"You this child must you scold your wife I can’t say"

"Mom, he’s fierce and always bullies me." Sue took the opportunity to tell on her love affair and tried to distract Wenyiting.
Sure enough, Wen Yiting listened to Sue’s sweet nothings and stared at Liu Yichen. "This is how you take care of your daughter-in-law, is it itchy?"
Sue couldn’t help laughing. It’s hard to imagine Liu Yichen being beaten as a child.
Liu Yichen some embarrassed busy end up a bowl of porridge.
Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law smiled at each other, and the expression was consistent with that of Liu Yichen.
Lu Yichen went to the company after breakfast.
Sue changed her clothes in the evening table. Wen Yiting said quickly, "Let the driver take you to the evening. It rained a little last night and the road was a little slippery."
"No, Mom, I’ll … I’ll drive myself." How can the driver follow her to Hongyuan Company?
"But …"
"Mom …" Sue’s late affection took Wen Yiting’s arm. "Aileen and I grew up together in an orphanage. I don’t want her to see me being picked up by a driver back and forth for fear that she would feel uncomfortable."
Wen Yiting understood and nodded and patted her on the back. "They are all poor children."
Sue’s eyes were sour and hoarse, and she said, "Mom, I’m leaving."
"Be careful"
"Got it, Mom."
Sue wan Qing picked an ordinary car in the garage and drove out of Lu Zhai towards the elevated road.
Did you stay up late? Baby brushes are a surprise. Haha, today is Christmas. I can’t help posting at the first time. Today must be fun. Of course, remember to see Dutch later.
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After the car got on the elevated road, Su Qing played navigation to find out the address of Hongyuan Company.
It was just after nine o’clock, because it was raining last night and it was winter. It was rare for an elevated car to pass by occasionally.
Sue’s late love will step on the gas pedal and the car will pass by.
After more than two hours, Sue entered G City and Hongyuan Company went all the way according to the navigation car in the suburbs.
When the car entered a road, it was like entering a dead end. Sue walked back and forth with her car several times, but she still couldn’t find Hongyuan Company.
The navigable display is right here
Park your car on the side of the road. Looking around the road, you see a figure coming over. Before running, "Sister, do you know where Hongyuan Company is?"
Elder sister shook her head and left.
Sue was disappointed. How could she not be?
Did she ask the wrong person?
But it’s on this road. How could I not know?
After waiting for about five or six minutes, another figure finally came over.
"Uncle, do you know where Hongyuan Company is?"
Uncle from the bike to see the eye Sue late love "you are not a person? Listening to you, are you from other places? "
Sue shook her head at night. "I’m not here. I’m Uncle Linshi. Do you know where Hongyuan Company is?"
"Just ahead" Uncle pointed to the end of the road.
Sue looked in the direction pointed by her uncle. "I just looked for it and didn’t see any office building?"
"Hongyuan Company is not an office building, but a factory material factory," Uncle explained.
"Oh, well, thank you, uncle."
After saying thank you, Sue got sentimental about the car, restarted the car and headed for the end of the road.
Sue’s car is slow and she’s afraid of missing it.
Finally, I saw a sign hanging next to the gate of a semi-old factory with a small face saying Hongyuan Materials Co., Ltd.
Sue was so busy that she parked her car on the side of the road and walked to the gate, which knocked on the door and looked out of the glass.
The glass was pushed out of the face of a middle-aged man in his fifties. It seems that he is a janitor.
"Uncle, I’m looking for Boss Jia."
The man said impatiently, "The boss is not here."
"Do you know where the boss Jia went? When will you be back? I came from other places to look for him. "
"I don’t know" the man threw out three words coldly and gave the window.
It’s been almost a year since Sue got back to the car and waited to take a look at her wrist. It’s estimated that she will go to dinner at this time.
There was a rumbling in my stomach, and Sue felt her belly, and then there was a rumbling.
Flat, flat mouth, take out your mobile phone from your bag and look at it. It’s long gone.
I forgot to charge it last night.
Sue is a little anxious about her late feelings. Without her mobile phone, Liu Yichen will definitely call her, and then she will be anxious if she can’t get through.

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