It’s hard for Sophia to imagine that she hasn’t lived or seen anything without hygiene.

It’s normal, luxurious and ordinary. You can never be on the same floor, just as a good end can never be next to first class.
Sophia lives in a luxurious presidential suite, and the enemy sea view room can be seen through the tempered glass roof when she looks up. The twinkling stars are the highest and best floor in the whole princess asterisk.
"Go to my room to take a shower" Sophia was born in the west, and the boundary between men and women is not so heavy. Even if you are invited to take a shower in her room, it is really a bath. Want to go further? That depends on what other girls mean to you.
Lin Cheng wanted to think, "Forget it, I’ll just blow the sea breeze at the bow to cool off." Lin Cheng’s idea is not very complicated. Bathing is bathing, but he didn’t think about how complicated it is because Lin Cheng is not a playboy and his mind is not very lively in women.
In fact, the most important thing is that Lin Cheng is not too hot to work, and he is not particularly sensitive to cold and heat. What he said to Sophia just now was to divert Sophia from asking about his yoga.
"Wash up and treat you to a steak dinner later." Sophia still remembers that she and Lin Cheng agreed at noon that you would treat me to Chinese food and I would treat you to western food.
"But I don’t seem to have changed my laundry." Lin Cheng was in a hurry, and his mind at that time could not consider whether he was clean or not was the most important thing.
"Hehe, it’s easy to ship. Everything is sold. If you don’t have to choose some Paris names, then I think you can buy what you need." Sophia knows a lot about this ship.
Sophia has been on a ship from Europe for half a month. Of course, she knows the facilities and shops.
"All right!" Lin became the money in his pocket and wanted to buy a pair of clothes with the lowest price, but even the lowest cost cost half of the money in Lin Cheng’s pocket.
Sophia wore a bath towel after taking a shower, and her hair was wet and stuck to her white hair and greasy shoulders, curled with water droplets, and her blonde hair and glittering and translucent skin were extremely tempting.
Except for Lin Cheng, it’s not that he doesn’t feel the seductive Sophia at this time. It’s that his control over his will is beyond the scope of animals. He can control his desire with all his energy. Besides, Lin Cheng is a conservative. He grew up in an environment that can be said by people and things he contacts.
Lin Cheng is definitely not a person who can engage in * * *. His love is subtle and refined. Besides, the person Lin Cheng likes has classical beauty, and the oriental female image is not particularly concerned about Mata.
"Okay, I’m ready. It’s your turn." Sophia raised her white arm and asked Lin Cheng to take a bath.
Lin Cheng finished washing and finishing Sophia Lin Cheng after dividing by three, five and two. She wanted to do something else and save money deliberately. She is very satisfied with Lin Cheng now. Although this yellow oriental man is not tall or strong, his amazing strength fascinates Sophia.
A man is either a man in figure or a man. In Sophia’s heart, a man’s nature is strong, and Lin’s achievements quite echo Sophia’s image of a man.
Just now, after Sophia took a bath, she deliberately came out in a bathrobe, and then held her hair in a bun to bring her feminine beauty to the extreme. Sophia felt that no man would be tempted to see her half-naked because of her beauty?
However, Sophia was a little disappointed when she observed Lin Cheng’s reaction in the front crotch of the bathroom. However, when Lin Cheng washed out quickly, Sophia realized that her temptation seemed to be successful.
A man usually takes a bath quickly because he is in a hurry to do something, which Sophia knows very well.
Sophia wants to stay for a while. If you want to make out with me, I need to reconsider. She thinks that she doesn’t want to say yes, but she is afraid that her heart will be hard to refuse.
Sophia thinks it’s beautiful. It’s in her mind that Lin Cheng has been dressed up in front of her.
"Let’s go. I just had an activity. I hope I can eat more." Lin Cheng patted his belly as a joke.
Sophia thinks Lin Cheng is a joke, of course. Sophia has been waiting for Lin Cheng’s action just now. She just sat on the sofa waiting without changing her bathrobe, but Lin Cheng’s remarks made Sophia feel a little in distress situation.
It’s irritating to seduce you by yourself and pretend to be such a gentleman! Sophia squeaked his little silver teeth.
But soon Sophia seems to react. Is he not good there? Recalling Lin Cheng’s appearance before and after bathing, there is nothing unusual, if not bad, there is something wrong with it.
11 temperament spirit
? However, Lin Cheng is not completely inexperienced in getting along with women. He can understand which woman can dress up quickly when he sees Sophia still looking like that after taking a shower. This is a common feature of women.
Sophia secretly made up her mind to verify whether Yilincheng is a performance or not.
Sophia dressed up quickly, so she chose a short-tailed low-cut evening gift for western food today.
Wearing the evening gift, Sophia is even more elegant and gorgeous, which is a little shabby compared with Lin Cheng’s dress, but the atmosphere of women depends on clothes and the atmosphere of men depends on temperament. Even if Lin Cheng wears it, he will not feel inferior.
He is worth more than a billion dollars and has earned various masters. He has also seen Lin Cheng’s heartfelt self-confidence. This kind of self-confidence is not rooted in disguise and does not need to be deliberate, but is naturally vigorous and full of energy, which is distributed from the outside.
Holding Lin Cheng’s arm, Sophia can also feel Lin Cheng’s temperament. It should be said that contact with Lin Cheng Sophia can obviously feel his temperament, which is not as obvious as just two people walking side by side.
In Sophia’s mind, this is how to explain Lin Cheng’s temperament change. There is such an outstanding beauty who takes the initiative to roll up his arm. If he is a man, he will not hold his head high.
In fact, Sophia was wrong. Lin Cheng felt this temperament because she came into contact with Lin Cheng. Previously, Lin Cheng’s breath was a little far away, so Sophia could not feel it through physical contact.
Family boxing pays attention to the strength of the four tips, just like a whip. It can be passed from the wrist to the tip of the whip. Just like the spirit and temperament, Sophia came into contact with Lin Cheng, and she unconsciously became Lin Cheng. The whip tip was infected by temperament.
"What would you like to eat?" Sophia handed Lin Cheng the menu.
"Beef bar" Lin Cheng didn’t pick up the menu because he accidentally glanced at the English when he handed the menu just now. He knew that he knew the letters horizontally. Although he also knew the letters, God knew what they meant together.
"ok sausage, Lafite, half a catty of beef, two steaks, fish sauce and foie gras with vegetable salad, and two more ice creams, please."
"Oh, just an ice cream."

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