"Nonsense is your dad, me, you fucking played for a long time. Don’t you know who it was?" Qin Shaojie is not used to his scolding with his mouth open at all.

"Hum your breath" Thor disdained to give a cold hum and said, "Good. Now that you have taken the initiative to deliver the door, please save your lives. You killed four powers in my temple, and today I will let you go and bury them."
Qin Shaojie was delighted to hear Thor’s words.
It seems that the temple, including Maureen Sal, is dead in China, so Qin Shaojie will take Maureen Sal to find the position of the temple and will not be alarmed by them.
"Handsome boy, you said you were so handsome that I was moved. Why don’t you surrender?" Scarlett looked at Qin Shaojie smiles appealed and said
"If you want to surrender, I’ll accompany you tonight. Whatever you want."
Qin Shaojie also thought about pretending to surrender and then following them to the sanctuary, but after thinking about it, he dismissed the idea.
If you surrender, you can be taken away by them, and maybe you will be restrained by them to repair yourself. In that case, you suspect that you are putting yourself on fire, even if you don’t restrict him to repair the remaining powers, if you unite, he is no match.
"Hey that little brother, what’s your name?"
Qin Shaojie didn’t speak when she heard Douremei’s mouth around her.
"You look at your women are going to have an affair, and you really want to." Dou Re-mei also looked at Thor with a charming face and said, "Why don’t you surrender and your woman accompany him? Then I’ll be wronged. How about staying with you later? You can do whatever you want. "
Qin Shaojie and Thor both have a face of black lines and a very strange expression.
Shit, are we here to fight or buy sex? These two women are cruel enough!
Chapter 522 Field again
Thor’s temper is as hot as his powers.
"That’s enough" Thor shouted to stop two women from talking crazily and looked at Qin Shaojie and said, "Now that you’re here, don’t even think about running away. In Chinese, that’s killing Caesar and paying for their lives. Hum, don’t you kill Caesar and the four of them can kill me."
Thor’s voice just fell and Scarlett smiled, and then a dark cloud appeared in front of them.
The idea of "scattering" started Qin Shaojie and immediately broke up the dark clouds blocking the two people with one hand.
It’s hard to find these two guys, but we can’t let them disappear again
But it was still late. Thor and Scarlett disappeared in a flash when the dark clouds blocked Qin Shaojie’s sight.
"Why do you waste so many words with them and run away now?" Dou Re-mei pursed her lips like a little girl and complained to Qin Shaojie.
"I depend on you to say that I" Qin Shaojie quit immediately "I am a doer who took the opportunity to fight to the death, but you have to be coquettish with that woman"
"Hum than what do you want?" Dou Ruomei said with her hands akimbo, "It’s hard to understand that I’m not as coquettish as that woman?"
"Stop," Qin Shaojie shouted gloomily. "You are the most coquettish, okay? Look at this cloud. They don’t know where they are hiding. Can we stop making trouble first?"
Qin Shaojie’s words just finished but suddenly changed.
The position of the two people is that Scarlett got out of the clouds. At this time, the lights appeared again, but this time it was not a thunder chain, but the lights spread rapidly in the dark clouds, and then Qin Shaojie Dou Ruomei was surrounded like an iron cage.
"We seem to be locked up?" Dou Re-mei looked around and said.
"Nonsense, you said that" Qin Shaojie didn’t good the spirit said at the same time amber sword also appeared in another hand.
He heard Yu Wenhao say that Xuanyuan Amber merged with natural enemies, but he didn’t know how to merge this thing. He also thought about whether to cut Xuanyuan Sword and Amber Sword like in "Eternal Dragon Slayer", but it was wrong to think about it later.
In that case, it’s not a merger, but mutual destruction
"Imperial Magic Sword Array" Qin Shaojie drank a amber sword and sold it, then split it into swords and launched the Imperial Magic Sword Array.
The sword constantly changed its position and formed a defensive form, in which Qin Shaojie and Dou Ruomei were protected.
Because Dou Re-mei is now on the ground in France and France to get out of the ice cone defense, Qin Shaojie simply protected her together.
In fact, it’s all redundant. Dou Re-mei is a pick. If those two powers don’t always disappear, it’s enough for Dou Re-mei to deal with the two of them alone, but when it’s needed, it’s just that she wants to get hurt less than winning the lottery.
"Xuanyuanjian Wan Jian Guizong" Qin Shaojie flapped his wings and flew to the heights again. Xuanyuanjian suddenly flashed golden light and turned golden shock wave instantly toward all directions.
The golden firm but gentle light collided and burst into a dazzling light and loud noise, and then the light was made into a cage and was split by Qin Shaojie.
"There is still some ability," Thor said again, "but it’s still a little short."
Talking Thor appeared again, but this time it was without Scarlett, the rain god.
"See where are you still running?" See Thor’s appearance. Qin Shaojie is not much. Holding Xuanyuan sword in his hand and patting Raytheon’s wing, he was greeted.
Thor didn’t dodge the light flashing in his hand, and then his hands shook and his wrists turned, and two whips three meters long appeared in his hand.
"Before" a whip in Thor’s hand cut through the clouds and went straight to Qin Shaojie to smoke in the past
Qin Shaojie which can let him hit quickly change direction in the hand is also broke into a blue light and then a light at thor played in the past.
"Hey, hey, you don’t know where it is when you play this game with me." Qin Shaojie smiled smugly when he saw that Thor didn’t dodge.
"What? I’m fine. "Qin Shaojie was frightened because the imperial LeiFu hit Thor and it didn’t hurt him at all, and the goods also absorbed the LeiLi.
"Thank you for lunch." Thor laughed, but this was not a thank you, but a mockery of Qin Shaojie’s Imperial Leifu, which had no power at all.
"Now it’s my turn," said Thor, who threw two whips together like darts.
Qin Shaojie quickly retreated and waved his Xuanyuan sword quickly, and the two whips were split by Xuanyuan sword.
And then Thor disappeared again.
Qin Shaojie turned around quickly, but Thorray chain was late. One ray chain came from all sides and ran for Qin Shaojie.
"This is a fucking obscene flow." Qin Shaojie was very disdainful of Thor’s practice of disappearing with one stroke.
Scold to scold him or not. Xuanyuan sword keeps waving and cutting off the thunder chain that shoots at him, but the thunder chain is like weeds. It’s really wildfire never quite consumes them spring breeze blowing, Qin Shaojie cuts off one and then comes up with another.
"Ha ha, I think you are coping." Thor sounded again and people appeared in front of Qin Shaojie. Not far away, there was a chain of thunder from all directions.
Qin Shaojie hates him. He hates to death. Let’s go. The wretched guy has the nerve to call God.
Mom spelled Qin Shaojie thought.

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