The emperor’s light on his body became more and more intense, which led to various transformations and gave birth to a trace of detachment and gradually stepped out of the realm of the fairy king

In a moment, a large piece of fairy land debris fell into the fairy road, and the dramatic changes and derivatives made all souls feel that they had witnessed the arrival of the fairy land
"The ancestors are getting higher and higher, and we can’t even see what we see. Only humanity can burn."
"There is a strong feedback from the source of blood!"
On a whim, the Ren Huang ethnic groups in the imperial court had inexplicable changes and breeds, which made them unable to help but exclaim.
Chapter five hundred and ten The ancient emperor Ji breakthrough
Immortal long-cherished wish
This is the pursuit of immortality by several creatures since the mythical age. Today, the immortal family, which has been in the mythical ancient books, is really alive.
Ren Huang came back and broke through the boundary wall, salvaging the fairy fragments one by one and bringing them back to Chengxian Road, which has been filled for nine days and ten places. A lot of source power was fed back, which made the environment of heaven and earth more and more extraordinary.
It used to be said that the two homologous ancient worlds were the masters of fairy land, but after being fragmented, they became vassals of nine heavens and ten places, and their poles reversed.
"Oh, my God, that’s really a fairy land, but it’s already in pieces. Ren Huang has actually recovered so much, even an ordinary fairy king can’t do it!"
The creatures in the strange world are shocked and confused, saying that the fairy land is so salvaged that it is beyond imagination to be a vassal in return.
Once their ancestors were more eager to go home, but who would have thought that they had seen Ren Huang’s feat before they succeeded, and the impact was too great
"This is … when nine days and ten places? After the fairy land collapsed, even the fairy king could not find out how powerful this revered Ren Huang was and could shuttle and salvage at will! "
"Look at him, the emperor’s light on his body is more than rich, and he has surpassed the immortal king’s emperor’s spirit. I’m afraid he has gone through the road of seeing the king and approaching the level of the leaders!"
Fragments of Fairyland are even more exclamatory. Those true fairies who have lived for a long time can’t help but shake the chaos in ancient times, and then this life was born with detachment.
In those days, the turmoil was so terrible that it almost destroyed everything. Some words came out, and most of the records of the lucky old people were unknown to the new generation.
"It’s a pity that you can’t see that he really has the emperor’s light to cover up the emperor’s gas, even the fairy king can’t look straight."
The ancient extension, the strong man in the fairy fragments, sighs inexplicably and feels a little familiar. From that gesture, it seems that a great man in ancient history has traces, but it is already hard to find.
"Didn’t you go to the pale with the breath of the temple?"
Li Yu’s eyes glanced through the debris, but he didn’t capture his orthodox breath. A thought from the long river of time looked into that colorful time, but it was blocked.
There is a strange power to block it, such as arbitrarily controlling the sword light of the ages, and it is like all the generations of Yongchang to block a hazy mist and let the ancient history be white, so that the traces will be distorted when they emerge.
"I will go back to liquidate everything soon."
When his brow froze, he remembered that when the ancient hell finally fell into the world war I, it would appear that the creatures were dormant, and he was bound to go once after he achieved his ancestors.
At the same time, countless robbery clouds piled up in the immortal imperial court. It turned out that a large number of Ren Huang ethnic groups were going to break through all the buildings and go to other cosmic areas.
If you stay in the imperial court, the thunder robbery will not fall. All beings are willing to shelter the robbery, and no thunder robbery can shine like the king’s Dojo.
"PSST, I didn’t read it wrong, did the man directly become enlightened? ! How is it possible that there is still a chaotic emperor Wang Bo in the world? His chaos has become a Taoist and his two Taoist avenues have been suppressed! "
"Nonsense is going to break the blood of the king and see the emperor’s creatures and feed back just a humanitarian creature?"
People are stunned to see that an alternative enlightened person has broken all kinds of repression and directly ascended the throne, thus achieving a near-fairy fruit position.
The one who seems to be saying that the emperor of Gu Hua in the middle generation actually stepped into the throne today!
And not far away, the old emperor of Gu Hua also appeared to cross the catastrophe and stepped into the realm of alternative enlightenment, which was quite shocking. That’s the realm of the master of the Emperor’s Way, so it was better than bullying.
Don’t say it’s a strange world creature or a fairy fragment. How can you be promoted like this when you are stunned?
What is this, Lying on the Emperor Avenue?
It is really terrible to feed back from the source of blood. Worse, it is not too easy for Ren Huang to break through the road of quasi-immortal emperor and drive the sublimation of the humanitarian field
"This world is crazy. There are people who have become immortals here and there. This is his grandmother’s fate!"
"What? Immortal? ! Impossible is absolutely impossible! "
"That means that Jiang Yifei, the king of Zhongjiang, is recognized as a young man!"
A more shocking scene appeared when Jiang Yifei recovered Su Teng from the enlightenment, and his blood was fed back to cross the immortal robbery.
His qualification foundation is natural enough, and he can’t help sighing from his heart that it is also very important to practice the road.
"Old friends, I’m sorry I can’t accompany around. I’m also very upset that this breakthrough is too fast.
I wanted to wait for you to make progress in the field of fairy tales together, but who knows that this repair will go up on its own!
Alas, the world is always like this. The more you don’t want him, the more you have to give him. I can make a breakthrough and wait for you in front. The younger generation is too outstanding and too outstanding. This makes my old man so good. Alas, I haven’t experienced the practice of Xiandao yet.
Old friends, remember to practice diligently. "
The imperial court has already become immortal and Hengyu lightly sighed and patted the virtual shoulder, sighing and sighing in each other’s complicated eyes.
"I’m far behind you when it comes to revealing the truth before people."
It’s so harsh to be ashamed that the other party is flashing dazzling’ Sage Spirit’ all over.
"The sea turns into dust, and the dream of tens of thousands of autumn-turned yellow-haired and long-lived sorrows is that there are thousands of fairy roads in the battery area; I’ll go too! "
Hengyu whistled with a magic furnace and ushered in the quasi-king’s robbery. His strength was greatly improved, and the mid-term realm of the real fairy soared directly and gained great benefits.
"Ren Huang ethnic immortal imperial court, this is the man’s royal power. No wonder it’s so horrible, and so on. What’s that? Someone broke through the quasi-fairy king? ! It’ s too scary to go against the sky! "
"People don’t talk in secret, I also want to be an adult royal race. It’s so tempting. You find that without this race, everyone is pregnant with special physique and has a strong blood recovery!"
"Quasi-fairy king, this is a big shot in the chaotic ancient era. It’s true that people are more popular than people today!"
And this scene deeply shocked the creatures in the Three Realms. It was amazing enough to break through all the ways to intercept and become an emperor. I didn’t expect that there was another immortal on the spot who even achieved the quasi-fairy king!
God, they are not so bitter, sweet and bitter when they practice, but they are not as hard as others at present. He is really lost in his mind when he works hard.
Even Gu Tuo is very silent, and there is a doubt that the illusion of life is terrible, not the feedback breakthrough is terrible, but this breakthrough way, and their foundation is solid!
This shows that no one in Gu Hua, whether it is the quasi-immortal Wang Hengyu or the immortal Jiang Ren Wang Naicheng, has a strong foundation, and no one is not physically strong, even the Taoist heart is very tenacious
They don’t know this, but the Ren Huang ethnic group in the imperial court clearly understands that it is not only because of blood, but also because of "reincarnation" and "psychological robbery"
This gives every ethnic group in Ren Huang enough opportunities to experience, fight for life and death, and fight for spiritual practice in the secret environment of all times. There is no shortage of preaching resources, no shortage of environment and no shortage of Taoism. How can the spirit of birth be weak?
It can be said that anyone who walks out can sweep the sky and practice the magical powers. This kind of situation is far beyond imagination. Naturally, there will be no so-called’ narcissus’ fighting power. It takes some time to polish and adapt.
Li Yu quietly watched this scene. Ren Huang’s ethnic groups have all turned into people now. Wang Ti’s blood is stronger, but it has become a second turn. There are three levels. At present, Hengyu has reached four turns alone.
All beings are getting more and more vigorous, and they are fed back from the reincarnation of all generations. He found that blood is not one-way, but two-way mutual benefit.
Just as he Heng Yu, who is stronger, is the source. The closer he is to the source, the stronger he is. Blood branches can also feed back the source, but many times the gap is too large to be significant.
If he hadn’t paid attention to it this time, he wouldn’t have felt the slightest growth, which seems to confirm that some strong people will choose to expand their ethnic groups and cultivate them, which is a continuous expansion and marriage
This is also a way of spiritual practice, but Ren Huang’s blood is more remarkable, or it is also his miraculous effect far beyond his blood.
There is a saying that the monarch, the minister, the father and the father, Ren Huang Road, are also highlighted here.
Gradually, the splendor of the world has ushered in a peak, and the imperial court experts have injected vitality into this life. Although they rarely compete for hegemony, each generation of outstanding people is still widely known.
"You haven’t exhausted your potential yet, so don’t sigh and continue climbing."
He looked at the reincarnation and walked out of several people, such as Emperor Tian, Hun Zhan and Qing Shi Gu Huang, all of whom were his followers for a long time. In the past, they all practiced Ren Huang’s evolution road and entered the level of being immortal, but there was still a long way to go before they became immortal.
While the tyrant Wang Jian, the king of God, has already gone through the cycle of jumping into the fairy land and gone through the experience.
After Li Yu gave the king’s blood to baptize and strengthen their foundation, they successively broke through the achievement of Xiandao fruit position in the long years; The speed of reincarnation is different. In one year, the outside world has been ten years, and this life has passed 50 thousand years. Their speed is not bad.
Wang Bo, the chaotic emperor, was avenged and killed the Buddha in secret. After some consideration, he chose to join the immortal imperial court to weigh the pros and cons. This is the best choice
Because he still wants to progress, he can’t touch it here.

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