it should be a means for the practitioners in Yuan infant period.
Zhuge raised his hand a little before dawn, forbidden to break a passage and walked in.
"There are intruders! What person! " Two descendants of Zhuge’s family rushed up, with two flying swords suspended above their heads. Zhuge Liang glanced at the two men, and their cultivation was about three layers in the foundation period. It seems that Zhuge’s family has quite a situation of cultivating immortals and officially entered the cultivation world.
"Who is the master now?" Zhuge looked at the two younger generations of Zhuge’s family.
"I’ll ask you who you are, you … yi? No, his appearance seems to be exactly the same as that of his second uncle. " A younger generation of Zhuge’s family wondered.
"You … you are …" Two younger generations of Zhuge’s family stared at Zhuge.
At this time, a graceful figure flew from the depths of the manor, where light, clothes fluttering, turned out to be Zhuge dusk.
"ah! It doesn’t light up … "When Zhuge Muyan saw that Zhuge didn’t light up, he was immediately surprised and made a noise. He fell out of the air and said," No light up, you … you’re back. "
Zhuge Muyan was shocked and didn’t know what to say. The two younger generations of Zhuge’s family are very clever. Seeing that Zhuge Muyan confirmed the identity of the former, they hurriedly bowed down and saluted. At the beginning, when Zhuge Liang died, Zhuge Ming returned to his family and gave Zhuge Liang a coffin. Who would have thought that Zhuge would come back before dawn today, and the Zhuge family made a sensation for a time.
From Zhuge Muyan’s mouth, Zhuge Buliang learned that Zhuge Ming had followed an overseas master of bulk repair into Shengxian Road and never looked back. Now Zhuge Muyan is the agent of the family.
"Did he leave any message before he left?" Zhuge asked without light.
Zhuge Muyan was silent, without words.

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