It’s good to be a general. Even when practicing, someone smiled at the two beautiful women while waiting. Zhao Li was very gentle and reached the order. "I want to practice here for a few days to help me see that there is no big event. Don’t call me!" The soft tone made the two workers immediately feel that the young general was approachable and had some unrealistic ideas in his mind.

"Then help me protect the law!" Zhao Li ordered the completion staff to find a small training room and plunged into Corqin. Then the door was as motionless as a keeper.
Zhao Li no longer cares about his safe sitting in the training room.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six The willing hook
This is Zhao Li’s first deep concentration after the genius school. He was extremely tired and broke through the situation. It took Zhao Li 24 hours to recover. This time, Zhao Li was different. It should not be so long to recharge his batteries.
When he entered that state again, Zhao Li found that this practice was completely different from the previous one. Although Zhao Li could still feel that deep concentration, it seemed that there was an extra Zhao Li in the body, and this extra Zhao Lizheng carefully examined the body practice from the perspective of a bystander.
This is not to say that Zhao Li suddenly has a personality or something, but that the current state of practice has enabled Zhao Li to be awake, to do something in a sober state, just as the original deep concentration has become dominated by Zhao Li’s parasympathetic nerves.
And this state of body part changes Zhao Li is well aware of it, as if his eyes can clearly see his body part.
That is to say, Zhongshi is right, and that is because the theory has been verified, and no papers have appeared in practice. Where such records can appear, there are some speculative documents in some novels.
It’s not really what you can see, but it’s not much different from seeing all the blood flowing, muscle trembling, organ peristalsis so fine that every cell activity, tissue fluid permeates oxygen gas exchange and so on. Everything is happening as before Zhao Li’s eyes
This strange state, of course, also aroused Zhao Li’s interest, and soon he checked himself, but Zhao Li was absolutely surprised by the results.
Originally, my physical strength was so strong that my practice level was already very strong, but Zhao Li still found many tiny wounds in my body. Some bones, joints and muscles have countless tiny wounds where my heart and lungs have been pierced.
Many of these injuries are places where Zhao Li was injured or hit in the battle. At that time, the recovery of basic physical fitness seemed to have healed, but there were still some scars that were indistinguishable to the naked eye. If these scars were accumulated, Zhao Li could not imagine what kind of damage these injuries would bring to his body once they broke out at the same time.
Good discovery when Zhao Lixian controls the fineness of the true qi, Zhao Like can directly repair the scars in the true qi by stimulating the blood flow around and stimulating the resurrection of body cells.
Fortunately, the recovery effect of basic body-building surgery is still so remarkable. When Zhao Lizhong was really angry in these places, the subtle wounds quickly healed at a speed that Zhao Li could perceive. However, there were too many such subtle wounds, and Zhao Li had to be patient to repair them one place at a time, first from the important heart and lungs and then spread to other places.
Immersed in this special state, Zhao Li really looked at his true qi state until all the parts of his body that could feel the trauma were repaired.
The middle part of the meridians in the body is filled with fluid, and the training state of qi is abnormal and steady. It seems that it is not urgent or slow, but it flows through the whole body very quickly.
At that time, Zhao Li couldn’t see what two bodies had been inspected in this way, so that part of Zhao Li was awake and immediately turned his attention to the outside world.
Although Zhao Li didn’t open his eyes, the simple furnishings in the training room showed Zhao Li’s eyes closed. The color and light may be slightly different, but there is not much difference from Zhao Li’s memory. Zhao Li can clearly feel the movement in the room and adjust the fine air outlet. Zhao Li can measure the approximate air volume and wind speed.
This is a strange feeling and feeling different from the five senses. Zhao Like feels that when he wants to know the external situation, some of the true qi in the meridians is so abrupt that he rushes out of the body and directly diffuses the qi, telling Zhao Li all the things he touches, shapes, movements and so on.
I didn’t expect the true qi to be able to respond in this way. It was unimaginable that Zhao Li didn’t expect that the original practice could improve his physique and be able to fight before today. Now he really discovered that many things were unknown before he discovered them.
No wonder the headmaster said that entering the ninth grade was just the original meaning. Maybe everyone’s true spirit practice is different from others, and some effects are different. It is very unwise to force others to achieve their effects.
Now that the true qi has been discovered, Zhao Li also wants to know how big the scope of this discovery is. It seems that the concept of the wall has been directly broken through and appears in a larger training room outside.
Corqin’s standing horse entered Zhao Li’s mind. Zhao Li was very naughty and manipulated the true qi to turn around Corqin’s, but it seemed that Corqin suddenly noticed something and frowned and looked around. Obviously, she did not find that people quickly returned to normal.
Just now, the original reaction of these dynamic expressions in Corqin’s mind is like a slight sigh in front of Zhao Li’s heart. It seems that even genetic modification can combine human physical strength with speed and true qi to reach the limit, and it still hasn’t finished playing its role. In the words of the principal, Corqin’s level is at most even a pseudo-nine-level master rather than a real nine-level master
Zhao Li’s true spirit continued to lean out around, and soon the huge training room was completely shrouded. Zhao Li felt that Zhao Li should pay attention to a place where he was moving, and his eyes were hiding
It seems that one of the original two beauty workers is left, and the other one doesn’t know where to see this scene. Zhao Liyi stayed in the army and Zhao Li personally ordered that there would be a person leaving. This is simply impossible. Is the responsibility of the person who left the work insufficient or Zhao Li’s prestige insufficient?
The true qi continues to be released. Zhao Li feels that he is less than 100 meters away from the center, and he has a little affection. Whether it is in the soundproof room or there is a magnetic shield, even if two people talk slightly, it is like talking in his ear.
Suddenly, Zhao Li found something abnormal, as if coming from a certain direction towards this side. Twenty patrol members lined up in neat ranks and walked in neat steps, carrying guns and patrolling in unison. Everything seemed normal, but Zhao Li just didn’t know where it was puzzling.
Suddenly Zhao Li knew what was different. The last two of the 20 patrol members were dressed the same as the people in front, but their figure and footsteps revealed their true gender. The two patrol members were men.
Zhao Li clearly remembers that the reporting department here is full of beautiful women, and there is no male except himself. How did these two men come? More let Zhao Li in distress situation is his perception that these two male patrol members are actually wearing women’s uniforms and have long hair. The chest doesn’t know what to fill. It really looks like two women soldiers.
Then Zhao Li was surprised that the staff who had left work suddenly appeared and quickly arrived at the front of the patrol soldiers to beat the training room door from the outside.
Aware of this scene, Zhao Li also smiled in her heart. It’s time to come after all. I didn’t bring a large number of experts with Corqin. That one came to this training room is to lead to some guys who may be unfavorable to me. Now these guys finally appeared.
The Bai Niao Military Region is a newly-built military region, and all the personnel are transferred from various military regions. It is conceivable that there is chaos here. Even this temporary headquarters is formed by seconding professionals from various military regions, and it is normal to mix some people with his mind.
From Zhao Li’s acceptance of life and being attacked by the media, Zhao Li found that there should be a hidden group in the army that attacked himself. Although this group is very secret, no clue has been found yet, but these people will definitely deal with themselves.
Everything is a hodgepodge, and no one is familiar with anyone’s situation. At this time, it is the best time to start work. Zhao Li also realized this and specially created such an opportunity for them. Otherwise, these people could not help but show up.

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