"Look out!"

Purnot saw this scene and couldn’t help but want to stop it.
Yesterday, he saw with his own eyes how sharp these weapons were made by the Holy One. It would be terrible if it caused trouble to the Holy One.
But Purnot woke up obviously late, and the only thing that can stop things from happening at the scene is Norman, who is not suitable for shooting now. Everyone can watch this blond man put his fingers together and go to the spear. After a little try, there is a blood line.
Seeing this scene, the two guys behind the blond man’s eyes have been indifferent and calm, and their eyes have changed color in an instant, while the blonde man is not angry but happy to drink "good!"
"Although the manufacturing process of this gun is average, the head of this gun is really sharp, and it can even cut my fingers with such a light touch!"
….. Norman felt that it was shameless to brag about himself at ordinary times, but compared with the blond man in front of him, he found that it was not natural enough to brag.
Blonde man’s finger is cut, but his eyes are hot. He obviously likes this gun to patrol the shuttle back and forth.
"How much is this gun?"
The blond man didn’t speak, but one of the two men behind him spoke first and asked Purnot.
Norman, they have already discussed the price. Purnot quoted a number without thinking at the moment.
"15 Quintarans"
This figure seems to be beyond the expectation of the man. He looked at the blond man with embarrassment and then saw the blond man nodding "It’s worth 15 quintalands!" "
Have you met the suckers?
Norman consciously exchanged a look with Purnot when he heard the blond man.
They agreed that it was wild speculations in the plan and waited for the other party to pay back the money on the spot. As a result, I didn’t expect the blond man to promise to come as soon as he didn’t pay it back. I just didn’t know if the other party was just talking.
After the blond man looked at the pike several times, he finally put his eyes on the ground and put the two weapons on the ground. The light in his eyes was even hotter.
The pike is more of a soldier in the battle, but it is an enduring service. The pike is also a compulsory subject for knights. However, in the daily use of non-battlefield environments, knights often use short weapons, such as knives and swords.
Especially for the blond man, who looks like a noble knight at first glance, the attraction of such a short blade of sword to him is much greater than that of pike, because in this era, people like them can hardly really make pike occasions.
Blonde, look at the machete first.
There is nothing to say about the well-behaved shape of the pike gun body because it was helped by Porter Lyme, but this machete was created by Norman himself … People who are not proficient in post-modern magic art style will never appreciate it.
The blond man’s artistic attainments are obviously not beyond this era for thousands of years, and he can’t appreciate Norman’s abstract style. When he saw the ugly and strange shape of the machete, his brow wrinkled slightly. But because of the psychological expectation of the pike just now, he didn’t stop here, but picked up the machete, carefully observed it and then got up and waved it.
From the action, it can be seen that the blonde male knife method is much better than the marksmanship.
After waving for a while, the blond man finally stopped, tried his finger like just now, and then drank a "good!" But the horse is quite sorry to say, "It’s a pity …"
This machete is extremely sharp and tough, but it seems that the forger only pays attention to these properties of the weapon. The blade body design is very poor, and many places are hung up.
If we can redesign the blade, this blade can be upgraded to another level. Of course, the blade is already excellent now.
The two men behind the blond man didn’t seem to know whether the blond man wanted this knife or not, and finally the blonde man asked himself, "How much is this knife?"
Purnot again quoted a figure they discussed.
"Three Quintarans"
Norman also knows that the scope of machetes is much larger than that of pike, and there are more materials, which directly doubles the price of machetes.
Of course, the price of three gold talans is not the reserve price. If you really want it, let’s discuss it slowly, but the blond man is as good as before and simply promised to come "no problem!"
Promising fast seems to be afraid that Purnot won’t sell him this knife.
Although the blond man talked about buying it, he didn’t pay for it, but put a machete and finally stared at the cross sword.
Looks like he’s going to pack this weapons department?
It’s a good thing, especially if the blonde still buys it without paying back the price as before, so much the better. They can raise the money they need as soon as possible, but they don’t know if the blonde has so much money. After all, their plans have gone wrong. This last one is a magic weapon …
Seeing that the blond man is going to pick up the cross sword as he did just now, Norman quickly reached out and held it down first. Purnot also quickly said, "This guest is a magic weapon. Waving words at random without familiarity will destroy this place!"
"Magic weapons? !”
Purnot this a blond man, the two men behind the blond man and Norman beside them the two artists are shocked obviously didn’t think there will be magic weapons in this place.
The blond man seemed to be well-informed and dazed, and soon he came to his senses and stared at the cross sword for two eyes before shaking his head again and again. "How can this sword be a magic weapon without jewels?"
Many magical things can be used by ordinary people, and so can magic weapons. It is because these things have adopted magic substitution devices that the blonde man often calls the method of setting gems. Those gems that are set with magical things are not ordinary gems, but can hold all kinds of magical gems. This is how ordinary people use magic things.
The blonde can tell whether something is magical or not from the setting of gems, but he is obviously not a mage, and he doesn’t know that some magical things are magicians’ magic things, so there is no need for magic replacement devices.
Of course, Norman wouldn’t explain these things to him. It was a woman who said, "If you don’t believe me, you can read them."
Then he came out from behind the booth with a sword.
There are very few people in this place, which is why the blond man can play with weapons at will just now. Now Norman is also holding this cross sword and starting to wave it. But here, of course, he can’t teach those who move but clumsily how to play it. How can it be called wild dog swordsmanship? The blond man can’t bear to look straight.
But in a short time, the blond men’s eyes changed and they stared straight at Norman-seeing that the cross sword suddenly burned up, and the horrible temperature made the three of them feel that kind of tingling and burning!
Norman then stopped "panting" and laid his sword horizontally so that several people at the scene could clearly see the beating flame.
After practicing and getting familiar with Norman last night, he has been able to control the magic in this cross sword, and Ji has been able to control it freely. It won’t happen again, but for those who are not familiar with it, they will dance at will, but it will easily be like Norman yesterday. This side is attached to a level 4 spell and is also a passive spell of flame trap. This spell is generally much more powerful than the active spell at the same level. When the flame flies around, it won’t get messy here. As soon as things get serious, they can’t sell things quietly.
Sonoman, you have to personally demonstrate the magic effect of this sword.
After seeing that this is indeed a magic weapon, the blond man stared straight at the blade until the flame was extinguished, and his eyes couldn’t move away. It was then that he noticed another shape on the surface-it seemed that there was a light fish swimming constantly!
But when the blond man looked carefully, the light fish disappeared again, but just as he was about to look away, the light fish appeared again!
This different shape … This thing is obviously extraordinary in quality besides being a magic weapon.
The blond man thinks like this in his heart. Purnot’s words prove his idea from the side.
"This cross sword is sharper and stronger than that machete."
Now not only the blond man, but also the two men behind him can’t help staring at the cross sword, and their eyes can’t move away. For a knight, a good weapon is comparable to their life, and it is obviously such a weapon in front of them.
"How much is this sword!"
The blond man asked for a price again, and this time Purnot offered a higher price.
This is almost equal to 1 Quintana’s horrible price, which made two down-and-out artists stunned, but the blond man was not scared. Instead, he agreed eagerly for fear that Purnot would go back on his word.

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