Hee hee, at last, you remember marshal Carlo, the red-eyed beast is said to be looking for a place to practice. We don’t know the details until General Carlo comes back. Miss Bai Yuyun has come to Tianlong City some time ago, but at present, Marshal Carlo still hasn’t met in other places. Right, the Prime Minister is going to find a suitable opportunity to marry them after your enthronement ceremony. Snow and ice smiled and said to the dragonfly.

Hey, hey, get married. I really want to say that the southern land is muddy for the Dragon Alliance soldiers. It’s also about April next year. It’s time to seize the opportunity to get Carol that guy married. Haha, it’s really interesting to say that all of us are the most like a piece of wood. Who knows that it turned out to be his earliest water moon to form a company? If it weren’t for our heart preparation, it would surely lead to a heavy heart load and a kick of the legs when they get married. Haha, dragonfly laughs.
How can you say that about Marshal Lei? Oh, hee hee, but you’re right. Ice and snow want to blame Dragonfly, but in the end they are also amused.
The two women burst into laughter and looked into the distance again and said, Yes, the past is too fast. We are not children anymore. I don’t know what it is, but after you talk, I feel particularly at ease. I don’t care what he will be like in the future. I still do what I should do. That is the greatest achievement.
Listening to the dragonfly’s words seems to be a lot of fuss, saying that I am willing to unload my foot book and refute my bag.
The inferno is the coldest in the north, in the dark cave in the deep mountains and forests, because the dark Lord Kaima of Carlos is sitting against the cave wall. Although he doesn’t need food because of Carlos’ strength, he can still be seen from his pale face at the moment.
You told me to wait. I’ve been waiting for so long, but what did I get? I lost everything. You promised me that my body would not be returned to me, and my country and people were all flying into the small industry. You still asked me to wait for you. When did you let me wait? Carlos roared at Kaima with anger.
What’s the hurry? Now that we’ve reached this point, we’re in a hurry to die. Do you know what I told you to escape first? I felt a powerful force approaching that day, and I didn’t realize it was the Devil Destroyer until we really met.
Bastard, he came to be the closest person to Hades. I didn’t expect the second one to be him. My strength is not his opponent. Now he is on the side of mankind. We must act carefully if we want to make a comeback. Kaima said to Incaros with a flash of cold light in his eyes.
Since even you are no match for the Demon Destroyer, what else can we do? You said that the apocalypse will not really come until about three years later. Do you mean that we will all stay here until the apocalypse comes? Because Carlos is still dissatisfied even though he knows there is no other way at present.
I’m not asking me to successfully refine this magic stone and put all my magic power into it. Brother Si’s strength is indeed stronger than mine, but when we met, it was inferred that his strength had already consumed a lot. If we can seize the opportunity, we can certainly destroy him together with the hateful human beings.
Speaking of this, Kaima sighed and immediately said, it’s a pity that I haven’t been able to find a suitable candidate. The southern part of mankind is the place with the heaviest yin. You can do something to take it there, even if the fourth brother comes. I can’t stand what I say now. Let’s settle down here for the time being until I successfully refine the magic stone.
You still blame me for your plan. I ruined my most trusted hand. Would I lose my country if I didn’t lose you on a cold hakodate? Like you said, now is not the time to pass the buck. I want to ask you when you can give me my body back, because Carlos growled.
It’s hard for you to recover physically. It’s not that you have taken half of the magic core and I don’t know where to go. I don’t need to help you recover a part of your body, and I won’t be forced to retreat before the war. I can tell you that if you want your body, it’s useless to say anything unless I refine the magic stone.
Kaima finally put up with Carlos’ arrogant tone and immediately replied coldly.
In fact, Kaima is also very upset at the moment. The Demon Destroyer has completely disrupted his plan to deal with the Demon Destroyer. It is the biggest headache for him now, because Carlos will only stay with him because he thinks it is profitable.
Listen to Kaima’s indifferent tone, because Carlos finally stopped bowing his head as if he were familiar with the cutting foundation, and he was afraid that she would be worse than the bad girl, and she would go straight to the sea to find faults at night.
In a hurry, the past three months have entered November, and the north of the inferno has already been covered with snow and ice.
For three months, Carlos Kaima has been staying in a cave in the mountains. For these three months, Kaima has been refining the magic stone in his hand. Perhaps it is his efforts to pay back. Perhaps it is because the sun is shining after the heavy snow falls. The magic stone in Kaima’s hand has gradually formed and emits a faint black light, while Kaima’s body looks even more faded like a black dance.
On this day, at night, the new moon rises, and Kaima finally said to Incaros, You go and watch for me. Today is the most critical moment. If we succeed tonight, we can get out of this hellhole. Hey, hey, don’t let a bug fly in, or your body will never want it.
Nodded slightly because Carlos took up his worn-out sword and walked slowly into the cave. Seeing that Carlos was quietly laying a defensive barrier in the cave from Kaima, he sat in the deepest part of the cave.
When the new moon rises to the sky, the dark forces in the cave are getting stronger and stronger. Even Incaros can clearly feel the dark elements flying into the cave in droves near his body. He knows that this is the last omen for Kaima to enter and the key moment for whether the magic stone can be condensed successfully.
Take a deep breath because Carlos quietly pulled up his robe and looked at his clean body, and finally made up his mind.
The sword in his hand turned and walked step by step towards the dark cave because of the flash of cold light in Carlos’ eyes.
Chapter two hundred and forty-two He ascended the throne ceremony
I can’t see my fingers in the dark cave, but Carlos can really feel the growing sense of oppression around me. He knows that it is the dark elves who are suspicious of him. With the Kaima magic Yue Shi becoming more and more pure, the dark elves are jumping like a strike and chewing hard.
Carlos tried his best to relax himself and minimize the stimulation to the dark elves. However, as his pace deepened, his desire for strength and urgent hope for success still made his body tremble.
Finally turned the corner because Carlos stopped, his eyes stared at the front, and greed broke out in his eyes.
It’s supposed to be darker here than around the cave, but Carlos can clearly find that the dark center is darker than black, which attracts his attention like a black pearl.
Looking back, because Carlos noticed the red spots on the surrounding cave walls, he knew that these seemingly inconspicuous spots hidden the dangers. This is Kaima’s magic design defense barrier. If you are not careful, these red spots will tear Incaros apart at any time.
Observe carefully for a long time. When other defensive enchantments are determined around, Carlos’ mouth finally reveals a proud and ferocious smile, and reverses his sword in his hand. He gently cuts his left palm and slightly closes his mouth to start an unknown mantra. Because Carlos suddenly waved his left hand and spilled his blood on those red spots.
After a slight noise, the red light spot gradually disappeared. When the last red light spot disappeared in his sight, Carlos no longer hesitated and rushed forward to grasp the bloody palm to the black pearl suspended in the middle.
What are you doing? Get out of here.
When Carlos’ palm is about to touch the black magic stone, a palm is hard to stop Carlos from advancing, and his body is hard to form a weak sound. From that palm, Carlos knows that this is Kaima, who has exhausted all his magic and is in the weakest state.
Hey, hey, you should know what I want. No, you can always control me. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.
Blame yourself. You think too much of yourself and too little of me, because Carlos shook his arm coldly and reached out to grab the black magic stone.
Give it back to me. If you take it, you won’t give it back to me. Only the demons can control its power. Kaimali fell to one side, and the tone changed from threat to pleading.
However, how can Carlos easily return things to him? Because Carlos is not an idiot, he knows that when he returns the magic stone to Kaima at the moment, Kaima will never let him go when he regains his strength, and to hold this magic stone is tantamount to holding the power of the demon. How can he let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity go?

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