Too Yi Dao, too easy to teach the ancestors, the golden light flashed in their eyes and their faces were hesitant. "Wonderful show?"

The word "wonderful show" when seeing this person flooded into the mind of Tai Yi’s ancestor for the first time.
"It’s really a wonderful show, and only a wonderful show can master such a strange magical power. I was a wonderful show before, but I never thought that I was wrong. Did Miao Xiu get rid of the Buddhist calculation after nine reincarnation and return from the fate?" Taiping’s ancestor’s voice is empty. "Even reincarnation is a wonderful machine. Even if a person is reincarnated for thousands of times, it will not change."
Chapter 1571 Fox God refined treasure
"wonderful show"
A strange mood rose in the hearts of the ancestors with their heads down.
"Don’t worry about Tongtian Road. Finding Miaoxiu is important. Miaoxiu this fellow is not a law-abiding person. Maybe when you don’t pay attention, you will find a lot of trouble for you. You should also pay attention to this matter." Too easy to teach your ancestors to keep their eyes open.
"It’s such a wonderful thing that you can’t relax at all." The cold light flashed in the eyes of Tai Yuan’s ancestor.
In the wilderness, the fox god in the aura column of the centipede bodhi old ancestor continuously absorbs the aura of heaven and earth, but after the transformation and compression of the Jiugong hexagram array, it is found that the illusory array and the five elements are actually circularly derived, and the illusory world has a trend of changing towards reality.
"Miaoxiu said to me at the beginning that there is really no mistake. I really want to plan Miaoxiu’s head to see what is inside Miaoxiu’s head. The calculation is so far-reaching that even if we wait for the strong, it is far less than that." Fox God is sycophantic and has big eyes. "Miaoxiu has to go to Tongtian Road in person. It is not necessarily that simple. I need to go there personally. It is good to play with Miaoxiu. I can’t all be monopolized by this little person. We have to share a piece of it." Fox God grinds his teeth and the illusory world evolves towards the real world,
The centipede bodhi old zu around the fox god secretly complained that the aura of heaven and earth in the aura beam was absorbed by the fox god, but he became a bystander and could drink some soup.
"Fox God, you will leave me some aura of heaven and earth." The centipede bodhi old zu muttered and complained.
"You old thing, don’t worry, don’t worry. Now the Terran is too easy, and the four elephants are all detached from the strong. If no one breaks through, we will be completely suppressed by the Terran, and the Terran will fight." The fox god stared at the centipede bodhi old zu.
The centipede bodhi old zu heard that he scratched his head. "It’s not that you took my aura from heaven and earth, but you have to help me with one thing."
"What is it?" Fox Shinto
"In those days, I didn’t know how to find Amitabha’s provocation, but I never thought that my eyes were completely dug by Amitabha, and the golden body could not be completed. I also asked the fox to help me seize those eyes." The centipede bodhi old zu said.
Fox God hesitated a little when he heard this, and then it took a while to figure it out. "It’s hard to say that this matter is easy and easy."
"What’s the explanation?" The centipede bodhi old zu one leng.
"Your eyes were given by Amitabha Sun Chi as a night bead, Amitabha’s strength is profound and magical, but it is impossible for me to wait for idle people. Even if I make a breakthrough, Amitabha is flat at best, but it is impossible to defeat Amitabha." Fox Shinto "But your eyes are good things. Amitabha refined Jin Lan cassock and refined one of your eyes into Jin Lan. You and I need that Tongtian Road to set doom to contain the explosive apes, and then put that Jin Lan.
The centipede bodhi old zu’s face lit up when he heard this. "In that case, let’s go and get my eyes back first, and don’t worry about the rest."
Fox God shook his head when he heard this. "It’s a long way to go. If you want to steal Jin Lan’s cassock, you need to think about it. Otherwise, it’s really troublesome to have a big cause and effect in the future."
At the thought of Jade Duxiu Fox God, I suddenly felt a palpitation. This fellow is really weird. Ten times in just five hundred years, reincarnation is bad. This last time, I can transcend reincarnation and turn people into reincarnation.
Moreover, when the wonderful show acted, the fox god kept thinking about deduction and always felt a smell of intrigue and intrigue.
"This matter is in no hurry. Go to Tongtian Road to find out the truth in person after the breakthrough." Fox God pursed his lips and closed his eyes.
Three days later, the fox god stretched out his palm and saw a green gourd being held in his hand.
The centipede bodhi old zu looked at the gourd and suddenly burst into retailing.
Fox God chuckled, "This demon sacrifice is very slow, and the flashes in the front seat suddenly flashed. It suddenly occurred to me that the way to speed up the sacrifice and recruit the demon sacrifice is to recruit the demon sacrifice successfully. My savage demon clan is immortal, facing the Terran Heaven, it will once again take advantage, so we can recruit and conquer the Terran at once and drive the Terran out of the middle domain."
"Now there are too many variables in the heavens and the world, and Tai Su’s attitude is that they don’t want to defeat the Terran, but it is extremely difficult. The only thing that makes people feel at ease is that the Buddhist forces of the Terran’s nine major goalkeepers have been uprooted and evil, and there will be a big war in the future. If the Buddhist in the heart of the gv 10 is friendly, it will certainly not help the Terran. If the war between the two families is worse, the netherworld will dare to divide its forces to help the Buddhist?" At this time, the centipede bodhi old zu turned into a fairy-like male fox god, silently concise with his real body, and all aura was given priority to the fox god
Fox God casually threw the innate Lingbao gourd into the Jiugong hexagram array. "In those days, this trick of sacrifice and refining was a wrong step. We shouldn’t lead the wolf into the room. We should put the wonderful show and true spirit into this trick. The wonderful show and true spirit suddenly disappeared from the demon’s banner. Now it is an opportunity to solve the hidden dangers. Maybe we can secretly restrain the wonderful show and call it stealing chickens and not eating rice."
Tongtian Road Jade Duxiu Rides a White Horse and Enlightens the Foremost Guide Pig Bodhisattva This fellow is holding a white horse and there is an extra figure behind it, dressed as a monk, carrying the burden.
"The origin of a palpitation and doom is hard to trace." Jade Duxiu took a deep breath and looked at the endless gathering of doom in the virtual world, and there was a flash of sadness in her eyes.
The pig bodhi old zu took the white horse in front and swore, "Teacher Sha, it’s a blessing that you can join the Buddhist scriptures team. Didn’t you just break a glass lamp? What’s the big deal? This fellow is too stingy to make a big deal out of it. I thought that my old pig was a marshal of Tianhe 100,000 Water Army, and he was loyal to this fellow. Didn’t he flirt with a teacher in Yuefang in the Heavenly Palace? I didn’t know what to do now if it wasn’t for Buddhist tuas’ enlightenment. Now I’m out of heaven, but I’m also relaxed and I’m going to the Xitianbao merit pool to wash and practice my old pig’s blood vessels. I’m bound to break through the quasi-realm in one fell swoop and call that dry heaven knows my old pig’s fierce. "
At this point, the pig bodhi old zu snapped his mouth and muttered a "pity."
It’s a pity that the bodhi old zu pig swallowed the innate water in the Dragon Palace in the cold of the four seas, and it’s really sweet that this happened before he could digest and transform his strength into a fairy.
If the pig bodhi old zu had listened to Jade Duxiu’s words and worked hard to cultivate a truly stable quasi-fairy realm, he would not have cast a pig fetus.
For the way to learn the scriptures, only the pig bodhi old zu vaguely knows that all this is behind the black hand’s constant push, even if he knows it, how can he? I don’t want to pretend that I don’t know that you gave the bodhi old zu a hundred guts, but he didn’t dare to say it, and he could suffer silently.
In front of Wu Wenwen, he said cheerfully, "I don’t think that dry day is easy for Buddhists to learn from, even it’s not that simple."
"Brother Murphy knows what scene?" Pig bodhi old zu Songgang rope gather together in the past.
"Go, go, you are too narrow-minded to know anything, and you won’t say anything." Now, I feel a little condescending before I feel in a good mood. I’m sorry that I learned my identity, and I also feel quite interesting. It’s also pleasing to the eye for the two younger brothers.
"The first commandment of Buddhism is not to talk nonsense." Jade Duxiu withdrew her mind and reprimanded the two of them.
Chapter 1572 Fox God transcends the heavens and fights.
The five mentoring people wobbled all the way, and the sand monk gained a little more popularity in the Buddhist scriptures team.
On the fourth day, the heavens and the earth suddenly shook, and a gorgeous aurora rose into the sky and shook across the virtual world.
Jade Duxiu read but saw a wisp of true spirit escape from the illusory dry Kun of the fox god and was instantly absorbed by the black lotus and disappeared into the black lotus.
"Oh, no, this time it’s too bad to underestimate this fox." Jade Duxiu’s frown is really in trouble this time
It is said that the fox god directly put the innate Lingbao gourd into the virtual world with its nine tails, and let the innate Lingbao gourd accept the training of Jiugong Gua array, releasing some of the powers of the recruiting demon and blessing it in Jiugong Gua array. This time, it is a big basket. Seeing that the fox god Jiugong Gua array is just a few breaths that have been mixed, nine tails have been refined and refined into the virtual world, and the fetal membranes are derived. The innate Lingbao gourd helps the stars, and the aura of heaven and earth seems to be full of the milky way, and it falls into its Jiugong Gua array instantly.
The formation of a small world represents the construction of the law skeleton, and the five elements of the law have been perfectly circulated. At this time, the small world echoes each other and is fed back and blessed by the small world. The melting speed is faster than imagined. The jade show is really hidden in the dark, and the demon is going to take the last chance to give the demon family a cruel enslavement. All the demon families launched a world war, but it was unexpectedly forced by the forces of the small world. At this time, the five elements of the small world are turbulent. The jade show is a true spirit, but if it is not paid attention, it will be enslaved by the fox world.
At the moment when the fetal membrane of the will world of the fox god was formed, it was already immersed in the interwoven derivation of the immersion law in the operation and evolution of the world.
The fox god has the heart to stop the jade show from leaving, but there is no extra power. All the power of the fox god is to maintain the stability of the world, and some power is to understand the quality of the world and constantly understand the laws of the world. If you miss this opportunity, you can start all over again.
Looking at the nine days, Yu Duxiu’s face changed. "Too soon, this time it was a mistake. I didn’t expect this fox to be so clever and find another way. I don’t know if this fox will ruin my plan."
Seeing this scene, many demon gods roared and shook the Milky Way, but they saw that many demon gods stood up and maintained the light beam to prevent many godfathers, the strong in the netherworld and the dragon king of the four seas from secretly making mischief and delaying the opportunity for the fox to preach the truth.
"It’s not just that the fox god promoted to the fox clan to recruit demon banners, but it has changed again. It’s really fierce. Now the demon clan’s recruiting demon banners is no longer in my Terran deity list, and I’m going to be at a disadvantage in the face of the wilderness." Too easy to teach my ancestors to hang their eyebrows.
"Interrupting her enlightenment can’t be called such a smooth breakthrough. Then how can my Terran be at peace?" Taiping’s ancestor turned the Taotao River into a river, and instantly hit the Xinghe Waterfall to break through the waterfall and block the water flow.
"Stop it."
Tiger God roars, roars, shows himself as a white tiger covering the sun, and grabs it to meet the long river of the character.
The white tiger’s paw was carbonized in an instant by the fine iron symphony, but the blow of flesh and blood rebirth again in a short time was a bad intention of the Taiping ancestor.
"Terran is dying", the snake god’s mouth slammed into Bing and swallowed it away.
"imperial map seal"
But I saw a drawing slowly stretching across the country like a picture, blocking the snake god’s big mouth, which was like a black hole and could not swallow anything.

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