"If you go back on your word now, I’m afraid your unbearable information will fall into the hands of Bai Yinting. If you don’t mind, you can leave here." The man is a little impatient and seems to be finished for him.

Yimo closed his eyes and slowly took off his clothes. The man also took off Lin Biao.
When Yimo slept beside Lin Hao, some intimate photos were taken soon, and even Yimo threatened to take some very bad photos.
These photos have got the restricted standard. Imo finally got a little confused. Why did she do these things?
"Don’t worry, these photos are all to threaten him, and they will never flow out, which has no influence on you." One man winked at another man and the two of them went out.
It took Yimo a long time to slow down and look at the men around him. What did they just do?
Although it’s a little flapping, is it any different from what really happened?
It’s a disgrace, but it’s a lifesaver for Yimo. But there’s no turning back.
Now all she has to do is wait here for Lin Hao to wake up. I don’t know what those people injected him with. He has been sleeping for hours without waking up.
Yimo sat beside him with his shawl, his hair disheveled and his eyes staring at the overhead lamp.
She doesn’t know if Bai Yinting will find her mobile phone at home. It’s so quiet. Yimo began to suspect that Bai Yinting might not know about it.
When she came out, she was very careful. Aunt Qiao didn’t even know about that family. She has always been lovely. This is her sadness.
In order to realize his ideal, all this may be worth Yimo’s constant encouragement, but he found himself crying.
"Uh ~" Lin Hao made a sound.
Yimo gently turned to look at his tears more turbulent.
Lin Hao slowly opened his eyes and saw Yimo for a long time. Suddenly he sat up from the bed and found himself naked.
And Yimo is almost naked. What happened? How did this happen? Isn’t he drinking with his friends?
"You’re awake." Yimo cried even harder.
"What’s the matter?" Lin Hao caressed his forehead and his brain turned white.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-six I’m not that stupid.
Yimo doesn’t talk. Lin Hao grabbed his mobile phone and looked at it. It seems that he was sent to investigate that Yimo people called him. Is it because he remembered wrong?
He looked up at Yimo suddenly seemed to be white. "What do you want? Do you do it again? "
"I was caught here and they forced me …" Yimo buried her face in pain and began to cry.
"Being caught here?" Lin Hao looked around and knew that this was really a bar room.
Moreover, he remembered that he seemed to have been knocked out after entering the health service, and he woke up here.
Someone is trying to frame him? When Lin Hao took one look, he quickly got into bed and got dressed. Then he took one look at Yimo and said, "Get dressed quickly and I’ll send you out of here."
Yimo didn’t expect Lin Hao to be so calm. Even if those things didn’t happen?
"Don’t tell anyone about me and you for the time being, including our boss. I’ll find out." Lin Hao suspected that all this was done by the so-called behind-the-scenes eyes
"But we have a lot of photos. What should they do?" Yimo is also concerned about those photos.
"What photos did you say?" Lin Hao realized the seriousness of the matter.
"What else are you and I afraid of?" Yimo finally saw the panic from Lin Hao’s face
Lin Hao was afraid that these photos would be sent to Bai Yinting. At that time, he really explained it.
"Yimo, this should be your means?" Lin Hao suddenly showed fierce eyes.
Yimo was wronged and cried. "What good is it for me to do this? I can’t live much longer, but should I spoil myself like this? "
Lin Hao suddenly felt that what Yimo said was reasonable, but what should she do with those things?
"Lin Hao, I think I can stay with Bai Yin Court at last to make up for the mistakes of that year. Please give me this chance, but I beg you for two months." Yimo is good at delicate and touching.
After all, Yimo has not been idle for three years since she left Bai Yinting. She was kept as a lover by two middle-aged men, but I’m afraid she wouldn’t be swept out of the house if she wasn’t sick.
"Yimo, I’m afraid you didn’t really feel guilty to come back? I think you just want to find a meal ticket at the end of your life. "Lin Hao really looks down on Yimo.
Yimo is wry smile "even so? Think of it as a good deed every day when people are dying, and it’s not good for you. "
Lin Jieshi also hates threats, but today he is really threatened and has no resistance.
Even so, he still wants to see who dares to set him up.
Of course, there is no such thing in Yimo unless there is someone behind her to support her, or all this is done by someone else
"I’ll send someone to send you back first. Remember that you can’t say a word about what happened tonight." Lin Hao wanted to investigate the matter clearly
"Don’t worry, I’m not that stupid." Yimo knew it was done.
Lin Hao won’t tell Bai Yinting about her for the time being because he doesn’t know what trouble it will bring to himself.
It seems that Yimo is going to die, even if she tells Bai Yinting about her rotten stalls, it won’t make any difference.
Who would have known that Yimo had deceived everyone by hiding so deeply?
After Yimo left, Lin Hao began to enter the investigation and checked all the monitoring. Sure enough, he and Yimo were dragged into the room.
And I can’t see clearly who are those people with strange faces.
What chose Yimo? Do they just want him to have any conflicts with Bai Yinting?
Lin Hao asked people to continue the follow-up investigation. When he glanced at it, it was dawn. If he saw Bai Yinting, would he tell the truth?
After all, everything is unknown. If these words come out of those people’s mouths, I’m afraid it will be more likely to cause misunderstanding.
Lin Hao was very worried that those photos were sent to a newspaper or a network and had a temporary investigation.
Lin Hao was completely at a loss. Yimo and Bai Yinting were special. He really didn’t know what to do.
But fortunately, this woman is Yimo instead of Xia Zhu, otherwise wouldn’t he feel more guilty?

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