My heart is completely immersed in sadness.

Even after Wang Dalang fell into the hands of a bunch of white clouds, I was psychologically prepared that something would happen to Wang Dalang, but I can accept the fact at this time.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-four Dark
Biting my lip to keep myself from crying, I collapsed in my place.
When I was in tears, I remembered once again that my grandmother had told me that maybe one day all my close friends would leave me.
I can’t stop shaking my head and don’t want to believe that Wang Dalang is like this. From then on, I don’t want to think about whether Wang Dalang’s departure will make all the close people around me leave me for a start.
Grandma said at that time that the more people hope, the more we should cherish life. At that time, I felt heartbroken and deeply sad after hearing grandma’s words.
Now that I know Wang Dalang’s situation clearly, I know that the real experience of the death of my loved ones around me has hit me far more than my emotions at that time.
Indulge in your emotions and extricate yourself. I can’t hear what Dan Tai Li continues to say. My ears are full of Wang Dalang’s hearty laughter. Wang Dalang affectionately calls me a girl.
"Master me" I responded to Wang Dalang’s address to my girl. I couldn’t stand it any longer and always squatted and wailed.
I always know what it means to cry in a daze. I once again realized that when I saw Xie Yiming fall to the ground against Baiyingbi, I couldn’t feel the outside world anymore.
When I could feel the external situation again, I saw that Dan Tai Li was squatting in front of me with his eyes full of anxiety. I felt that he was shaking his hands on my shoulders and heard Dan Tai Li calling my name urgently.
I looked at Dan Tai without eyes, and my mood was still in marginal sadness.
"Xiao Ran, listen to me. I won’t let Wang Dalang die. I promise to give you a living Wang Dalang." Dan Tai has a loud voice.
Hearing Dan Tai Li’s assurance, I froze and tears continued to flow.
Dan Tai Li repeated his promise again, and then I suddenly woke up. Generally, I grabbed Dan Tai Li’s shirt collar and stared at his eyes. I couldn’t believe it. I asked him what he said.
The sense of distraction began to come back quickly, and I was surprised and flustered. I was surprised that Dan Tai Glass could give me such a guarantee, and I was flustered. Dan Tai Glass’s guarantee was purely to comfort me.
Dan Tai glass I grabbed his shirt collar and confirmed to him that what he said was really solemn, with a heavy expression and a nod. Repeat it for me slowly, he promised.
I was so excited that I didn’t know how to express my feelings at the moment when I got up from the ground and walked around the room.
Dan Tai glass also stood up from the ground and gave me a big hug and smiled and said that there should be a big hug here.
I ran to Dan Tai Li’s side and threw myself into his arms. I looked up at Dan Tai Li and said thank you for saying that I am very excited at this moment.
Dan Tai glass held my waist in one hand and put my messy cheeks behind her head in the other, staring at me with eyes full of pity and saying that he would do whatever he wanted me to be happy.
Dan Tai’s words made my excitement slow down a lot. I asked Dan Tai if someone whose head was cut off could be resurrected after death.
Dan Tai Li said that it is necessary to connect the fine blood vessels, flesh, bones and muscles at the junction of the head and the neck exactly, and then make the external force make the wound at the junction of the head and the neck recover after being connected, and the head can also be resurrected after death.
Dan Tai Li’s answer refreshed my complete understanding of the corpse in the method of resurrection after death. I said that it should be a big project
Dan Tai Li said with a low smile that no matter how big the project is, it is worthwhile to stop my tears.
Just then, the door was knocked from the outside, Dan Tai glass was loosened, and I held my hand to open the door. I saw the hotel receptionist coming over here.
Dan Tai Li, the front desk clerk of the hotel, opened the door and looked around the room, saying that many guests had just complained that our room was crying like a pig.
I glanced at me with a black line on my face. Dan Tai Li tried to smile and said to the clerk that we just watched the tragedy on our mobile phone, but the sound was a little loud.
After the clerk got Dan Tai’s answer, he told us not to disturb others’ rest, so he left Dan Tai Glass and laughed directly after closing the door.
Seeing Dan Tai’s smile, I sat back to the bed and called grandma and Jiubo respectively to tell them the good news. It’s all right if my master can come back to life again, isn’t it?
Grandma said happily over there that it was so hard to say that she had found the blind old man’s current specific address and would come to meet me when the nine-headed bird statue was solved.
Jiu Bolian said it was great, saying that I would like to thank Dan Tai Li for helping me.
Hang up, I hope that I have stopped laughing and sat cross-legged in another bed and started to heal myself. Dan Tai Li is full of gratitude.
Confirmed Wang Dalang’s situation, my heart was a little wider, and at the same time I began to worry about Wang Haowen’s situation, and my emotions began to track down Baiyun Zhonghe Bai Linger’s invisible paper man.
Wang Haowen feels indebted to Wang Haowen because I am suspected. I don’t want Wang Haowen to get into trouble because of this incident.
Lianke Stealth Paper Man: I know that just now, I received a call in Baiyun. The other party told me that Wang Dalang was forced to break into the prison in Baiyun, and all the people were killed and Wang Dalang was taken away.
After listening to what the other party said, Bai Yunzhong looked gloomy and asked the other party if Wang Dalang was dead or alive when he was taken away.
The other party told Bai Yunzhong that Wang Dalang had his head cut off by them before he was taken away, and then his face was slightly gloomy in Bai Yunzhong, and then he made the other party try to find out who had intervened in Wang Dalang’s affairs.
The other party should ask Baiyun whether to put the matter of tracing me on the agenda, and Baiyun said that it must be.
Baiyun confessed that the other party was disabled, but he had to be taken alive. I said that this was his only chance to get paper pie, and that if I died, I should send paper pie again.
The other party told me to take me alive again in the white clouds, and I hung up.
In the white clouds, his Dojo room is pacing behind his back for a while before calling Bai Linger. Ask Bai Linger if he wants to come to his place at the moment. If Bai Linger comes to his place tonight, he will bring those individuals suspected of leaking secrets with him.
Bai Linger said that he would take those suspects who had leaked secrets over now, hang up in the clouds and leave the living room on the first floor of the Dojo to sit and drink tea and wait for Bai Linger to arrive.
It wasn’t long before Bai Linger came to the first floor of the villa with Dojo in Baiyun with a dozen people.
In the white clouds, a gloomy face sat on the sofa and kept silent. A dozen people brought by Bai Linger stood in front of the white clouds and stared at the ground for silence.
Hao-wen wang is one of the dozens of people. I actually saw Lai Yuejing.
After Bai Linger brought people to this villa, she went straight to sit in the white clouds. Gherardini expression glanced at a dozen people standing in front of her eyes. Her eyes stayed the longest when Wang Hao was tattooed.
The silence lasted for a long time before opening your mouth slowly in the white clouds is to let the leaker automatically step out, saying that if the leaker automatically steps out, he can implicate his family.
A dozen people in front of the white clouds in the pestle didn’t move. Half a minute, the white clouds picked up the cups in front of them to drink tea, then narrowed their eyes and repeated the previous words.

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