The green light is intermittent on the ground, Yunfeng disappears with two guns, and in the dark sky behind the patrol at dusk.

Green light spans the sky.
A moment later, there was a roar after another.
Like the sound of the earth, like the cascade of tsunamis.
Tianyang’s heart felt something and looked up to see that the intermittent green light was growing and tilting from a beam of light to a frank green road!
At dusk, the figure of the patrolman exudes dim light and is passed and separated by this blue avenue.
Suddenly there was a sharp ugly cry at half-ring.
The original magnificent yellow light quickly faded, so Tianyang could finally see the true posture of the evening parade in the deep glory.
It’s like a woman wearing a long skirt, and the six-winged patrolman’s light retreats, and its body is actually a humanoid skeleton. One of the ribs has a bright yellow heart.
The heart encourages blood vessels and nerves all around, and they wrap around the skeleton and spread around.
There are no arms on both sides of the skeleton, and many nerves stretching from the heart are woven into the shape of wings. Those nerve lines just float and emit yellow light.
Some of its nerves and blood vessels weave a long floating semi-skirt to the waist of the patrolman.
Qingyi Avenue passes through the right side of the patrolman’s body and weaves two nerve wires on the side of the small half skeleton, and its wings are smashed and torn!
At this time, the layers of cascading roar finally synthesized a thunderbolt, and the huge sound waves resounded through the whole city, making Tianyang and others feel dizzy.
"Let’s go"
Yun feng yin lai
Tianyang discovered that the second young master’s specific physique had lifted the faint breath and the star aggregates were dim.
Now he’s afraid a few ghosts can kill him.
The shocking shot was so powerful that the patrolman’s twisting ability was destroyed without making it work.
However, the cost is also very high, except that it takes a while to prepare for the accumulation of energy, so that the star cloud is almost exhausted and falls into a weak period of 2 minutes.
This secret skill will bring great danger to Yunfeng if there is no companion or comrade-in-arms around.
Chapter 562 Green Day Road
Cloud home team evacuated along the street.
Yun Fengli will fight again after a blow, but there is still some mobile strength.
Now he is closely protected, located in the center of the team, surrounded by cold rain, several elemental hearts and a group of hunters, while the outer circle is the fortress and the rank of God of War.
Tianyang and Feiyuan are in charge of the rear of the house, and their melee ability is the strongest, which ensures that the team can move forward quickly without worrying about the future.
The evening patrolman didn’t chase after the big loss, but ordered the nearby dusk clan to hunt down this team.
Just like the night star said that the king’s guard was proud of his personality and was shot by Yunfeng. Are you willing to let it go? After a slight adjustment, he gave off a dim light and chased him back.
It is this evening that the light emitted by the patrolman has grown stronger and brighter in the early days, and that evening brilliance has shrunk by a circle. In the light, the body has not recovered to the state of missing less than half a skeleton and two wings, and it is floating and floating.
Moving behind the team, Tianyang suddenly felt a pressure coming back and looked back at his eyes. A dusk clan was rushing over. The teenager immediately stopped and released the crescent moon without hesitation.
Star aggregates consume pieces of gray-blue crescent moon like running water, resisting the dark people who rushed to them, polluting them with gray-blue and making them empty
Clear this piece of pursuer, and the sun flashes back. His speed is amazing, even if he doesn’t start the alien superior mobility, Fei Yuan can’t match it.
The miscellaneous soldiers who cleaned up the institute of technology took it over in a backward way. If Feiyuan was allowed to clean it up, it would take no effort, but he could quickly chase the team after cleaning it up like him.
Feiyuangong is mainly to clean up those middle-class black people who suddenly appear.
For example, screaming female demons, such as shapeshifters, are often hidden in miscellaneous soldiers and will cross the juvenile pursuit team when the sun intercepts them.
This time it’s Fei Yuan’s turn to make moves.
The two men cooperated with the method of constantly reducing the number of troops to stop them.
In the fourth round of alternate cover, the day after tomorrow, when masculine returned to the vicinity of the team, he felt that there was a dusk in front of him, and when he looked up, there were several black spots expanding rapidly in the yellow light.
"Look out!"
The sun warned and avoided the black spots, and it was not until the crystal matrix was tied at their feet that they found the feathers entangled by the warp of God.
Feathers fall from the sky, and these flying feathers appear from the dusk. The hand hair feathers of the patrolman hit the ground without explosion, and there was no abnormality, which instantly reminded Tianyang of another ability of the patrolman.
These feathers should be a gift from the patrolman. If they are hit, they will be rewarded and something will be returned to the patrolman at random.
Feiyuan’s posture is not as flexible as Tianyang’s. He dances with a huge sword and carries stars to form a frenzy. The sword wind blows those feathers off.

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