Tang Yu looked puzzled and got up. "What happened to Xiaohai?"

"Shh …"
Muhai made a ban and gave the room light.
Then Muhai looked around like an agent with a mobile phone camera.
It wasn’t long before he saw two bright spots from his mobile phone.
Muhai went to the bright spot and pulled out two needles from the wall. The camera about the size of a needle was surprised that Tang Yu could not speak for a long time.
"Rain is falling all you can practice" MuHai said.
Muhai door and went out.
Then turn off all the lights on the second floor and look for hidden cameras on your mobile phone.
It took Muhai half an hour to check all the cameras in the villa.
Put them together for more than fifty.
This dragon net is really deadly to monitor. Even the toilet Muhaidu has found several.
Force a pinch of more than 50 cameras to turn black slag. This thing is valuable, but it is worthless in Mu Hai’s eyes.
The monitoring is gone, and now you can practice with peace of mind.
Muhai went back to the room and locked the door to sink his thoughts into Jiuding magic furnace.
Magic energy in Jiuding Magic Furnace reached 12 points.
I have gained a lot today.
It takes 7 magic powers to exchange three five-yuan spiritual fruits for a single thought.
The exchange of five yuan Lingguo Muhai is to refine a Jin Yuan Dan.
Jin Yuandan is naturally treating Zhong Jing.
Muhai took out an aura bead from the jade bottle, and 17 integers were broken into 169.
Muhai mobilized the magic element to refine Jin Yuan Dan.
Half an hour later, a golden elixir appeared in Muhai’s hand.
He carefully packed the jade bottle and received it in his backpack.
Then Muhai spent 11 points of magic energy to exchange for 11 refined body Dan and cultivated it.
Tonight, you can cultivate 7 kilos of extraordinary strength, and then you can hit an immortal body.
Chapter 53 A heavy magic body
Somewhere under the Wu regiment.
There is a middle-aged man sitting in a chair in a luxurious office.
In front of him stood a juryman who looked more than thirty years old.
The juryman has two horrible scars on his forehead, like two centipedes fighting for food.
It is precisely because of these two scars that others call him centipede.
"Chairman, aren’t we going to send someone?" Asked the centipede
"No, I think the Xie family has sent someone," said the middle-aged man lightly.
"Chairman, that’s a pill that can enhance strength. If we don’t get it, it will be a great disadvantage," said the centipede
"Don’t worry, Muhai, since the young man showed this Dan medicine, there should be personnel. He is so bold that he must be planning to sell our financial resources to buy some pills." The middle-aged man said.
"Yes". The centipede no longer talks nonsense.
The middle-aged man looked up at the centipede and asked faintly, "By the way, how is things going in Lide Company?"
The centipede said, "the chairman has handled it properly, and the new CEO has benefited the company. Everything is in an orderly way."
Hearing this, the middle-aged man nodded his head
"By the way, what should the chairman do about Yutai’s building?" Asked the centipede
"Do you want me to say it? Can people who betray the company let their families live safely? " Middle-aged man said
"What do you mean, Chairman?" Say that finish centipede to make a decapitation.
"Well, it’s best to be clean. Do you have to arrange an accident yourself and then take back the house?" The middle-aged man said, "Now I can rest assured that Dragon Net keeps an eye on you."
"It’s the chairman!" Centipede nodded
"By the way, this matter will be suspicious in a few days. You go first," said the middle-aged man.
Say that finish centipede back out.
Among the 152 villas in Qingcheng, Shui Mu
Muhai was practicing when a slight sound sounded outside the house.
"Is the Dragon Nets coming again?"
Muhai opened his eyes and looked puzzled.
He’s only been practicing for an hour, and his strength has reached 6 Jin. He still needs 200 Jin to reach 7 Jin Juli.
I didn’t expect someone to find the door at the critical moment.
"Is it a Japanese agent?" Muhai andao
But soon he shook his head.
Japanese agents are well trained and will never make such a big noise.
"Go and see"
Muhai slapped the door and went to the second floor.

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