"Back to … Village?"

Hearing Pei Wende’s light question has brought tears to his eyes. Da slowly bowed his head and his massive body showed great sadness at this moment.
"My parents … killed me … and sacrificed themselves early …"
"My wife … has disappeared now …"
"And myself … has become … now this picture …"
"I still have … what reason … to return to the village?"
No anger, no hatred, sadness, and a flat tone are like talking about other people’s family affairs.
At the beginning, Ada chose to swallow "Hong Zhu" in part because it was to repay the villagers who raised themselves from childhood.
After venting his anger, Ah Da found himself unable to hate those villagers.
"Of course I want to go back! I want to go back for revenge!"
O big attitude has been completely white Zhao Mu gnashing low said
"They forced my mother to death. I can’t forget this hatred!"
Facing my son’s position, I am sad and sad.
He knew that Zhao Mu’s attitude at the moment was not so much Pei Wende’s dialogue as showing it to himself.
Zhao Mu’s irresponsible father is also the chief culprit of his mother’s death.
Chapter 45 Statue of a dragon
Pei Wende didn’t say much about the completely different attitudes and reactions of the two fathers.
Zhao Mu detests evil and is resolute. Pei Wende felt it from the first time he contacted him.
Yu Ada is indecisive?
This can be seen from the fact that he dared not contact the villagers for more than ten years and did not make much noise after learning the truth.
At present, this pair of fathers with different personalities are contradictory, and they have not seen strangeness for more than ten years.
In particular, it is the best result that Zhu Nv, who plays the role of "adhesive", is disgusted with them and does not turn against each other.
"I just want to go to your village, so let’s go together!"
Go directly to Zhao Mu, Pei Wende looked at his eyes, and the boy pretending to be calm immediately sent out his invitation.
"Are you going to our village?"
This is not only Zhao Mu surprised to raise his head, but even Ah Da couldn’t help but throw a stunned look.
"It’s because I’m looking for someone in your village."
Misty village is not too big. In a thatched cottage.
"Alas, evil debts!"
Like sensing something, the old woman, who was called "fish woman" by the villagers, turned her head and looked at the direction of the house, and her eyes became more miserable.
"Evil debts will be paid in the end. This is karma!"
After the fish woman uttered this sentence, a silver needle was slowly inserted into the statue of a dragon in her hand.
Then the third root, the third root …
As a silver needle was inserted into the statue, the statue of a dragon, which was latosolic red and half-faced, crawled like a living thing.
As soon as a fish woman could hear the roar in her ear, she continued to insert the silver needle into the statue without moving.
When the last silver needle was inserted into the inverted scale of the statue’s jaw, it was crisp all over the sculpture.
A crack visible to the naked eye suddenly appeared in the statue body and there was a faint tendency to split it in two.
"Fish woman?"
At this time, a thin man, like a skeleton, pushed the door of the hut and looked at the fish woman who seemed to have exhausted most of her energy
"I have nothing to do here, but the old man is there."
Turbid eyes opened the fish woman at this moment a kind of can’t tell the sad tone low sigh a way
"That old man has to behave like a boy when he is old."
"As a result, this time I met a more horizontal role, and now I am afraid it has become part of the fog."
Smell speech: the surprised color in a man’s eyes flashed by, and then it became deeper and darker.
"You mean we didn’t fool him into inviting guests?"
Certainly nodded, and the fish woman said with absolute certainty
"Although I don’t know what went wrong, he is really coming towards the village now."
"Let those bastards in the village get ready!"
"if it’s unfortunate, this should be the last day of our life."
The tone is still calm. When the fish woman said this, it was like saying what to eat in the sky.
"I see."
Slowly pulling the pushed door, the bony man quietly closed the thatched cottage door again as he appeared.
"Alas, I still refuse to give up after all!"
Watched the male away from has been sad not to color fish woman finally raised his head corners of the mouth also appeared a gherardini radian.
"Old man, you lost and lost completely."
"I have long said that Zhu’s mother is strong-willed and will burn up sooner or later when she knows the truth."
"You don’t believe that I have to protect their mother in front of these idiots, which brings disaster today."
With the fish woman talking to herself, this silent thatched cottage seems to be corrupted by some force, and the naked eye can see that the speed is dry and declining.
"And you, these stubborn fools in the village are very willing to die."
"But when they heard about your death, they were concerned about whether they could live or not, and they didn’t care about your sacrifice at all."
"I’m afraid it’s a weakness of your generation to always be inhuman."
"Good, and your generation with me is not a complete loser."
Sighing again, the figure of the fish woman disappeared with the withering and decline of the thatched cottage, leaving her with the last sentence.
"It’s a pity that you and I don’t have an afterlife, otherwise I really want to see you again in reincarnation."
Boom …
Just not far from the thatched cottage, the bony man heard a crashing sound behind him.
"The fish woman is gone, too."

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