People with money can have a bottle every day, but those without money can order less once a week or once a month, which can afford it. After all, the average monthly income in this world is about 5 except slums.

This world is very similar to the earth, but it is quite different. This is the world of sword magic. More than half of the people are martial and strong. For those earth warriors, ten women a day is a piece of cake.
The effective period of this contraceptive must be hours before and after one day, and the probability of achieving perfect contraceptive efficiency is one in a million.
Now that the medicine has been studied and the bottle is ready-made, Ye Tian now needs to organize people to fill it. According to Ye Tian’s plan, he will buy a slave girl to do this work.
Maybe people will doubt what they must buy a slave. In fact, Ye Tian thinks it is very simple. It is easy for men and women to mix, and it is not convenient to manage. Besides, Aileen is also a woman who is not suitable for managing some big men and is afraid of not being able to manage them.
Ye Tian buys all the land from young slave girls aged one year. Ye Tian promises to restore their status once they have worked until they are five years old. Ye Tian will marry and give them a dowry. However, whoever dares to cheat and play tricks and does not obey the distribution will be resold and killed directly.
I heard that Eleanor was going to buy a slave and asked her to go to the slave trade to choose a slave. After all, this is her Ye Tiangu mistress’s job to choose a slave.
In the face of Aileen’s request, Ye Tianke can be said to be looking out. He has too many things to go to, and he is still waiting for him to go to the refinery and the factory building, and he is still waiting for him to buy so many things. It is really great that Aileen can help there. The most important thing is that Aileen can do it.
Before Aileen left, Ye Tian repeatedly told me that buying slaves must be over 15 years old and under 15 years old. Ye Tian didn’t want to work as a child. This was his principle.
In more than 100 days in three months, Ye Tian Pizza Hut, China Lamian Noodles chain Ye Tian earned more than 30 billion yuan to buy female slaves, and Ye Tian specially allocated 1 billion yuan to Aileen, even if it was enough to buy top slaves.
However, although the money is sufficient, Ye Tian is not limited to what quality slave Aileen wants to buy, but she needs to fill the medicine. There is not much demand for Aileen to buy whatever she likes. There is no need to buy a master chef or gardener to do such a simple job.
Elaine wouldn’t have received so much money before. Elaine knows very well that Ye Tiantong refuses to come back again once the money is given. There is no other reason than fear of chaos.
However, this time, Aileen, who had planned to make a billion copies, came with the card, accompanied by two ninth-order assassin female slaves, and rushed to the slave Dugrede to select new factory workers.
Aileen didn’t leave for the next day and rushed to the Vatican real estate management office to buy a huge knights training factory next to it to make a contraceptive filling car.
Dropping contraceptives belong to biological drugs, and a large amount of liquid medicine can be cultivated quickly without any formula. What needs to be done tomorrow is to build several huge culture warehouses.
In fact, the requirement of culture warehouse is not high, which is a large tank. At a certain temperature, the plant cells of the medicament can rapidly divide and multiply, and one warehouse of medicament can be produced in one day.
I successfully spent 10 billion silver coins, and Ye Tian rented a secret training ground next to Ailianbao, and then hired craftsmen to build a huge cultivation warehouse. According to the calculation, one warehouse can fill 10,000 bottles, and Ye Tian can bring in 100 million yuan every day if it is properly managed.
Ye Tian, of course, didn’t think about making the culture warehouse bigger and making more bottles every day, but after all, it’s just production, and no matter how much it can’t be sold, it’s also white-made. After the sales volume matches, you can always build a culture warehouse to increase the output quickly.
According to Ye Tian’s calculation, if one thousand workers can fill at least one bottle per hour, the total output per day is one million bottles, which is enough no matter how good the sales volume is.
Imagine that if the sales volume reaches one million bottles every day, the daily benefit of Yetian will reach 100 million. How exaggerated!
The world is almost populous, and it is not a fantasy to sell 10 thousand bottles a day, but how long it will take to realize the sales sooner or later, which depends on the marketing means
For the time being, Ye Tian hasn’t thought about the marketing yet, and he doesn’t know where to put it. He can’t put birth control pills in Pizza Hut. It’s so funny.
Ye Tian hired a large number of craftsmen to get through the training ground next to Ailianbao, making the two become the same courtyard and redecorating the residential area of the training ground. After all, the workers are girls and Ye Tian doesn’t want them to live in a bad environment.
Fortunately, this is the training ground of the Knights Order directly under the Holy See, and all the conditions belong to the top-class beautiful environment, wide area and magnificent and rich buildings. Even if it is a leaf day, it is not a problem to pick the slave girls who bought it.
Of course, it is impossible to live alone, but it is also necessary to build a factory building and filling equipment. Although it is impossible to build the factory building at once, at least the filling equipment can be manually operated for the time being.
Ye Tian built the culture warehouse on the top floor of the library, which belongs to the top secret area. Except Ye Tian Ailien, the designated person, outsiders are not allowed to enter and die against orders.
After arranging the construction matters, Ye Tian returned to the workshop to refine the elixir, which can not be delayed. In case these medicinal materials rot and deteriorate, the loss would be too great. It took Ye Tian more than three months to find all these medicinal materials. Once they rotted, the three-month efforts were all in vain.
On the other side of Ye Tianlian Dahuandan, the once-a-month slave auction kicked off. Aileen successfully entered the auction house with Ye Tianlian VIP card and made a bid in the box.
It’s been a week since I left the holy city. In fact, as early as one day ago, Aileen had already selected 1,000 female slaves. Although she was pregnant with a billion dollars, Aileen didn’t buy the top female slaves. She didn’t buy the very advanced ones. Ye Tian said that filling the root of the medicine would not require the quality of disabled people, so she needed ordinary female slaves to win.
One thousand ordinary slave girls spent a total of thirty million dollars, and the total amount of money was spent. At the moment, Elaine had a billion dollars in her hands.
Ye Tian’s words will certainly be confused. Even if she bought an ordinary slave, what is she doing here now that she has bought it all?
Soon the auction was held. First, the male slave VIP Aileen wore a cloak and a black veil to cover the auction facing Taiwan. Aileen seemed to be completely indifferent and waited patiently in her chair.
As time went by, one male slave after another was sold, but in the face of all this, Aileen was indifferent and sat there quietly as if she were in a trance, neither asking for a price nor caring.
Finally, the auction of male slaves was over, followed by the auction of female slaves. First, the auction of female martial arts was held. Seeing this, Aileen finally got a little bit of spirit and looked at the stage carefully to show the slaves, but she still didn’t bid.
Soon the auction of women’s martial arts ended, and then the auction was held by some female slaves with special abilities, who were still cold-eyed and didn’t say a word when faced with these Aileen, a master gardener.
Finally, the auction of slave girls with special skills was over, and the auction sites were all stunning beauties famous for their appearance and figure. Until this time, Elaine finally pulled herself together and waited eagerly in front of the observation window.
It’s not the fact that Aileen is refreshed. Everyone loves beautiful women, especially men. When they see beautiful women, their eyes stare like light bulbs. Even if they haven’t slept for a few days, they can be refreshed immediately.
In people’s excited eyes, one beauty after another with different styles looked at the stunning beauty Aileen one after another and couldn’t help sighing. Although these beautiful women seem to be in her, they are still far from her requirements.
Aileen’s idea is very simple. Since Ye Tiandi’s body and mind are tied by her own words, why not find a few sisters? Ye Tian said that she is the queen in this castle, so why not form a harem?
According to Aileen’s plan, she will buy several stunning beauties, and then everyone will make Ye Tianshi happier than one person’s charm is not enough. Then find more so that Ye Tian will often go home.
I have to say that Elaine’s idea is naive and pitiful, but it also means that it must be concrete. Who can guarantee it? We can wait until it actually happens.
As time goes by, the slave girl is getting more and more beautiful and hot, but she still can’t satisfy Aileen. She knows very well that ordinary beauty is absolutely impossible to achieve her goal.
Finally, an auction was held, and a woman with a pink princess skirt, a mask and a white gauze figure was gracefully on the stage.
Although I haven’t seen her face yet, the perfect figure and temperament alone have made people feel that this is definitely a stunning beauty that has ruined the country and the people.
Finally, the auctioneer’s voice rang loudly. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last auction of the auction, and it’s also a great show of the auction.
Speaking, the auctioneer shook his head in admiration and said, I believe everyone is familiar with Dongsheng Empire, right? Three years ago, Dongsheng Empire was annexed by Tianfeng Empire. This is something that everyone knows, but you may not know that Princess Dongsheng Empire still lives in this world.
At the same time, people gasped when they heard the auctioneer’s words. At the same time, everyone realized that this slim girl in a pink princess dress was probably the former princess of Dongsheng Empire, as the auctioneer said.
Satisfied to see everyone amazed, the auctioneer proudly held his head high and continued, yes, now in Taiwan, after three years of training, the only princess in Dongsheng Empire is known as the first beauty princess in Dongsheng Empire.

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