"It’s better to close your eyes and retreat here."

This slightly immature sound is extremely harsh in the boiling waves.
They looked down the source and found a child-like young man sitting quietly in it, and the wind kept him still.
This person’s lips are red, teeth are white, aura is compelling, eyes are sparkling, and there is an extraordinary arrogance and yang, which seems to be born by adhering to the heavens and the earth.
"Ruoyu Wang, what’s your opinion? Just say it! " Taishilin Liu’s eyebrows are slightly tilted like a knife, which seems a little unpleasant.
If we put it in the usual place, Wang Ruoyu, a four-fold little guy who is just beginning to quench his breath, can’t attract people’s attention. However, in the past year, everyone has been fighting in the purgatory world, but they have been defeated by their wisdom.
The gap between the names of the two men and the realm of strength was made up by the backwardness of the Qing Xuanmen.
She managed to gather the chaotic people’s hearts and make the scattered sand have a little cohesion. The other party’s lightness almost negated all her efforts. How can she get up?
After the words, Wang Ruoyu closed his eyes and seemed to be really in repose, keeping J and NG sharp and didn’t answer.
This is red luo naked contempt.
When did the little devil dare to despise the perfect quasi-avatar who quenched his breath?
Taishilin was angry, but she didn’t interrupt Yan Hong when she was born, so she promptly said, "Say it if you are stupid."
Hearing this, Wang Ruoyu smiled and slowly got up and acted extremely obedient. "The reason is very simple. There are two points."
"One of the nine underground magic emperors, Xiang Dong’s magic emperor ranks second to last, but after all, he is a great avatar in the fairyland, and he understands the laws of heaven. It is not for us who are quenching the gas to be cracked by the younger generation."
"Second, Taishilin, Ma Fengzi, Fang Tangjing, Wu Nayan and other outstanding core of Xiandao Magic Door are that unless there is something wrong with the cultivation of Xiangdong Magic Emperor, he will never dare to kill us unless he wants to trigger two world wars."
After Wang Ruoyu paused, he didn’t know whether he was thinking about others or thinking about his own words. Then he added, "If we have refined the converging attack method of war, there is still a glimmer of hope to break the cage. Now …"
He hung a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and he didn’t know whether he was laughing at himself or at Taishilin’s overreaching.
"That he put us in prison! You don’t think there is any plot in it? " Taishilin said bitterly with her teeth clenched
Wang Ruoyu blinked and cocked up slightly. "If what I expected is good, Xiang Dong’s plot is not us, but …"
"Ding Tian Mo Huang!"
Speaking of which, he hasn’t come yet, and a cold and overbearing voice rings directly in the hearts of many geniuses from outside.
"Cong, I’m curious. How did you guess?"
A perfect glowing Zijin se male suddenly appeared in the field of vision to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three The magic sword of God!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three The magic sword of God!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three The magic sword of God!
"… what you have plotted must be the triple God of purgatory and the treasure of Ding Monty’s imperial body."
Wang Ruoyu’s talk about Kan Kan is extremely obedient even in the face of such mystery.
This demeanor has made many young Toshiko who look down on him sit up and take notice and completely change his attitude.
It should be noted that the perfect Zijin Se Ze man in front of them is the double main building of the devil emperor who is the great avatar of the fairyland!
Don’t you see that Tai Shilin and Hong Ri, both of whom are quenched with gas, dare not speak freely under the pressure of the great avatar?
After listening to Wang Ruoyu’s remarks, he nodded approvingly at the corners of the mouth of the Magic Emperor in Xiangdong. "You are very clever, but you still guessed wrong."
"I don’t want Ding Monty, but someone else."
Dozens of young Toshiko in the field are all psychic people. Just after one or two breaths, they will straighten out the cause and effect and change their faces in succession, Se.
The nine magic emperors in purgatory are not monolithic. If they have any calculations, magic weapons, property and resentment, they can be resolved. However, if their lives are involved, it will be a big event.
Magic emperors kill each other and plunder the battlefield, which is by no means limited to purgatory. The heavy fighting will certainly extend to the ground, and no one in the whole meta-world can escape this catastrophe.

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