"Lazio listed Motta for some reason, which caused the whole European football to plunder. Of course, now it seems that Manchester United is the best hope! They are willing to pay 30 million for Motta. How many players can refuse Manchester United’s call? "

"Our reporter interviewed Lazio coach Chang Sheng and admitted that he did receive an inquiry from Manchester United about Motta …"
It is easy to watch the news that Motta is approaching Manchester United step by step.
This makes it possible for Paris Saint-Germain to negotiate with Lazio first …
Paris Saint-Germain is still hesitating whether it is worthwhile for a substitute to pay 20 million euros.
As a result, as soon as Manchester United made a move, they didn’t think about it.
First of all, Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, is a super leader in the coaching world. They are all willing to pay Motta 30 million, so Motta is worth the price.
Secondly, who is more attractive than Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain?
It’s obviously Manchester United
On money Paris Saint-Germain has money.
But the attraction of the club is not about how much money it has.
Manchester United are real giants, and their number of fans ranks first in the world for a long time, and their name tag value ranks among the top three in the world football field.
Paris Saint-Germain, then why fight with others?
The only thing they can do now is to get Lazio to promise their family, so Motta doesn’t even have a choice …
I have to say that Paris Saint-Germain is much better than Arsenal.
At this time, cazorla went to Chelsea from the Arsenal dressing room. Things have not happened yet, but Paris Saint-Germain has already had this sense of protection.
If Arsenal had let Lazio promise their family to reject offers from other countries, then there would have been nothing for Chelsea …
So Paris Saint-Germain also offered 30 million this time!
And asked Lazio to agree to their offer.
Changsheng didn’t hesitate to beat back the other party’s offer.
What joke? Manchester United is 30 million, and you are 30 million? Do you think it makes any difference? Then why should I refuse Manchester United to agree to your offer of Paris Saint-Germain? Am I out of my mind?
Always winning is refusing, and there is no price you like.
Because he doesn’t know how much Motta can sell now …
In the future, without Manchester United, he thought it would be great to buy 30 million.
But now … he suddenly not sure.
Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain are fighting over the price, which is hard to say.
Since it’s hard to say, it’s always a good idea not to make an offer and let you make your own price. I’m embarrassed if I want to go back on my word if the price is low …
Anyway, it’s best for you two to fight for it. It will raise Motta’s value to more than 30 million.
The constant victory did not bargain, which made Paris Saint-Germain feel the crisis.
They think it must be a constant victory and they are more inclined to Manchester United
After all, a good Manchester United is better than a good Paris Saint-Germain.
In this case, the only advantage of Paris Saint-Germain is money.
They must come up with a price that Lazio Genfa refuses. Jinyuan will always win and Lazio will be completely smashed!
Give full play to their strength
What is power?
Money is power!
So they bid 33 million euros!
But Changsheng refused without hesitation!
And refused not to make a new offer.
At the same time, it’s not only the English media, but also the Italian media. Manchester United is about to introduce Motta!
"Motta will be Manchester United in forty hours at the latest!"
"There are the last forty hours before Manchester United sign Motta!"
The English media vowed to say so.
When it becomes urgent.
It happened at this time that Arsenal wanted cazorla to have a medical examination, but Chelsea robbed him halfway.
This sensational news has a great impact on Paris Saint-Germain.
Arsenal and cazorla have reached the point of medical examination, and they can also be taken away by Chelsea. What’s worse, Paris Saint-Germain has not yet negotiated the price with Lazio.
And Chelsea’s practice also inspired Paris Saint-Germain.
Although the media are now reporting that Motta is close to joining Manchester United, what is the difference of 40 hours?
But it’s not a success if Motta hasn’t signed it yet.
Paris saint-germain still has a chance!
Chelsea can take cazorla from the physical examination room. Why can’t they?

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