Everyone tends to be warm on the one hand. Who told us that the former Qin Keqing people were so bad that everyone hated them? Not to mention that at the moment, she played like an enemy, and the sharp move that she couldn’t wait to ruin her warm appearance was even more unpleasant. Let’s say this is a discussion and exchange, so it’s good for you to vent your personal anger. It’s really immoral and rude!

It’s pity that Miss Wen’s family is so gentle and elegant, but she has to deal with it when she is entangled by a poisonous woman. It’s really a jealous beauty, and sentimental people have big brains.
Warm doesn’t know that she has been cherished by the audience. It’s not that she doesn’t want to fight back. It’s not yet time to be magical. Teach her this boxing method. It focuses on defending Rouge’s opponent. No matter how hard the attack is, she can easily resolve it. Even in the face of a very powerful expert, she has the ability to protect herself. This is also magical. The original intention of teaching her this boxing method is not to fight into a peerless expert, but to protect herself for a week.
She is consuming Qin Keqing’s physical strength. She has been given 20 years of skill by God, and she has the essence of last night and magical double cultivation. Her physical strength is endless and she is not afraid, but Qin Keqing can’t
In particular, it is faster for her to play like this.
Sure enough, ten minutes later, Qin Keqing was panting and sweating. Although the offensive was not reduced, her strength was already weak. On the contrary, the warmth was still light and never forced, which made people feel that she was actually dancing instead of fighting. Long sleeves eased and fluttered with the wind to write a romantic story.
From the recent tournament, Qi Nianmei kept clenching his fists nervously, and his eyes were not wrong. He also said to himself from time to time, "Why don’t you fight back when you are warm?" That woman is so cruel, isn’t she afraid of being scolded? This is a fight, not a revenge. What’s the fight? Ah, be careful. When will the discussion be over tomorrow? "
Next to Fu Yunyi, it is more worrying than her. He has been holding his breath. In fact, his mind is in a state of panic. Those calm analysis and judgments are gone. Only at this moment are nervous measures.
It is said that the authorities are a mystery to outsiders, but he has no idea that his soul has already flown to the scene to be entangled with her, and he can’t wait to resist each other’s attacks for her.
He secretly decided that he would never let her take part in such a thing again. Even if it was a shoo-in, he couldn’t stand the suffering and torture. He boasted that he was the most calm, but not for her.
The mobile phone in his pocket suddenly shook. He suddenly took it out and saw that it was a sacred number to pick up the nervous voice. "Big cousin, Warm will definitely win?"
Fu Yunyi doesn’t know whether he is comforting him or comforting himself. He is very firm and says "Yes".
The sacred did not breathe a sigh of relief, but asked, "Are you right?"
Fu Yunyi realized that "we were not …"
Divine interrupt "before is before, now is now. I’m not nervous when I didn’t hit you before, but now I’m in a mess, big cousin. Please heal me. My heart is jumping to 200 …"
Fu Yunyi took a deep breath. "Do you want to ask a magic?"
Behold, the holy one cried directly when he heard this. "Whoops, I just asked my third brother to call you."
"What did he say?"
"He said he didn’t know. Whoops, he didn’t even know. Then who knows?"
Section 434
After hanging up the sacred words, Fu Yunyi’s hands trembled uncontrollably. His consciousness clenched his mobile phone and his body tightened. He watched the fight still in full swing and became more and more calm.
Wu is also nervous and worried, but he is not as exaggerated as Fu Yunyi. He inadvertently turned his head and found that Fu Yunyi was pale and seemed to faint and busy holding his arm. "Fu Shao, are you okay?"
Fu Yunyi stiff shook his head and whispered, "Arrange your hands near here. Once you find something wrong, don’t try to save lives."
"Okay, I’m ready."
"You told the knights Fu Feng to let them come over for close protection."
"ah? Good ….. "Wu wants to say that he is not qualified to command the Knights. Isn’t this the time for you to do things yourself, Fu Shao? But he doesn’t ask the rickety figure of others after seeing his eyes.
At the same time, I was disappointed in my heart. Compared with their confusion at the moment, what is the admiration I once had?
Magic picked up another message at the moment. It was Zhou Hanhan. He was in a panic. He answered it without looking at the number. He put it in his ear, but he didn’t hear what the other party said until he lost his temper and shouted "Magic!"
The magic seems to be startled. "The grass is not deaf. What are you yelling about?"
Weeks without cold shortness of breath "not deaf? Do you know how many times I just called you? "
Magic guilty grunted, "I’m watching the fight. Can’t I get into it?"
Weeks without cold endure gas grind teeth "ok, you are very devoted, right? Then let me ask you something. Didn’t you say before that she could hit that woman? What will still be defensive? "
Magic sophistry "not yet!"
Weeks not cold take a deep breath two "I ask you her martial arts is you teach? Why don’t you teach her some real fighting skills and capture skills? What, she’ll defend? How can I fight like this? "
"What’s the matter with defense? Isn’t she well guarded? Even if you fight her, you can’t take advantage of it, you know? "
"But it’s hard for her to win!"
"You don’t understand this before. She can kill that woman even if she consumes it!"
"Are you? Will you still be nervous? "
"Who is nervous?" I don’t even admit it when I kill myself.
Weeks don’t cold exposed with a smile, "if you are not nervous, you will just see me and you can’t hear me?" This is not nervous? "
"It’s not that you wronged the old!"
Zhou Hanhan doesn’t want to pester him about this again. "I ask you again, can she beat Qin Keqing?"
Magic for a moment hesitate before oral cold beat way "forget it, you still don’t say your flying is very good, right? Can you fly from the VIP table to the scene to save people? You’re not afraid of losing face, are you? In case she is in danger, you will rush, right? "
Magic choked along while didn’t good the spirit way "tube you what matter? Salty radish is a light worry! "
Weeks cold silent for a moment faint way "tube my business you don’t nervous, then I’ll nervous her"
Smell speech magic immediately annoyed "no! Old is not dead yet! "
After yelling and hanging up, I called Sacred. Opening my mouth is "Eldest brother, you can stare at that uber flower and watch him worry about it. People in the imperial city have been calling me for a long time …"
The sacred interrupt choked and asked, "Can Warm Son fight?"
Magic "…"

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