Windson nodded and asked, "Are you always the secret of Korea?"

"My name is Li. You can call me Xiao Li. Manager Han told me to take you to her office." Xiao Li said naturally and gracefully.
Xiao Li? Windson looked at this little mature seven years older than himself, and said vaguely, "Well, let’s go."
"Good" Li Mi took the lead and took two steps, then suddenly remembered what turned to the receptionist and ordered "Little Lin Han always told Dong Lin to come over and not report"
"I know," the little girl at the front desk replied quickly, but she was even more puzzled. Is Mr. Lin and Dong Lin? Isn’t his name lobular?
After taking windson into the ladder, Li Mi carefully looked at him. She remembers the change six months ago. The list of shareholders of a city company with good performance is a public heart. It is a secret that people have long found out that the biggest beneficiary of windson’s change is his identity and background.
When Li Mi learned the name of Lin Feng, it became clear that this handsome young man in casual clothes is the third largest shareholder of the group now, and Li Mi, a confidant of Han Yu, inevitably wants to know more about Lin Feng’s personality and habits and get along well in the future, so she suddenly suggested, "It may take a long time for Mr. Lin to finish the meeting. Why don’t I show you around first and go to General Manager Han’s office again and again to wait for her?"
"hmm?" Windson point after a little thinking nods "or that would trouble you"
Although Lin Feng has no interest in the group company, he knows that if he loves a person, he must know everything about her. Han Yu, a man, has the responsibility and the righteousness to know his working environment.
In the secret of Li, Lin Feng toured around the various departments of the group. Because the senior executives were present at the meeting, they were all deputies. Although these people were wondering who this young man in casual clothes was, Li Secret did not dare to reveal his identity without Lin Feng’s consent. These people were not too much to ask, but since there was always a close secret with Han, the position would not be small.
Windson kept a faint smile all the way, which was kind but dignified, and made the beauty secretly admire him. He felt that his roots were not like those arrogant brothers, but like an old fox who had been struggling in the mall for decades. But how could she know that this was just a windson mask? In fact, in his heart, he didn’t care who was disguised to greet him.
"Here is Mr. Lin from our project department? Mr. Lin? " When I walked to the door of a conference room in a certain department, Li Mi was surprised that Lin Feng was actually absent-minded just now.
Looking down the windson eyes toward the conference room, Li Mi saw a beautiful and elegant figure.
Chapter sixty-four Meet the wind again
I’m sorry I didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance here. "Lin came over and said that no matter what Li’s secret reaction was, he pushed the door and walked into the conference room.
Windson’s sudden arrival surprisingly did not cause dissatisfaction among the three people in the meeting room because they seemed to have a little dispute.
"Can you stop saying sorry these four words? We want to know when the follow-up funds for Tianchaoshan Project will be available. Can you give a definite answer? " A man with his back to windson was a little excited and complained to a middle-aged man in front of him who was in charge of a regiment.
"I’m sorry. I’m sorry that our manager is in a meeting and can’t answer you yet. Why don’t you come back this afternoon?" Although the middle-aged supervisor has a sincere attitude and a mild tone, the eagle-eyed windson still sees a trace of impatience in his eyes.
"Please, we have been here several times. Although this project is very inconspicuous for your Fire Phoenix Group, it is a top priority for our group. Every day we delay it, we will lose a huge sum of money. Do you think you can help us do something again?" The man who spoke was excited. If there was not a conference table across it, Lin Feng estimated that he would jump on the other side.
"Li secret? What brings you here? Who is this? " Opposite the supervisor finally noticed just walked into the meeting room windson two people hurried up and asked.
But windson ignored him with surprise, and he stretched out his right hand and patted the charming figure who had been sitting beside the man.
"What do you want?" Excited man turned to see Lin Fengshen reach out to the beauty talons and slapped him immediately.
Surprise windson for practitioners can stretch out his right hand slightly let a twist backhand buckle the man flapping hand want to also don’t want to with a jilt man immediately flew out like a broken kite "bang" a bump on the wall of the conference room.
The sudden change stunned everyone in the meeting room, including the charming figure who just turned around.
"Hey hey ….. sorry" Wake up windson immediately realized that he was rude without other quickly walked to the wall to pull the man up.
"Lin Feng?" A crisp but slightly hesitant sound suddenly rang.
Lin Fengfang let the man walk over and smiled at this familiar and beautiful face in front of him. "It’s me, hehe, long time no see, Chu Yu!"
Is this surprise windson some gaffes beauty is spending his 20th birthday with windson ChuYu.
Although I have been a lover for a day, every little bit of that day still emerges from time to time in Lin Feng’s heart, eating together, watching movies together, choosing gifts together is a farewell moment, kissing, and all these beautiful things make him unforgettable.
Lin Feng’s eyes consciously looked at Chu Yu’s slender jade neck like a swan at the thought of buying gifts, and she saw the corners of her mouth with a familiar purple Lin Feng. It seems that she has not forgotten me …
"Yes, I haven’t seen you for a long time … How are you?" There are sighs in Chu Yu’s words, but more surprises are on the horizon. But when she saw Lin Feng’s strange smile, she unconsciously reached out and touched it on her chest. Then her face was flushed and she thought it was white. Her hands rested on her hips and Jiaochen said, "What are you looking at?"
"Who made you look so good?" Windson mouth flower teasing immediately.
"Ahem … Mr. Lin, do you think we should sit down and talk first?" A beautiful female voice woke up in a wonderful atmosphere, and the men and women turned to see that they were looking at the other three strangely, and they felt a little embarrassed because Lin Feng was thick-skinned and Chu Yu was so ashamed that he couldn’t wait to dig a hole in the ground.
"Uh-huh" windson quickly nodded yes and conveniently pulled a chair to sit down.
Several other people also found their own seats.
However, after sitting, everyone was silent, and they didn’t know what to say at the moment.
However, it was not long before Li Mi took the lead in breaking the deadlock and asked, "Are Mr. Lin and this Miss Chu friends?"
"Well" windson nodded secretly took a look at ChuYu just friends?
"That miss chu to our group …"
"Miss Chu Yu and Mr. Xiang Tian, on behalf of the Chushi Group, came here to discuss the Tianchaoshan project." The middle-aged supervisor seized the opportunity and quickly introduced.
"It’s not a negotiation. I want to ask when the follow-up funds of a fire phoenix group will be in place. We have been here for several times and we have not been able to get a definite answer. You know, our group has invested billions in this project now.
We are a small group, and we can’t afford to delay it. Now these two men and women have just come in, so they don’t care about being thrown out by Lin Feng, so they complain quickly.
Can you invest billions in a project and call yourself a small group? Windson secretly wry smile unceasingly where he know ChuShi total assets even less than one over ten of the fire phoenix, so in the fire phoenix group lair can also consider themselves junior.
"What is this?" Appear this kind of thing in front of windson let li secret some dissatisfaction worse each other and Lin Fengfei shallow so li secret can’t help but face with the back to the middle-aged supervisor coldly asked.
"This ….." The middle-aged supervisor hesitated for a moment before hesitating and said, "Tianchaoshan project was started six months ago, so …"
"I am white!" Li Mi raised her hand to stop the middle-aged supervisor from turning to Chu Yu and sincerely said, "Now the project manager is really meeting, but please rest assured that this matter will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation today."
Half a year ago, it was the time when the Fire Phoenix Group was maliciously acquired. At that time, all kinds of projects were affected, and then the group had a series of reorganization, which would make some omissions and mistakes.
"Who are you, please?" A day although guess windson and li secret are fire phoenix group big shots, but I still want to determine the identity of one or two people for fear that these two guys talk root no matter when the time comes and a joy.
Li Mibai smiled and said, "My surname is Li, the first secretary of manager Han, and this Mr. Lin is also a good friend of manager Han, so you can rest assured."
"Really? That’s good!" A day finally rest assured.
Lin Feng is not interested in them. His mind is focused on sitting beside him. Chu Yu met Li Mi and Xiang Tian and reached a consensus. He quickly said, "Well, Mr. Xiang, you can stay in the group and wait. Since Li Mi said that he would give you an answer today, there will be no problem. Miss Chu and I haven’t seen each other for a long time. Let’s go out for dinner and catch up."

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