In fact, in the offensive line, Ronaldinho and Ruud van Nistelrooy played badly in Robinho, but the actual performance was not good

Higuain is immature. saviola and Baptista are just playing soy sauce
These players are far less powerful or famous than when florentino built the Galaxy Fleet.
But they won the league title of the season and broke the monopoly of Dream Team II on the league title.
In fact, it is still not underestimated.
When they attack hard, every point in Lazio’s defence is under great pressure.
Sai Passareira is still in recovery and is not qualified to play.
As a result, the defensive weight of Lazio’s defense line fell to Paven.
In recent games, Lazio conceded a few goals, and Pa Wen was under great pressure.
But no one can see that he lives under pressure.
This may be the biggest difference between Pa Wen three years ago and Pa Wen now.
He is under pressure all the time in his life, but you will never see him overwhelmed by pressure again.
He has learned how to cope with pressure, just like the boss said.
"What kind of professional player do you do without pressure?"
Now he has learned.
Not only the stadium, but also the stadium
For example now
Schustr may know that Changsheng did what he did to Pa Wen, and he is doing the same to him now.
That is to attack Real Madrid and try to break through Pa Wen here in Pa Wen and completely defeat him.
In fact, Pa Wen has performed very well in recent years, but he is too low-key, and there is a new Starr next to him, which makes him look the same.
Schustr therefore made a wrong judgment.
He felt that if he put enough pressure on Pa Wen, Pa Wen would collapse.
So wave after wave of Real Madrid offensive hit Pa Wen.
When Pa Wen wore the captain’s armband at the back line-Sese Passareira fell on the arm of Pa Wen, the oldest player in the team, without the armband-he thought of playing his first La Liga game for Real Madrid.
In that league match, he wore a white Real Madrid jersey and faced orange Valencia players. Wave after wave of offensives shot him to death on the shore like a huge wave.
Now it is the same wave after wave of offensive, but he is not as frightened as he was six years ago.
His experience tells him that there are many ways to deal with it.
But he thought of what Chang Sheng said when he first joined Lazio.
"You have to show them your tough side even if it’s a foul! Don’t let it go! "
Pa Wen won when Luo suddenly cut from the side and rushed at him.
Luo left the football to the right to flash Pa Wen.
Pa Wen crossed everything.
He can’t move naturally, but he didn’t intend to break the ball like this.
He’s aiming at a foul!
When he translated, he was very strong. When Luo tried to brush past him, Pa Wen shrugged his shoulders and then clung to his elbow and firmly pressed against Luo’s crotch.
It hurts to be held back in that place …
Luo lost his balance and fell to the ground.
The ball is naturally lost.
The referee’s whistle sounded with him.
"foul! Pa Wen fouls! This is a very obvious foul! "
Pa Wen broke the rules but didn’t reach out to Luo who fell to the ground but retreated.
Luo lay on the ground clutching his sore hip for a long time before he got up. When the team doctor came, he got up from the ground.
Real Madrid team doctor gave him a check-up and found that it was not serious.
Of course, there won’t be any problem, Pa Wen. It looks cruel, but it’s actually a serious injury, and there won’t be any sequelae except that it was very painful at that time.
This shows that Pa Wen is really a kind person …
But even so, Pa Wen’s move surprised those reporters in Madrid, Spain.
They looked up and saw a close-up of Pa Wen in the big screen of the stadium stand.
Pa Wen’s facial expression in the camera.

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