Wu Zhe’s excitement was suddenly wrapped in this group of beetles and flew far away.

I don’t know when Dan Jiuyehua, a beetle-eater, has lost its pure beast, and a practitioner’s virtual shadow suddenly appears.
Wu Zhe heart horse took out the objective lens.
"After the death of the strong, there is a spiritual sea of a practitioner."
"Spirit is empty, spirit is sea?" Wu Zhe was startled to see the introduction of the spirit just now, but only the practitioners of Ophiopogon japonicus can broaden the spirit sea. Wu Zhe wondered to himself, "Can the practitioners protect their spirit sea after they die?"
That’s all for the introduction of the objective lens. Wu Zhe went to the news area to see the introduction of Spirit Sea.
"The spirit of cultivating Ophiopogon japonicus is a kind of spiritual power, which reflects that people die like lights. The natural law of spirit is preserved, but just like the monster beast, it reaches the yellow order. The monster beast can still live without the beast Dan, and the practitioner can create a spiritual sea in his mind, and the spiritual sea will turn into a virtual shadow. The practitioner who is weaker than his own spirit will be able to take possession and regenerate.
(Note that this rule is that the dragon will seize other players or np with the np special player method in the world, but the player has a great chance of being seized by np, and after being seized, the player will die and be reborn.)
Another possibility is that those practitioners who have refined and refined the natural materials and treasures that can increase their spirit will leave the natural materials and treasures in their minds if they are not destroyed after their death. When someone regains this natural material and treasure, the previous practitioners can also invade the spiritual sea to seize the body! "
Wu Zhe was shocked in his heart. I didn’t expect Liu to set up such a game. Fortunately, players have a news area to ask and search. If he is not very cautious, players or some np will be reborn when they encounter such a thing.
16 Lingmai Spring Water
Light blue Guanghua spirit virtual shadow can’t feel the surrounding creatures, and then slowly retreat back to Jiuyehua, and Jiuyehua keeps trembling slightly as if it were angry!
Wu Zhe looked down and saw that there were no less than 20 skeletons, practitioners and monster beasts in Jiuyehuafang, which was previously covered by Guanghua. Wu Zhe didn’t see it clearly.
I don’t know if there is the thief willow who made a lot of noise in these dead bones. He died here, but the nine-leaf flower and his spiritual sea were preserved. Instead of taking the practitioners around him, did he kill them?
Wu Zhe couldn’t help but see that Jiuyehua was quiet over there and was being eaten by beetles and flew to a small corner around.
The closer you get to the corner, the more obvious your previous strong and pure physical feeling becomes.
Is there any pure beast Dan?
In front of Wu Zhe, there is a circle of shimmering natural spring water gathering place. The spring water is pure and visible to the naked eye. There is a surge of energy in the spring water. It seems that someone deliberately built an earth-rock fence so that all the springs can gather together to take a bath and soak in water. Wu Zhe thought, should this be the place where willows take a bath? But the longer you stay here, the more physical energy you feel. Is it physical strength that flows in these springs?
Suddenly, several biting beetles jumped into the spring and carried out a pure beast Dan, and several biting beetles carried out an evil beast Dan from the ground and threw it into the spring.
Although these beetles were controlled by Wu Zhe, Wu Zhe didn’t order them to do things, they would still do the process that was previously arranged, but now the pure beast Dan carried out by the beetles has not been put over to Jiuyehua, but handed it to Wu Zhe.
Wu Zhe this just calculate white all willow means here.
Here, Liu set up a bureau to wait for the practitioners to enter randomly, and then he ate beetles and sent the practitioners to the front, choosing his own practitioners to seize their homes and regenerate.
It was Liu who never thought that there were beetles in his beetle-eating group that mutated and evolved, and a rare body emerged, which contained a heavenly beetle-eating beetle
Over the years, the beetle-eater has been following the orders of his previous owner to do the things assigned to him. As soon as this beetle-eater appeared, King Lishan controlled most of the outer circles to wander and eat beetles.
It should be that the heart of the beetle is also afraid that the previous owner never entered the outside of the Ministry and turned the practitioner and monster beast into their own delicious food.
Liu has never met a practitioner and a monster beast who came here for so many years. Wu Zhe is the only practitioner who came in. Liu Spirit also has his own hole. What’s the problem? It’s reassuring to see another practitioner coming in. But he didn’t want to take possession of him after seeing Wu Zhe’s physical condition. Why don’t you know that the practitioner didn’t greedy and took nine leaves, but harvested the pure beast Dan next to him?
There are 100 ways for the practitioner to touch the nine-leafed willow to make the bones turn to death. But if the practitioner doesn’t touch the nine-leafed willow, there is really no way to watch Wu Zhe move all the pure beasts. Dan Liu’s heart drops blood and bites his teeth. He wants to take possession of it, but he didn’t think that he ate beetles … and actually helped this man avoid his own thoughts of taking possession of Liu …
Wu Zhepei Liu took out the objective lens at the same time and shone it on the spring in front of him.
"The pure energy of heaven and earth in Lingmai spring has the effect of purifying evil things. Practitioners practice in spring water with twice the result with half the effort."
"Lingmai spring water?" Wu Zhe startled the horse and searched the news area again.
Lingmai Spring does have the effect of dispelling evil spirits, but it will take a long time. This small pool of water will definitely be slower. Seeing the news area saying that Lingmai Spring is good for practitioners, there is no harm. Wu Zhe undressed and soaked himself in the spring.
As soon as I was wrapped by the vast energy of heaven and earth, I felt comfortable all over, and I needed to exercise my body. Hundreds of millions of pores relaxed every inch of blood and flesh independently, and every cell rejoiced, and my physical fitness increased rapidly.
Very rich and pure energy of heaven and earth. Wu Zhe was overjoyed. He sat cross-legged and started to work like a whale absorbing water and swallowing the energy in the spiritual vein spring.
Wu Zhe said, "Thief really found a good place to practice three hundred years ago. No wonder it can be practiced in thirty years to the point where all major doors are helpless. It turns out that there are not only nine leafflowers to help control the beetles, but also this spiritual spring? It’s strange that the former keeps the body while the latter keeps the body and has two big treasures.
Wu Zhe no longer wants to close his eyes and meditate and practice! He didn’t notice that the badger’s pen and blue beard dived into the spring early and chewed it …
Physical fitness will be full in a minute. This time, I am not afraid of the black mass in the middle of the body. When I am full of physical fitness, I will keep helping to absorb the longan stone in my chest. It seems to be very disgusted with the black area grabbing physical fitness with myself and actually quickly absorbing the physical fitness in Wu Zhe’s body …
At that time, Wu Zhe actually felt that his physical fitness was not enough to make him dizzy.
Physical exhaustion?
Wu Zhe wondered what happened to Blackie and Beetle-eating. Are you hungry? I can’t afford you to eat like this …
You have to eat a few animal Dan to increase your physical strength. When Wu Zhe touched Gan Kun to quit, he chose pure animal Dan. When he caught it, he was a few purple pure animal Dan.
For the first time, Wu Zhe felt that there was little difference between pure beast Dan and evil beast Dan, but his physical fitness increased rapidly …
For more than a month!
Wu Zhe’s practice of forgetting himself and opening his eyes when he didn’t notice it directly kicked him out of the game.
present world
As soon as he left the game, Wu Zhe heard the door knocking at the door.

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