After all, the sudden rise of Master Liu has never even heard of it.

Plus, it is said that there is a 19-year-old uncle, which is even more ridiculous
Think about seventeen? How awesome is it to be able to cure and fight this?
So how can those young successful people pretend to be forced? I have been here today with superior talent, but I am only seventeen years old. Are they superior to dogs in the past five or six years?
So they came here for one purpose!
Pretend to force!
To put it bluntly, they are here to smash the field today!
What nonsense, Master Liu? Who believes it? If you really don’t play dirty, I’ll eat it live.
"I don’t know your so-called public"
If autumn in the face of these hungry wolves, her eyes are close to some Liu Yu.
She has a hunch that if she leaves with these people, nine times out of ten she won’t come back. There are even more terrible things waiting for her.
"Hey, hey, don’t you know Miss Beauty? I’ll know her soon. It’s true … our family is a family member. You’d better not give face to shame." The young man directly exposed the threat after smiling in front of him.
It seems to him that the family’s family, Nanling City, but the big family, Gu Shao, personally named the younger sister sooner or later.
"Ah ah ~ ~ ~ ~ who are you? What a shame, Qiu Jie? Don’t you want to hear it? Don’t want to! "
Liu Yu is impatient. It’s better to sell a fork knife than to sell it. I forced this gun from the inside tonight!
He glanced at Ruoqiu again. Gee, it’s really a femme fatale. This fucking water is coming. All right, come on. Let’s make this storm and rain more violent tonight.
"ouch? What about you? "
The young man froze and looked at Liu Yu’s kid? It looks as if you don’t even have a formal dress, and that dress is a hundred pieces of cheap goods, right?
Even this little Wang egg dares to tear me down?
Against my family?
"What he what situation? Hurriedly cross the border and influence. "
"Ding-dong, congratulations on the success of the host’s loading force. This force successfully crushes the opponent’s momentum and rewards 5 points of loading force value."
Liu Yu’s mouth is covered with a thief’s smile. It seems that I met a guy named Gu Yan when I was eating for 1,000 yuan. I think he is also a family man.
Speaking of which, he still has an account to settle with the family
"Wocao, believe it or not, my horse has your limbs torn down? You dare to call me over? "
The young man failed in pretending to be forced, even he didn’t understand how a young man dared to disobey himself. This is not so good. Even if he doesn’t invite a woman back, Gu Shao will be very disappointed with himself.
He flew into a rage when he read this!
Liu Yu got up and a master breath was released. He faced these guys like a sea of clouds. "Dismantle my limbs?" You don’t have that ability. I’m in a good mood today. I’ll give you a face … "
The angry face of the young man showed a smug look.
Pretend to be forced? Mom, you keep pretending. You can’t pretend when you hear Gu Jia’s name, can you? In the end, you can’t just go there?
Old mama must let Gu Shao teach him a lesson later!
However, his idea is wrong.
There is another sentence after Liu Yu’s original words: "I will give you a face to let your so-called Gu Shao roll over. Oh, by the way, don’t be shameless. I have a bad temper!"
"You! ! Okay, you got balls, right? It seems that you don’t know what you have offended tonight. Wait for death, stupid thing! "
Young people are blue and blue, and they can leave angrily.
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host for successfully obtaining 762 points of loading force value"
"Poof ~ ~ ~ ~" If Qiu laughed at Liu Yu, it was too high.
What do you mean, treat people with humanity? This is it.
She found that Liu Yu was not only incompetent, but also an…… … She just didn’t hurt her.
Soon those people went back, but this time it was a man with a melon face and a harsh mouth. He was about twenty-five years old and exuded the arrogant and arrogant temperament of Wan Ku.
Obviously a man with five poisons!
Those who have just come to provoke are now respectfully waiting beside a eunuch owner.
"Who told me to roll over?"
Gu Heng comes over and drinks directly. Dare to let him take care of his family and roll over? What happened to your sister!

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