Muhaigen tried to protect her in the event of unexpected disasters.

And the most heartbreaking thing for Muhai is that Yang Wen blocked a fatal blow to save him.
Desperate, I left the earth and sadly went to the realm of cultivating immortals.
This life will never let this happen again.
Sitting in the car and looking out the window, my thoughts fly far away.
Ma is going to meet Yang Wen again. Mu Hai is a little excited and uneasy.
In this life, Yang Wen still doesn’t know herself. How should she behave in front of her?
However, Wen Er, I know that your thoughts have failed, and you can rely on others.
Muhai secretly shook his fist and nodded firmly.
Soon the traffic arrived at the airport.
After the five-person car, they walked to the arrival hall. It will take half an hour to meet Yang Wen in Muhai.
It’s like a girl’s first date. It’s a little exciting to bathe in the sea
"Let’s wait there for half an hour."
Zhou Qinglong looked at it and said
"Well …"
Several people went to the lounge next to each other and waited for half an hour to arrive.
After taking a seat, Zhou Qinglong talked about the matters needing attention when going to Aaron’s house in the future.
Mu Hai didn’t care about his mind when Yang Wenshen looked at the airport exit position from time to time.
Tang Yu saw all this in his eyes and there was a sour taste in his eyes.
Clouds of magic thoughts flew out from Tang Yu’s head and rushed into Muhai Dantian.
Magic read flying can’t help but let MuHai one leng twist a head to see Tang Yu.
"Rain is falling all, what’s wrong with you? Is there something wrong? Your face is so ugly? " Muhai touched Tang Yu forehead and asked
"I’m fine, but why do you always look over there? Who are you waiting for?" Tang Yu said
"I think it’s Xiao Yujie, too. He’s just a color blank. There are three beautiful women here. He must see those beautiful women if he doesn’t look at them." Zhou Qianwei is afraid of chaos
"Xiaoxi should respect Uncle Mu, so it’s no big deal or small scandal" Zhou Qinglong nu way.
"Dad mu uncle? He is only one year older than me! And you said you called you and I called us "Zhou Qian pouting.
Muhai smiled and shook his head and didn’t speak.
Looking at Muhai, Zhou Qian turned black and contributed a magic thought to Muhai from time to time.
It’s not difficult to get 10,000 magic powers by sensing that magic can increase Muhai’s mouth.
When time flies, it will be half an hour. At this time, the screen shows that Yang Wen has arrived by plane.
Five people go to the exit together and wait for the arrival of Yang Wen.
As the minutes passed, Muhai became more and more excited.
I don’t know who shouted Muhai and found Yang Wen at the first time.
She is wearing a women’s suit, and her feminine curves stand out and are extremely attractive.
She looks very capable with her hair in her head.
There is no decoration on her whole body, but the law hides her unique feminine charm.
Angel face, devil figure!
As she gets closer and closer, her three-dimensional facial features become clearer and clearer, and she has unique western characteristics, so exquisite that it is suffocating, especially when she looks at Gao Tingyu’s nose, it makes people feel blasphemous.
The whole person looks like the goddess of perfect combination of East and West.
Even Tang Yu, Zhou Qian and Xuan Zhou are eclipsed in front of her.

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