The mouth of the knife reveals a chilling grin, which is also the trap he set. Except for his own people, he knows that the ground in other parts of the security zone is coated with a layer of insulation material.

Apply dilute sulfuric acid to this layer of material. When the guards of honor came in, dilute sulfuric acid slowly corroded their shoes.
The low concentration of sulfuric acid did not produce much reaction, and even people in the room did not know it.
Until the soles are slowly corroded and damaged, the real deadly toxin is that it can penetrate the body through the skin. In Xiangmanlou, the chemical poison-potassium cyanide was used.
If it weren’t for Qin Yang’s influence in Tianhua City, this national regulatory special preparation might not be available even if it was rich.
There is no protective isolation, and a master who is infiltrated into the body by potassium cyanide also has the result of eating and drinking on the spot
Dadada …
Before the skeleton-like old man could speak, everyone’s guns spewed out dazzling flames.
I know that this time, all the masters are not powerful enough to get guns up, so Qin Yang took out the secret collection at the expense of blood, and even the ghost hand they didn’t know.
Four Gatling machine guns and six Gatling guns sprayed with powerful bullets like crazy, as if to completely destroy everything in sight. This is the most horrible individual killing weapon on the battlefield.
Even if the old man has the master level to repair the body, he can easily stop the bullet, but the reaction makes him go one step further.
For those who are a master, they are even more embarrassed than him.
The living room is so big in total, and the distance between the two sides is too close. Although the single-shot power of machine guns is far from sniper rifles, the short-range power is not small, and the loading density is too high. How can it be pleasant to have several rounds or even dozens of rounds falling on your body at any time?
More than 30 masters of Nine Evil Doors are crazy about protecting themselves, flashing in a strong reaction and being beaten backwards one by one.
A dozen of them just broke through to budo, and a guy was directly shot out. Although the protective gas blocked the bomb, he still couldn’t stand the small shock.
At this moment, I was stuck at the door by strong fire, and there was a deafening explosion among many masters.
A first-class master spilled blood and rain in the sky several meters away, and half of his head was broken and red and white all over the floor.
Ghost hand left hand impressively holding a handle sniper rifle muzzle plumes of smoke, the master is he took a shot in the head.
It’s strange that even a first-class player can barely cope with being strafed by a machine gun at such close range, and suddenly a powerful armor-piercing sniper bomb can stop it.
Seeing the ghost hand strike work, others followed suit.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Thumb sniper rifle bullets span the distance of less than 20 meters at a speed of kilometers per second.
Don’t say that you are a first-class master at such a short distance, even if you are a master, it is hard to avoid!
When Qin Yang and others learned that the ghost hand suppressed a large range of fire with a machine gun and then sneaked into the sniper rifle, a few masters of the Nine Evil Doors were injured in a moment. Unfortunately, they made the gun firing less than the special forces, and the ghost hand was so close that more than half of them bounced off.
It is precisely because of the lack of accuracy that many people have not been hit in the key, or their thighs have been blown into two pieces or half of their shoulders have been blown into a blood hole the size of a bowl, screaming and falling to the ground.
This kind of scene is even more intimidating. Seeing the miserable companions is paler than the masters left in the field, and they dare not rush forward.
At close range, it is impossible for them to avoid the sniper rifle sneak attack in the dense machine gun strafe.
See door elite brother killed several people, the old man’s pale gray hair is flying up and down to drink "you damn ten thousand little bastards dare to kill your younger brother with arms. I want you to die a natural death!" Everybody back off. I want to see how much ammunition there is. I want to see you scream in despair when your ammunition runs out … "
There is a master left, who runs faster than rabbits one by one, and in a blink of an eye, the old man in the living room is left alone to resist the hail.
Dadada …
Gatling machine guns spewed out six long flames, and several people were helped in their hearts.
The old ghost across the street is amazing, and even a sniper rifle can knock him back, which can’t effectively kill him. It’s just that his whole body is full of qi, and it’s nothing more than being 20 meters away. Once the two sides get close, everyone including Qin Yang can be injured by the pressure of breath alone.
The only way to get close to other methods is to keep fire suppression and to cover the area with bullets and rain to prevent the chance of missing needles.
In this way, the ammunition consumption rate is bound to be extremely fast, even if Qin Yang spends all his money, how long will it last?
When the first-class masters were beaten back by the old man, three of them stopped fighting, and there was no way to delay as much as possible. When four machine guns fired ammunition at the same time, the consumption rate was too amazing. After all, there was only one person left in the other side now.
"The elders do you want to let Su Yunfeng other people come over? The most important thing in the secular world is arms! " Outside the villa, a master shouted
In the old man’s eyes, the green light flashed and the palm of his hand flickered easily, and several machine bullets were stopped by the reaction. "Give up your seat and ask the younger generation for help?" Today, the bodhi old zu will let these little bastards know that all external forces are jokes in the face of absolute strength! "
The strength of the Nine Evil Men in the secular world, not to mention ordinary firearms, even tanks and armored vehicles, are likely to get their hands on this villa without blowing dust.
However, since he leads the master of the door, if he comes back for help, the opponents of worldly power are just a few lowly extortionates. Do you want this master’s strong face?
The flow of qi and body didn’t weaken the old man in the slightest, such as killing the gods and calling out, "Tell the people in Tianhua city that they don’t have to step in and bear the burden here!"
It is a violation of the state ban for fighters to use modern weapons. The responsibility of organizations like the Dark Dragon is to deal with related matters.

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