The green brilliance brewing in the sky constantly plunders the vitality of all beings rather than the vitality of jade alone.

"Hung-chun dies" Tai Huang’s ancestor sold a khaki pearl and called Yu Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu’s left foot turned yellow, and the khaki pearl was caught in an instant, and then the seal was thrown into the world by the fine rune circulation.
In a blink of an eye, another combat power was damaged.
"Hung-chun fate! This combat power is against the sky! " Twelve fiends feel their hearts tremble.
At this moment, SIRS demon gods withdraw their magical powers and assist the sky to kill Jade Duxiu Town.
"It’s no wonder that you wait for yourself to die." Jade Duxiu’s knife light flow is chopping away at the oncoming explosion ape.
The explosion of the ape shattered Yu Duxiu with one blow. Yu Duxiu wondered, "Is the law of force really that strong?"
"Hung-chun, stop it." The ape looked ugly and looked at Yu Duxiu. "I don’t want to be your enemy, but I can’t watch you do this sin."
Jade Duxiu looked at the explosion ape and looked weird, then his left hand instantly melted the sky and greeted the oncoming elephant god.
Looking at the head-on sky like a god, I suddenly changed my face. I am definitely no match for heaven.
At this time, the practice of the sky has been completed, and the vitality of the world has gathered in the sky from all sides, turning a vague seal into a jade show to suppress it.
"Good malicious! You say that I am vicious, but I don’t know how many times you are vicious than me. Today I am bound to kill you. "Looking at hundreds of millions of beings in the world, Tonghua’s bones are stunned and the jade show is furious."
"Want to kill me after this recruit to say again" sneer at the sky.
The vitality of hundreds of millions of beings, even at this time, is better than jade, and they have to retreat. After all, their blood has not been melted for five days.
The reorganization of God Jade constantly deduces and perfects all kinds of flaws of Jade Unique at this time to eliminate hidden dangers.
In the face of a blow to the sky, Jade Duxiu is not stupid enough to be hard-wired.
Jade Duxiu avoided a blow to the sky and cut it down towards Tiger God.
"Roar" Tiger God roars, but somehow it is also detached from the strong. Non-strong people are more entangled than incredibly jade solo killer. At this time, the air attack has arrived.
Yu Duxiu’s eyes are full of pitfalls. He glanced at the Terran ancestor and instantly abandoned the brocade. He reappeared and came to the grandfather’s side. "The treacherous generation should be cut to pieces."
"Godfather!" Everyone exclaimed.
The original king raised his pike and greeted Yu Duxiu with a cold light flashing in his eyes. "Die!"
Jade Duxiu’s long knife in his hand and his right hand instantly melted the five sides for five days and five fingers. Weili brewed, "It’s impossible to slay you only by God’s will."
Words fell on Taizu’s shocked eyes. Five directions and five days struck Taizu’s pike, and then Jade Duxiu’s hand was like a knife. In a flash, Taizu’s body was cut off. I don’t know how many times it was cut back and forth, but Lingbao broke into pieces and fell into the world.
"Godfather!" Taidao’s brother Qi Qi mourns the world and sheds blood and rain.
"I’ll fight with you." In the sky, the face was crazy, and the eyes were murderous.
At this time, it seems that all beings dominate the heavens and the earth and want to exclude themselves.
Looking at this time, Chaotian Jade Duxiu suddenly has some inexplicable thoughts, "Chaotian is really not simple."
"whoosh!" Jade Duxiu single-handedly cut out the cause and effect, and all the methods were instantly torn to the sky, taking a step toward the blockade, waving a long knife and turning towards the opposite twelve fiends.
Twelve fiends are the goal of jade show!
Twelve fiends’ fighting power is really beyond the expectation of Jade Duxiu.
"I’ve been waiting for you here for a long time." Like a god, there is a jade show in front of me, and hundreds of millions of elephants are flashing, breaking the virtual place and changing the virtual place.
Without the law, the strength of the five parties and five days is greatly weakened, and the fate of the jade show is greatly weakened.
However, a good jade show does not depend on God’s will for five days.
"Doom transfer" Jade Duxiu looked dull and looked at the elephant god’s attack. He didn’t hide or flash. With the elephant god’s attack, he fell to his heart. Then Jade Duxiu pinched the doom in his hand and instantly fell to the elephant god.
What’s it like to punch yourself?
Flying like a god will not kill you, but this blow is absolutely uncomfortable.
Jade Duxiu took the opportunity to pursue the knife in his hand and flashed into the elephant-like body, constantly slaying the elephant-like insect.
At this time, the pursuit of the sky came to one side, and the strong men also pursued it. They did not consider slaying the elephant god Jade Duxiu, but they could stop attacking everyone.
"Hey!" For a moment, jade alone took a step of providence, such as a knife, put away the palm of your hand, and instantly came to the sky for five days, and fell behind the altar.
A hole in the white jade altar that spurted blood into the sky was punched out by Yu Duxiu.
"Very fierce" sky eyes flashed with a horror.
"Go to hell!" Too many stars smashed in the hands of Godfather Tai Dou.
"You want to die, you will become you." Jade Duxiu abandoned the sky and looked at Taidou’s ancestor. He stretched out his palm and turned his long knife into a knife again. He was pinched and evaded Taidou’s ancestor’s blow and came to the front of Taidou’s ancestor.
"Not good!" Tai Dou’s ancestor knew with horror that it was not good, and he immediately tried to escape.
Jade Duxiu’s long knife shot into the poor universe of Taidou’s ancestor, and saw Taidou’s ancestor scream and fall into the clouds without a trace.
Chapter 23 trinity blow out the world
Jade Duxiu punched through the altar in the sky and called the sky to spit out a mouthful of golden blood with a jerk.
Looking at the pledge, the cold light flashes in the eyes of the axe jade show, and the fate is like a knife. Looking at the flaw of the fiend, it hits the flaw of the fiend array.
Like a sudden cassette disk, the twelve fiends’ large array was broken down by Jade Duxiu, and saw a mighty force. The large array saved twelve fiends’ method to run the large array, and immediately scared twelve fiends to escape from the large array.
A loud noise rocked the star, and half of the star was broken out by the twelve fiends, and the power was broken down and instantly fell. I don’t know how many beings were buried in the wild earth.
"Good terrorist strength" Jade Duxiu was rocked thousands of miles away, and the strong ones felt bad. They were shattered, fell into the wild land, and were thrown out of the world into chaos.
This suddenly called star burst accelerated dozens of times.
Listening to the cries of all sentient beings in the world, Jade Duxiu sighed gently, "Life and death are disillusioned. Everything is a phase, and death is a phase. Your life and death are just classified as chaos. In the future, heaven and earth will only reappear in a different form."
Looking at the people being thrown away, the jade show, the palm of your hand, an elongated knife, suddenly emerged in your hand and went after Tai Huang’s ancestor.

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