"Swallow some B-wood dust and then transform. Look at this appearance. Wait a day or two and the gourd will be transformed."

"Not the kui is a fairy tale good baby …" Baiyun Tower is not out of praise.
This seems to say that Xiaohua Ling’s heart was delighted at once, and his eyebrows were smiling and little wings flapped more briskly.
Zhao-yang Xia satisfactorily replied, "Yes, this wishful bead is really getting worse and worse. It also collected all the sticks of the big black fox demon and remembered that the big demon wanted to laugh at that time …"
Think of the thunder gourd and immediately turn it into a dark staff.
"I haven’t tried this stave after I’ve collected it. The black fox demon is so mean …"
Speak Zhao-yang Xia raised my hand to the dark staves caught in the past.
In the middle of a grasping stave, a strong wind suddenly bursts out from the grip of hands.
Chapter six hundred and fifty White jade staves
Qi Qi explodes the little flower spirit and is instantly blown away, but the reaction is that when passing by the little master, he slightly adjusts his body shape and grabs the little master’s hair and swings directly behind him to hide.
The relatively close hill was suddenly blown away by nearly half.
Xia Chaoyang has fairy clothes to protect his body, and the fairy light naturally reveals the influence of strong wind on his hair.
Oriental Ziyan is even more hindered by the wind, and it is eliminated by slight fluctuations as soon as it is close to the wind.
A little gust of wind and white cloud tower will not be seen by the wind, except for a little hair that blows with the wind, and even the sword in the sword field has not been released
After all, Bai Dazhao is also a yogi now.
I recalled the half-tea set that was blown away, and the tea liquid fell back on its own. Everything in the teapot was restored to its original state. Only then did I look at the staff in my sister’s hand.
The black gas of the black wood stave dispersed from the middle of the stave and finally turned into a glittering and translucent white jade stave.
Just now, it should be the difference of Tao that causes repulsion. The immortal light of Yi Mu forcibly dispels the residual evil spirit and restores the stave phase.
"This should be the heart of the sacred tree. No wonder that the sacred tree desperately condenses crystals and doesn’t want to be refined by the big demon. It’s cheaper. Sister Chaoyang is good …"
The little flower spirit dances around the white jade staff, and the more you look at it, the more satisfied you are.
At this time, the fat rabbit with long ears bounced out from behind the gauze screen, and the tips of its claws were covered with blood, but a frosty fairy fruit was in its mouth.
Seeing that everyone wants to see himself, it seems that the long-eared fat rabbit’s ears have a vertical demon force to urge the blood to dissipate immediately.
It was a thick and strong green light that hit the long-eared fat rabbit halfway through the line, and it fell to the ground on the spot and twitched all over.
"Er … Xiao Xun is injured … pool, I want to treat her …" Looking at Lopunny’s sad appearance, Xia Chaoyang said with a white jade stave.
"The increase is nearly times … this staff is really extraordinary." Xiaohua Ling couldn’t help but exclaim.
Zhao-yang Xia smell speech is not from one leng immediately also white to come over and didn’t tube the convulsion Lopunny delighted to look to the hands of white jade staves.
"With this staff hand XianShi not dragon can also be very severe …"
Speak with a wave of his hand, lift the staff and swing a green vine, and suddenly lean out from the head of the staff and plunge into the ground beside Lopunny.
The smooth bluestone ground was instantly broken, and the strong wind gravel turned the Lopunny belt over twice.
Zhao-yang xia hands staves can not help a stiff "power is too much to confiscate …"
Then the green vine slowly leaned out of the rattan net and gently took Lopunny to the front of the three.
There was a flash of white mountain in Lopunny, and a tingle turned up.
Is this Baiyun Tower convulsing endlessly or sending a small shower to relieve one or two?
However, it can be seen that Xia pool is too strong to cast evergreen this time. Even after getting up, Lopunny is still a little confused.
Zhao-yang Xia stretched out his hand and picked up the small conveniently quickly put away the white jade staves.
"What happened to Xiao Xun? Didn’t the ice in the backyard disperse?" Looking at Lopunny convulsions didn’t let go fairy fruit Baiyun tower asked doubtfully.
This Zhu Guo is still wrapped in a thin layer. Xuan Bing has just been tossed by Lopunny for a long time and there is no Explosicum.
Always smiling at the tea, Ziyan replied, "It should be caused by the cold when the martial sister Yaochi in Qingchi realized the true meaning of Xuan Bing. When Chaoyang came over, the Lingcao fairy fruit around Yaochi had been frozen again."
"This morning, the elder martial sister woke up with an epiphany and said that this layer of Xuan Bing has sealed the medicine of these fairy grasses but will not affect their growth."
"This extremely thin layer of Xuan Bing is not the original seal. Ordinary monks then can disperse it at will …"
"Elder martial sister should have told Xiaoxun when she saw Xiaoxun’s thoughts and came up with Yaochi Wonderland that if she wanted to eat, she had to work hard on her own. In this case, it would be difficult for us to intervene too much."
Xia Chaoyang couldn’t help but pick up the words and said, "Xiao Xun seems to have increased his confidence after being baptized by the big teacher elder sister again, and he struggled with this Zhu Guo early in the morning and was finally tossed."
"Very good, my younger brother Qingyun has to have this kind of will to fight." The Baiyun Tower is very praised, and he also raised his hand and scratched Lopunny Feiba to take away Zhu Guoxuan’s ice.
Praised by the big brother, touched by the big brother, Lopunny Xiaoxun immediately got carried away, which made Xiaoxun even more carried away with Zhu Guo in his mouth.
The cold breath in the mouth suddenly disappears, and the taste of fairy fruit is better than that of sweet juice.
"Ah, it seems that Xiao Xun is dizzy …" Zhao-yang Xia felt that Lopunny was paralyzed in his arms and his rabbit’s eyes turned a little startled.
"It should be that Zhu Guo’s delicious food will be found … sweet and dizzy, so it’s good to sleep." Baiyun Tower said with a smile as soon as it was telepathic.
"Don’t worry about the little flower spirit. You go ahead …"

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