"Miss, please calm down." Robert really couldn’t look away. He glanced over the kneeling maid and advised Donna to say, "Everyone knows that the daffodil is Miss’s favorite potted plant. She dare not deliberately break it. If you have a lot, give her a chance to forgive her this time."

Because the maid accidentally broke a potted plant, she called the police and asked the police to deal with it. Robert couldn’t do it
Every day in the news, it is reported that terrorist attacks have caused serious property losses. The police are too busy to find out where the terrorist scores are, and they can’t manage a trivial family dispute.
"Forgive her" Donna seemed to hear something amazing, and her eyes looked at Robert in disbelief. "Did she break a potted plant? Robert, others don’t know. Don’t you know? The narcissus ceramics were made in Jingdezhen in Guangxu year of Qing Dynasty, and the tribute ceramics were antiques worth millions. How can I forgive her?"
When she heard that it was an antique, millions of maids almost fainted. She would have known that the narcissus pottery was an antique and wouldn’t touch anything.
The maid was in despair.
Robert frowned and broke it, not to mention the daffodil. Miss Donna said that the daffodil was really an antique every time it was wrong. It was taken back by the owner at an auction, and now it is not realistic for the maid to pay for it. How much money can a maid earn?
Robert’s silence aroused Donna’s scorn and said, "Or do you want the housekeeper to pay for it for her?"
At this time, a car came outside, and three people in the hall looked different. Robert said, "The master is back, miss, please wait a moment and I will pick him up."
"Stay" Donna called Robert to get up and walk in front of him. "I’ll go with you to pick up my brother."
She won’t give the housekeeper a chance to tell herself in front of her brother.
Robert followed Donna. Two people walked to the door and Tang Hao walked in with long legs.
"Brother, you’re back." Donna leaned against him with a bright smile like a butterfly falling into Tang Hao’s arms like innocent girl.
Tang Hao was slightly dazed when he caught Donna. He felt that his sister was too enthusiastic today, but Nana would take the initiative to get close to him. Naturally, he was happy to put his arm around her and make fun of her and ask, "Today is in trouble."
"No" Donna denied pretending to be angry and stared at Tang Hao with a pout. "Brother, I’m your sister. Why don’t you always ask me if I’m in trouble as soon as I get home?"
"Don’t you like making trouble?" Tang Hao raised his eyebrows and decided that he must pay the price for curing Nana’s disease.
"I don’t like making trouble," Donna replied firmly.
"Since it’s not trouble," Tang Hao said thoughtfully, "that’s what you want from me. Tell me what you want this time. I’ll ask Jason to buy it for you."
Donna’s little face collapsed and stopped, and the fog appeared in her eyes.
"What’s the matter?" Tang Hao couldn’t stand her crying like this. She quickly hugged her petite and asked softly, "What’s the matter? Tell my brother that it’s up to you."
Robert shouted in his mind that it was terrible for Donna to pretend to be pathetic. The master must have no principle to blame the maid for having a way out.
Donna didn’t speak and looked at the maid on her knees.
"What did she do?" Glanced at the maid, Tang Hao, kneeling beside Donna.
"Brother, I’m sorry," Donna said with a look of apology and guilt. "Brother, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let her move that daffodil."
Tang Hao frowned in the fog and asked, "What’s going on?"
Donna told the story once, of course, she didn’t criticize the maid too much, and even took the blame on herself, saying that it was her fault and asked Tang Hao not to blame the maid.
Donna knows very well that her brother is too clever. She will make her brother feel that she has to be strict with the maid, and it will be different if she takes the blame on herself. My brother will feel that she is kind to the maid who broke the antique and will spoil her more after she is so lenient.
Robert and the maid were so surprised that they were completely different. Donna’s speed of change made both of them unable to react.
"It’s just that a vase is broken," Tang Hao said with a so-called face and comforted her. "If you can’t bear it, I’ll buy you another one."
"But that’s an antique." Donna’s bubble face in her heart is still a pity.
"Antique is also a thing" is not as important as you. Tang Hao didn’t say it. Looking at Donna’s deep eyes, she was full of pity. "I said I would buy you another one. Don’t be sad."
Don’t be sad when you buy one. Come and smile at your brother. "
"Brother" Donna pushed him and joked with a smile. "You look like a woman who molested a good family in an ancient TV play."
"Learn to tease my brother." Tang Hao knocked a finger on Donna’s forehead in exchange for Donna’s crying, "My brother is a delicate girl. How can you have such a heavy hand?"
Tang Hao smiled. I don’t know why a calm face appeared in my mind. There was no expression. No matter when she was, she would always be as cold as ice.
He knew she was wearing a mask, but he didn’t want to take her mask to see what she really meant.
"Brother, what are you thinking?" Donna asked with big pure eyes.
"I didn’t think anything." Tang Hao reached out and touched Donna’s head. "It’s good to be okay. I have things to deal with. You stay at home."
"Brother, didn’t you come back to accompany me?" Donna asked with obvious disappointment in her eyes.
"I came back to see you." Tang Hao’s face turned serious. "Nana’s brother will definitely cure your illness and give you a healthy body at any cost."
"Is something wrong with my brother?" Donna asked why Tang Hao suddenly said this.
"Nothing." Tang Hao didn’t tell Donna the specific details. He knew that Nana was sensitive and kind. If she knew that the way to cure her illness was to benefit a woman, Nana would not agree.
"Brother, don’t force yourself." Donna is optimistic about her health. "My brother said it was difficult to cure my illness, but you didn’t give up. I appreciate it, but I don’t want my brother to be exhausted because of my illness. I will be very sorry."
"Fool" Tang Hao couldn’t express his disappointment in his heart, but he didn’t show a very relaxed tone and said, "You are the most important person in your brother. You should do everything. You don’t have to feel bad."
"Brother" threw himself into Tang Hao’s arms again. Donna hugged him tightly and buried his face in his chest. "It’s good to have you. You will always be my brother."
It will always be her brother and brother Tang Hao who smiles bitterly in his heart.
Tang Hao didn’t raise her hand to hug her back. Donna quickly released her hand and deliberately said with a straight face, "Brother, you can’t help me find a cure and forget about having a girlfriend. I can’t do that."
Tang Hao asked softly, "I really want my brother to have a girlfriend."
"Of course," Donna smiled very heartily and looked forward to it. "Mommy is often not around. My brother and I have to deal with things in Tangmen and find a cure for me. I’m so busy. I’m lonely and poor. My brother has a girlfriend, so I have an extra sister-in-law to accompany me. If my brother bullies me, I can complain to my sister-in-law."
Tang Hao pulled his lips slightly to say something, and finally turned away without saying anything.
Watching Tang Hao pull back and disappear at the gate, Donna’s heart sank and her brother really had a woman outside.
The villas in the suburbs are surrounded by mountains and seas, and the ginkgo trees on both sides of the road are tall and straight, and they are very neatly arranged like guards guarding this world.
Sitting on the balcony on the second floor of the villa, watching Mei Tian, occasionally a bird flies over the blue heart.
"Blue you deserve to die" and "Blue you are really good" were the last two words that Tang Hao said before leaving last night. Each sentence was very short, and she also heard the gnashing of teeth from it.
When Tang Hao grabbed his neck last night, she had no doubt that he wanted to kill her heart.
At the same time, she also cast ingots. Tang Hao won’t kill her. She won’t do anything to her until she gives him umbilical cord blood.
Umbilical cord blood is really funny. Donna is sick and needs umbilical cord blood treatment, so Donna can have a baby by herself. Why should she have an afterlife?
Suddenly a pigeon landed on the coffee table, which attracted Blue’s attention. Seeing a note tied to the pigeon’s leg, Blue eyes sank, reaching for the note, and the pigeon fluttered its wings and flew away:
Chapter 16 was discovered.
Tang Hao didn’t go to Tangmen to deal with things, but went to the villa where Lan currently lives and didn’t see the blue figure in the bedroom. Tang Hao was not surprised at all that Lan was not in the bedroom and must be on the balcony.
He went straight to the balcony, and sure enough, he sat on the balcony sofa chair in a light blue jumpsuit, which set off her concave-convex graceful figure and made her look more and more lovely.
She was holding a note in her hand, staring intently and not knowing what she was looking at.
"What are you looking at?" Tang Hao asked casually as he approached slowly.
Blue eyes looked up at Tang Hao coming to her eyes for a moment, while Tang Hao had come to her and gently tore up the note in his hand.

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