Looking at Ye Tianhao half-day Baggio deeply, he said, Are you really a fourth-order earth warrior?

Nodded leaf day also not much to say what directly from the ring to pay the king cloak slowly in the shoulder night wind cloak hunting do ring.
Wow, it’s not the first time I’ve seen Ye Tiandai wearing this cloak, but it’s the first time that Lucia has carefully looked at the cloak pattern. I can’t believe it. I looked at Ye Tianxia with horror and said, Oh, my God, is he the king of death?
Admire Patty proudly in front of Sia. That’s for sure. Otherwise, you and I will chase him and worship his teacher.
As soon as Chebadi’s words fell, he remained silent. Essien said coldly, I still think you didn’t worship the master until you were defeated by him.
Uh, in the face of Essien’s cold words, Buddy scratched his head and couldn’t say a word.
Looking at Bharti’s embarrassment, Sia was surprised and felt that everything was very common, not to mention Bharti’s order. Even the ten ninth-order pursuers died in Ye Tian’s hands. It’s not rare.
Just when a few people were talking about it, Baggio slowly drew the big sword behind him, and the blue light flashed all over the body, and the spiral halo was successively opened opposite him, and none of the four auras in Yetian lit up.
Be careful with Baggio’s low drinking, Baggio’s figure is short and fast, and he rushes towards Ye Tianshen’s side, and the crystal blue quarrelling rushes away.
Chapter 134 God Skill
In the face of Baggio’s attack, Ye Tiancong explored his right hand, and Zhan Ji suddenly jumped in his hand. Zhan Ji turned into a fine mountain and roared toward Baggio.
Dangdang when Zhan Ji roaring a series of sonorous violent rang accompanied by Ye Tian waving the Zhan Ji as if it were like a poisonous snake, flashing and spitting cold Mang Baggio could clearly feel that if he was not careful, the poisonous snake letter would pierce his throat.
Baggio’s combat experience is richer than that of others. He has experienced almost all kinds of samurai in his life of fighting for more than ten years, but his energy is not sudden like Ye Tian’s, but his technology makes people feel desperate. Never mind seeing his opponent before.
As the battle continues, Baggio feels more and more difficult, but his activities are getting smaller and smaller. Baggio knows that this is still the other party’s inability to attack, not because he is afraid of his own skills, and the other party’s attack will be even crazier.
I’m stunned by Baggio. Ye Tian has three halberds and three sharp flashes. Baggio feels that his sword has been shaken for three times. What happened before he could react? A sharp one passed.
I feel the cold light of Nasen passing over Baggio’s neck. It is very clear that this is a fight to the death. He is now a corpse. Ye Tian just stabbed him in the throat but didn’t do it.
Nailian took ten steps back, Baggio raised his hand and stopped Ye Tian’s pursuit. I didn’t have a chance to call like this with a wry smile.
Well, when he heard Baggio’s words, Buddy cried in surprise, old chap, what are you doing? Why don’t you come?
Give Baggionai a wry smile. I don’t want to think about it. I think about it as soon as I do, but Ye’s attack is too meticulous and violent. Once I finish smoking, I release the flying blade from time to time. Once I try to do that, I’m afraid I’ll be killed by Ye before the flying blade shoots.
Hearing Baggio’s words, Bharti immediately attacked him in Ye Tian, but he was very clear about it. He couldn’t think clearly about it. After he became an apprentice in Ye Tian, he attacked him like a storm. He didn’t know how many times he had experienced it. Baggio said that he couldn’t cope with the attack power in Ye Tian, so he might even do something else.
Hearing Baggio Bharti’s dialogue, Essien looked reverent. Essien has always felt very subtle and complicated about Ye Tian. It is a feeling of integration of various feelings of idol benefactor, master, brother and father, among which the most is an idol.
Who is Baggio? He has been fighting for ten years in a row in the World King-in-King Challenge. Wang Qi’s fame is very high, but it is such a person who has no chance to launch a flying blade in front of his master. How powerful is his fighting skill?
Of course, the most surprising thing is to belong to West Asia or that sentence. The more Ye Tian contacts her, the more she can feel Ye Tian’s magic. This magic is the direction. Up to now, West Asia has vaguely shown signs of blind worship to Ye Tian.
One day, Ye Tian suddenly said that eggs are actually tree-borne eggs, and I can’t guarantee whether I will believe it or not. It’s really an exaggeration to bear eggs on trees, but Ye Tian does it almost every day.
With a wry smile, Yixia looked at Ye Tian with her white face in her hands. She knew very well that if she went on like this, she would become Ye Tian’s most blind worship and probably lose me. However, in the face of Ye Tian’s general performance, she had already pulled out what she had done. She now doubted whether Ye Tian was a god or not.
Hearing Baggio Bhatti’s dialogue, Ye Tian said with a wry smile, OK, let’s continue. I won’t push so hard this time. Let’s put your flying blade stunt to good use.
Bitter nodded Baggio never thought that he actually needed others to release the flying blade stunt, and the water man was two orders lower than him. Is Wang Zhongwang all child’s play these years?
Shaking his head, Baggio took a deep breath and became serious again. He has been on the verge of life and death for many years, and he has tempered his mind for a long time. Neither Bhatti nor Baggio will be shaken by things.
I’ll fight again soon. In the middle of the day, I waved Zhan Ji and kept on attacking. I faced Baggio’s sword like a sword and attacked Ye Tian. I couldn’t help but frown.
I have to admit that Baggio’s fighting skill is definitely not weak even if he doesn’t call it flying blade stunt. Once he attacks, he is really violent. I don’t know what it means to call flying blade stunt.
Thinking about Baggio’s sword in the leaf day, he chopped it fiercely. When Baggio was forced to retreat in the leaf day, a subtle wave of his left hand shot at the moment with a cold and biting chill.
Although the eyes can’t see things and feel the chill is also regional, Ye Tian’s understanding of hidden weapons is still too shallow
Mind move Ye Tian right hand loose Zhan Ji casually grabbed a blue light in the palm of your hand, and everyone was shocked at the moment.
Look carefully at Ye Tianshi and put your fingers together in your fingers. A nail-sized ice blade is embedded there, and Baggio’s flying blade was caught by him playing.
Baggio stared at Ye Tian in disbelief. Although he didn’t shoot the flying blade for the first time, it was the first time that he was easily caught by people.
Looking at Buddy stupefied, Ye Tian shook his head and said, Is this what you call flying blade stunt? It’s hard to swallow the water. Baggio nodded bitterly and said, yes, this is the matter. It’s really brewing. Just now, I have played the flying blade stunt to the limit. If I have to perform it again, I may not be able to perform it so well
Ah, I shook my head with a wry smile. Ye Tian casually threw the ice blade on the ground and looked at Baggio. If this is the case, your flying blade stunt is still too disappointing. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t deserve to be called a unique skill. It’s just an introduction to flying blade
What did you hear when Ye Tiansi didn’t practice face? Baggio turned pale in an instant. It’s too hurtful to talk like this, even a friend can’t be so.
Just when Baggio was about to get angry, Ye Tian continued, I know that you are very angry and recognize my words, which is too leave no room and hurt, but you must know that you must not be careless in martial arts. I can give you a few false compliments, but you are likely to die because of these compliments in a few years.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Baggio looked at Ye Tiandao deeply. Well, according to Buddy, you can also fly knives and stunts. Since you say that I don’t deserve to be extinct, will you show us what stunts are?
Facing Baggio begging Ye Tian, he nodded with a smile and raised his hand. Zhan Ji Ye Tian flatly said, This is why I called you here today, and I will show you what a real stunt is.
Speaking of which, Ye Tian turned around and retreated a meter away. Then he turned to Baggio outside the meter. Then you can attack or evade, and I will show you my flying knife skill, which can be called a stunt flying knife skill.
Looking at Baggio Ye Tian’s right hand, I found a flying knife in my hand. At the same time, Ye Tianshen said, I don’t want to hurt you, so I took the flying knife to target your chest.
Er, Baggio couldn’t help but nod his head when he heard Ye Tiandi’s words, and his hands were in the big sword at the same time, ready to fly the knife at any time.
Ye Tianfei blade is very short, although it is very sharp, but it is the target of armor chest, so the blade is still too short to hurt the armor to protect the skin.
Looking intently at Baggio Ye Tian dignified way, I cast my first stunt to form a flying knife stunt named Yunlong Sanxian.
Speak Ye Tian right hand natural and unrestrained a jilt moment three fly knife shot and instantaneous across the meter distance toward baggio shot in the past.

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