"Yan old ghost is sure to challenge me?"

God knowledge leaned along the sound direction, only to see two monstrous magic meanings confronting a person in a dark Se magic cloud. The root method of God knowledge was used to find out its surface. However, Liang Yi still recognized this person’s identity at the first time, and refined the soul of the demon patriarch. He was a thin old man with a thick purple Se magic flame, but this person was the first big force in the fate alliance except refined the soul of the demon patriarch of Yan.
"Is this Yan Johnson taking the wrong medicine?" Crack wind is full of sneers.
"The ghost patriarch will learn from each other and the patriarch will be angry." Yan’s old monster laughed. "I heard that the ghost Taoist has never lost his debut. I just want to see it."
"Well, I’ll let you see." The ghost old demon suddenly sneered at one, one, two, and the long black Se pike suddenly appeared in his hand, and when he flickered, he came to the front of the old demon in Yan, where the black Se pike came crashing out and was broken, pointing to the head of the old demon in Yan.
Yan old devil is also ready, and a sword bathed in purple Se flame goes straight to the black Se pike.
Yi-a light ring, there was a long crack in front of them, and then I saw that Yan’s old demon body drifted back more than a hundred feet involuntarily, and his face changed dramatically. Finally, he couldn’t help but spit out a deep red blood.
On the other hand, the old demon of the remnant soul seems to be in the same circumstances, and even his figure has not wavered.
At the moment, it was still noisy, and the desert was silent. All the people in the world were surprised to see this scene.
With an understatement, the Yan Old Devil, who has been famous for hundreds of years, will be turned into this appearance. You know, the Yan Old Devil is also the overlord with the peak strength in the late period of distraction, and the Chiefreet Sect has the top three powerful sects in the fairy domain.
"How is that possible?" After the silence, the desert rang with wonder.
"impossible!" Yan old devil is full of incredible staring at the baizhang outside can’t see the face residual soul old devil "can’t be so strong, don’t you have been promoted to the refined body period? But how can you still stay in this world during the exercise period? "
A patriarch in Yan naturally knows that monks can stay in the human world when certain conditions are met, but it is almost more difficult to meet this condition than to achieve a fairyland, but he also treats this possibility as a kind of speaking.
It will cost tens of millions of monks to stay in the human world during the physical training period, so what forces will have nothing to do to talk about things like this? How many forces can pay this price?
"A friar in the training period?" There are nearly 200 distracted monks in the desert. These distracted monks have always been the best in the world, but now there is a more horrible person. At that time, many monks are aware of their arrogance and convergence.
"What’s impossible?" At Yan coldly, the old ghost cast his eyes to the distance and quietly watched the people of Xingyue Sect. "This exercise period is not just the old lady, is it Yunfan Laoer?"
"You’ve broken through, old devil. Isn’t it disappointing if I don’t break through?" Yun Fan, dressed in a white Se embroidered robe, also has a slight artistic conception, but there is a subtle murder in her eyes.
"Hum!" The old ghost with a cold hum suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of Liang Yi. "Liang Yi, the child is coming. Let me solve him first and then you can practice."
"Good" YunFan old son smiled and looked at Hongtiancheng with great interest.
"The ghost child has a big breath, and he is not afraid of the wind flashing his tongue. Will you be able to beat the sky if you advance to the exercise period?" Liang Yi’s insipid sound has gone all over the sand sea in Wan Li with a hint of disdain.
Residual soul old magic cloud all smell speech face se is a slight sink.
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"The ghost child has a big breath, and he is not afraid of the wind flashing his tongue. Will you be able to beat the sky if you advance to the exercise period?" Liang Yi went through Wan Li Shahai Baidu search dream novels with a hint of disdain.
Residual soul old magic cloud every smell speech face se suddenly dignified.
"Is the leader of Bilingmen also a monk during physical training?" The desert fell into a dead silence, and the probability of Liang Yi’s success in World War I decades ago and his becoming a monk was also extremely high.
Many monks who were eager to show their glory and distraction were completely quiet after repeated changes.
As soon as Liang Yi’s words stopped, a head with a wingspan of nearly 100 feet appeared in the distance, with a straight one-horned monster with a wide back and more than a dozen monks in Bilingmen.
"It’s the Bilingmen hentai beast!" A monk could not help but exclaim.
Remnant soul and YunFan are also the first time to see Liang Yi, a powerful god who quickly leaned toward each other, expecting that each other would just smile and play with their minds.
"It really is the exercise period!" No one knows better what it means for monks to appear in the human world during the exercise period, and the forces behind them are reluctant to spend so much money to let them stay in the human world if something big is about to happen in the world of cultivating immortals.
The split wind slowly landed on a white Se sand dune and then reduced its size to two feet.
There are more than ten people from Bilingmen. Besides Liang Yi, the head of the company, there are six masters in the distracted period, namely, Xiao Bai’s split wind in the late distracted period, Long Er, Yang Mengyu, Tuoba Jiayi and Ziyi in the early distracted period. Even if their head is not a monk in the refined body period, it is one of the biggest forces in the fairy domain.
"You don’t have a small tone," the old ghost looked at Liang Yi in a hoarse voice. "But let’s see the truth at the end of the story!" Say that finish body slowly float, fly toward.
"The old devil is returning to play, but he wants to see your face first before playing." Liang Yi smiled and followed him to fly to China. At the same time, the surrounding monks also rose in succession and the upcoming war was not missed.
"It’s very simple for you to see the face of the seat. If you beat the seat, you will meet your wish." Half-finished, wrapped in a strange magic cloud, the old devil doesn’t care about the sly smile.
"Old devil, you won’t have any defects in your face, will you?" Liang Yi deliberately sneered, "Otherwise, how can you be afraid that others will see your true face?"
"Looking for death!" Remnant soul old demon angry hum 1, 2 long black Se pike a pretty figure for two consecutive teleportation, with a thick magic power across hundreds of zhangs appeared in front of Liang Yi pike milli fancy when chest stab.
"Hum" Liang Yi gently hums a mixed yuan Tulingjian, which seems to be a very casual one, piercing many virtual cuts and hitting the spear head.
Luo-after a harsh tear, the whole time seemed to be frozen, and then I saw a lot of invisible waves around me like a boulder falling into a lake. The waves extended, and the monks involuntarily retreated nearly half a mile in the later period of Yuanying.
After the blow, Liang Yi’s residual soul body involuntarily regressed by more than a hundred feet.
Liang Yi felt that his chest had been hammered heavily, and he was generally oppressed. On the other side, the ghost ghost seemed to be not very good, but this demon was bathed in a magic cloud, and no one could see his expression.
"It was the exercise period." Yunfan Laoer’s face was dignified and Se was even worse.
Body-building period is an important time for introducing mana to nourish and exercise the body. The most important difference between the body-building period and the distraction period is the huge gap between the body and the body except that the mana is thicker and thicker.
Generally speaking, monks who practice air flow don’t pay attention to exercising at the beginning of their cultivation. Only after the physical training period will they gradually nourish the physical body with great magic. The coming fitting period will lay the foundation. It is necessary to know that the promotion fitting period requires the physical body to blend with the Yuan God in real meaning. If the physical body can’t bear it, it will lead to the collapse of the physical body and the scattered immortals of the Yuan God.
"Fortunately, there was a breakthrough not long ago, otherwise this first move will suffer." Liang Yi’s face showed a smile, and both of them wanted to try each other’s reality, and they were all fancy. It turned out that Liang Yi’s magic was less in attack power and half a catty.
In these thirty-five years, Liang Yi not only cultivated Monty’s body-refining tactic to the initial stage of distraction, but also advanced to the middle stage of distraction years ago with the help of the wonderful "The Five Elements of the Day After Tomorrow" and a large number of precious Dan medicines. As a result, Liang Yi was inferior to Se Yu in both physical aspects and Yuan Shen’s mana, and soon after he was promoted to the body-refining stage, he was a ghost.
"Very well, I finally met a man who can compete with me in World War I." The old ghost suddenly smiled strangely. First, his body was suddenly covered with a layer of dark Se armor. Behind the armor was a pair of black Se wings with a wingspan of three feet and a half. The armor wrapped the old ghost tightly and left a pair of eyes, mouth and nose.
"It turned out to be a life armor?" Liang Yi’s face changed slightly and then he was relieved. It seems that it is not a strange thing that this demon has a deep background and a life armor.
"Come on!" The black Se pike took up a faint magic fog and killed Liang Yi in the chest. Liang Yi looked at it and did not hesitate to show the front wing armor and mixed Yuan Tulingjian, which blocked the killing of the pike.
Guns and swords intersect again, but this time, both of them preliminarily explored each other’s details. They don’t hesitate, and all kinds of J and NG wonderful Wushu have been repeatedly used to cooperate with J and NG wonderful melee evasion and wing armor, and they can’t be killed at the moment.
Two people to extremely fast, fast to those who watch YuanYing later monks can faintly see two fuzzy figure in constantly flashing from time to time, there are a few strands of escape firm but gentle and gun mans wear out virtual she to those who watch the monks, straight scared to fix a little lower monks can’t back off.
Playing against Remnant Johnson, Liang Yi has a strange feeling. It seems that the root of this person is not Remnant Johnson, but Cracking Wind, but repairing the old melee skills that have already been refined. It seems that the pike in his hand is like his body, and his body seems to be like that two pike, which can easily move the sky and terrain.
Seeing this old man dragging a faint magic cloud, he sometimes paddled a strange arc to block Liang Yi from attacking like a storm.
In case of strength, Liang Yi’s state of mind has already entered the ancient well without waves, and the mixed Yuan Tu Lingjian is constantly changing its trajectory like flowing water, which drives the five elements of heaven and earth to kill the residual soul. The wind and vitality and the front wing armor complement each other.
Liang Yi’s martial arts skills are inferior to Se’s ghost, and there seems to be a big gap between them. However, in melee evasion, Liang Yi is stabilizing the magic head.
At the beginning, this demon was able to keep Liang Yi evenly matched. However, after less than half an hour of kung fu, the old demon of residual soul fell into the wind, and the whole person was like a boat cruising in a storm, and the sea could capsize at any time.
Although the wind can be so high-intensity confrontation, Liang Yi’s forehead has glistening sweat for a long time.
"Kill God!" Suddenly, the ghost old demon caught Liang Yi’s move, and Zhang Er’s pike suddenly became a thorn. He saw that the pike was held in the palm of his hand and suddenly split. The thick gun rod was swung into an arc by this demon, and that split potential diagram was the same as splitting heaven and earth in half.

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