"My mother said she saw a ghost." At this time, Su Lan didn’t bicker at night. Dad wasn’t at home and there were three of them.

"It’s really a ghost." Sue pulled the corners of her mouth.
Tang Sumei was slammed by the North Korea and shouted, "You are a jinx. Everything has been fine at home since you came."
Sue looked at her coldly at night. She heard clearly what she said just now. Her mother couldn’t get away from her death. "I’m not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night. Why are you looking for you?"
Sue’s late sweet nothings made Tang Sumei look guilty and bowed her head with a pale face.
When Su Lan saw Sue’s late love, her mother immediately blew her hair and got out of bed. "Isn’t Sue’s late love mother right? You are Liu Yichen’s fiancee now. Don’t forget what he said."
Sue’s heart stung at night. If Sue hadn’t calculated her, she would have been engaged to that ice man.
If Tang Sumei hadn’t done something wrong with Su Kang, she would have made a deal with Liu Yichen.
Sue’s late love suddenly changed face and looked at Su Lan coldly. The difference between Su Lan and Su Kang’s daughter is so great that she will definitely make him spit it out.
"All right, stop talking. Lan Lan, you sleep with your mother tonight."
"Ah?" She’s scared, too, okay?
Sue turned around and walked towards the building, and she didn’t want to stay here for another minute.
Sue came to the lobby on the first floor, where the servants were trembling and frightened, and their legs were shaking.
"Let’s all go to rest. If you are timid, find a partner to sleep with." Sue said that and walked towards the building.
The servants looked at each other. The wife didn’t come. A big lady said this and left. There was nothing about the scream just now. In fact, they all knew where the sound came from.
Does this really prove that the house is haunted?
"Miss Big, did you hear everything? Everyone went to bed." The housekeeper waved and rushed everyone back to the room.
Finally, Su Lan stayed to accompany Tang Sumei, the mother and daughter, who dared not sleep until dawn with the lights on.
When Sue came early, she saw Tang Sumei and Su Lan sitting at the dinner table listlessly with a pair of dark circles under their eyes.
Sue had a reasonable haircut. She sat in a shirt chair and didn’t look at the two people opposite. She ate breakfast quickly and went to class with her bag.
I took a half-day off yesterday, and Liu Jingli complained that she had to work hard today to change her attitude towards herself early.
Yan Mumu, who just entered the marketing department, saw her scorn and laughed. "Don’t be backed by someone, you will be little, even if the president is your backstage."
"Miss Yan, you think too much. How can a small clerk like us know the president?" Sue went to her seat when she finished, picked up work and went into changing clothes.
Looking at the closed door, Yan Mumu mercilessly stared at it. It’s best not to give you Liu Yichen’s backing. Just now, she was also testing. She also believed that Liu Yichen wouldn’t give others the back door. But she came to class every two days when she met Sue in the office that day, and she couldn’t help but think more.
Listen to Sue late mood tone with Liu Yichen really didn’t.
Maybe she thinks too much. If she really said that just now, why didn’t she talk back?
Sue changed her clothes in the evening and was depressed in front of the fitting mirror, clutching an A-line skirt. Who designed the dress and skirt and didn’t dare to walk so short?
Be careful to sit in your seat and have a look at official website in the company department.
Liu Anfeng knocked at the office door and shouted at the door, "Sue, come to my office."
Sue looked up at night and Liu Anfeng had entered the office.
Yan Mumu gloated. Liu Anfeng is a famous workaholic. Whoever works in her hand suffers and doesn’t die. Half-life also takes off a layer of skin. Fortunately, she is a secret for Zhang Xinyi. She usually has to organize documents and answer the phone.
Helen took one look at Sue’s appeasement and motioned not to be afraid of nothing.
Sue gave her a sweet smile in the evening. She was not afraid that the company would arrange a difficult job. She was afraid that she would not arrange a job for her.
Sue night feeling knocked on the door and went in.
Liu Anfeng let go of the pen and raised his hand to "sit"
"Thank you, Manager." Sue took a chair at her desk and looked up at Liu Anfeng calmly.
"How are the data these two days?"
"I’ve finished reading it."
Liu Anfeng nodded with satisfaction. "Not only after reading it, but also make it clear that you should organize all the projects you have seen and give me a piece of information. It is best to have a review."
Sue late feeling nodded and walked out of Liu Jingli’s office.
"What did the evening manager ask you to do?" Helen is busy with divination.
"Let me give her a piece of information about the projects I have seen."
"Ah?" Helen opened her mouth sympathetically and said, "When are you going to sort out so much information?"
Sue patted Helen on the shoulder and said with a smile, "I’ll do it slowly when the manager doesn’t say anything."
"That’s ok," Helen breathed a sigh of relief.
Sue smiled at her with gratitude, sat down in her seat and picked up the information.
It may seem to Yan Mumu and Helen that this is a thankless job, but it seems to her that it is a learning opportunity.
Only when all the projects are thoroughly understood can she make progress after work.
Sue didn’t go to dinner at noon and asked Helen to bring her food from the staff dining chair.
When Sue felt thirsty and took a sip of water, she found that it was already dark. When she looked at her eyes, she had already ordered it. I didn’t expect it to be so late.
Sue left the company after she cleaned up.
When I got back to Su Jiagang and walked to the door, I heard Su Kang say, "Don’t be afraid, Su Mei. I’m with you. I don’t think that ghost dares to appear."
Sue’s face changed at night. Isn’t he on a business trip for a week? Why is he back now?
Whose sister is Yan Mumu?
The top ten people who answer correctly get 2 coins, which are valid before 12 o’clock in the evening!
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"What does it taste like to be ruined?"
Song Yan, the bride-to-be attending her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, whispered in her ear.
Sue shallow warm hand gave her a slap.
"Why don’t you tell me what this slap tastes like!"
In the face of everyone’s consternation, Su’s eyes are warm and his lips are bent and he smiles.
Field silence

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