Le Yang Tian looked at Wen Leyang dumbfounded and shook his head impatiently. "More than 2,000 years ago, three ancestors went out of the same school and their big brothers swept away to practice witchcraft. The second brother continued to refine resin figurines and the younger brother was proficient in poison."

Liu Zheng shout shout low wonder "five elder brother is vegetable altar brother refining resin evil spirit? No wonder it’s so powerful! "
The younger brother’s vegetable altar Tuo obliquely protected the raccoon dog and fought a shocking battle with a group of top experts.
Master elder brother swept away the witchcraft and even the broken cone was resurrected by him.
How can the second brother continue to refine the corpse evil spirit?
Le Yangtian ignored Liu Zheng, the small head of the company, and sighed from the side. "Why don’t you Tuoxie people know anything!"
Wen Leyang said that our grandmaster didn’t come and said anything, so he led the thunder and fled.
From the root, the painting city brother, Hiderigami’s five elder brothers and their extension disciples are all of the same origin, which can also be regarded as the painting city of the same school. They have just killed the hundred monks by singing a witch outside, and they don’t know what spell has outweighed the three real people’s spiritual knowledge. One shot broke his title, and these powerful means can never be faked. Brother Hiderigami, not to mention that he is brother Tuoxie, who personally refined the corpse and fought against the hidden sword fairy heaven and the seventy-two sword statues of Kunlun Road with one human power.
For a long time, Wen Leyang has always put the killing demon and picking up Brother Yuan on the opposite side. Secondly, because the jade knife wrapped around the ring once said that Grandmaster Tuoxie had a big fight with the demon hunters to save him. If they killed the demon hunters, they should all be enemies of Tuoxie.
Now I know that Brother Hiderigami is of the same ancestry as him … Should he be considered a granduncle? If so, the original guess and estimate will be all messed up.
The resurrection cone entrusted by the ancestors of Tuoxie is naturally a large array of monsters in Heibai Island. But Hiderigami’s elder brother Wu’s affection is to kill the demon and nourish Liu Xiang’s evil soul. The former is to suppress Liu Xiang and the latter is to keep Liu Xianggen, that is, one black, one white, one positive and one negative …
In addition, knowing that grandmaster was also a poison, witch and corpse in those days, Wenleyang was not white after his own practice, but grandmaster finally brought the prey and the lost collar together, and it was not so good to draw a picture of the city gorilla waving his hand without leaving a friar in the scenic zone, and thousands of witch brothers were almost ruined by a dirty banshee; The fifth brother of Hiderigami has a clear tongue and can do business by himself against the property of Kunlun Daobu. Raven Ridge has just developed a newly-produced corpse, which is rusty and slow, and can’t talk. Occasionally, he giggles, not to mention that the corpse raised by Tuoxie people is really full of strength.
Wen Leyang suddenly found himself digressing, and quickly dragged his thoughts back and followed the topic just now to continue asking, "I won’t ask you what you know if you have something to do with Grandmaster Tuoxie, why don’t you just say it yourself?"
His mind was full of confusion, and no matter how he asked, he felt that something was wrong. Stupid people simply had a stupid idea. They didn’t ask, let Leyang sweet talk, but Wen Leyang didn’t finish his words and found out whether it was Liu Zheng or Leyang sweet, including his two older disciples. They all looked solemn and looked out.
The house was forbidden by the Leyang Sweet Witchcraft Law. You can hear and see the outside, but people outside can’t see it at all. Just now, many people in this house were busy walking around to investigate the scene and ask for transcripts, but now it’s all quiet. Whether it’s the police or the city students, it’s as silent as death.
Wen Leyang quickly jumped up and stood side by side with Liu Zheng. "What’s going on?"
Liu Zheng shook his head. "Once it’s over …"
Liu Zheng the words sound just fell and a familiar sound solemnity sounded in the room "Kunlun Road is like this in Five Blessingg friendship? I "
Liu Zheng, the small head of the store, paused for a moment and then screamed "Impossible!"
Wen Leyang also reacted to who the sound belonged to and stared at Liu Zheng. "Didn’t you say he was killed?" After saying his word, his voice suddenly broke, and when he came from the outside, he suddenly made a ripple, and then boom, and the smoke screen that Le Yang Tian arranged outside the house had been washed away.
Peng, one by one, the head was almost smashed, and the body was thrown in front of them. The body was thick and strong, and the arm was thicker than the average person’s waist. It was a real person.
Small owners Liu Zheng immediately pointed to the body "and see if it is dead! I saw him shot with my own eyes! "
Wen Leyang looked at the body and smiled bitterly. "Who is the speaker outside?"
Just now, the new sound was impressively the real person of Sanwei, the head of Goose Sheep Road, but the body of Sanwei was in front of everyone.
Liu Zheng returned his hand to hit his backpack and handed the big horn to Wen Leyang. At the same time, he walked over and exhaled. "Which fairy is outside?"
"Being original and having three flavors!"
Liu Zheng and Wen Leyang looked at each other, and it turned out that the outsiders were goose and sheep, and the real person continued to ask with a wry smile, "Who is the fairy in that room?"
Sanwei Road outside seems to hesitate for a while before answering "him? Count me in! "
Wenleyang didn’t understand that Liu was thinking about it for a while, and it seemed that he suddenly thought of a possibility, and his face suddenly turned pale!
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Chapter 21 Sanwei
Tall and fat Leyangtian went to the door and looked out with a smile. Hehe asked, "Where are you?" Why don’t you come? " Tone again in Beijing dialect that can’t erase the frivolous.
As he spoke, he pulled out a mobile phone from his fat trouser pocket, and his thick fingers were more flexible than pressing text messages.
It was quiet outside, and the real person didn’t talk again.
Liu Zheng, the small head, squatted down and tore off the corpse clothes, then frowned for a moment and then flashed two charms. After muttering a few spells in his mouth, he suddenly exclaims, "The law is overwhelming!"
Two pieces of paper shook in half a mile, but they refused to fly out, as if they could not find their prey. The falcon was dazed and impatient, shaking its wings.

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