It happened that Ai Lijie was waking up and saw the clouds slowly bleaching from black. At that moment, the strange scene scared her eyes and fainted again

Cloud for so long, thirsty and hungry, regardless of coma again, Ai Lijie himself went to the jungle to find food.
The deeper the jungle, the more gloomy the clouds are. Although the art is high and bold, it is also made by this obscure and strange atmosphere. Mao Mao wants to quit, but the food has not been found, and it is really unreasonable to go back.
Cloud will concentrate on guarding against accidents at any time.
"Yo yo ~ ~" A strange sound suddenly flew out of thousands of bats in the jungle, and they were blood-sucking bats with fangs. It seems that they broke into the lair of blood-sucking bats!
It is no wonder that there are almost no animals around, and it seems that they have all been preyed by this group of blood-sucking demons. Although the clouds are scared, they suddenly see so many fierce and ugly shapes, and they are all dark, but their stomachs are rolling and vomiting.
But what makes the cloud feel strange is that they have been here for so long, but none of the blood-sucking bats dare to pounce on them. Can these beasts and prophets predict that they will be fighting hard?
In fact, the real reason why these bats dare not go near the cloud is that they feel the breath of the vampire bat king in the cloud, and the blood is the king of kings, which makes all the same kind feel afraid.
Cloud saw that those bats didn’t attack themselves and dared not relax and slowly retreated back to a place like this. He didn’t want to stay for a moment. At this moment, he regretted not catching a few birds and catching a few tails to deal with it. Why did he rush to the depths of the forest so stubbornly?
Yuncai stepped back a few steps and was about to break away from the encirclement of bats. Yuncai suddenly heard a piercing cry and called a huge and strong giant vampire bat to Yunfei. It seems that it is the king of vampire bats here.
Although not afraid of this huge bat, Wang Yun still felt his hair stand on end. When Li Xian introduced him to blood bite, he was particularly aware that there was a terrible "force blood bite" that could tear the living. At that time, the cloud was still skeptical. At this moment, it is roughly conceivable that the so-called "force blood bite" should be strengthened by this huge and quiet beast.
"I don’t know if this bat brother is going to stop?" Yun knows that these bats are unreasonable, but he still stubbornly adheres to his usual courtesy.
The bat king even rowed the clouds to go deeper into the forest.
Of course, he didn’t want to go inside any more, but the king of bats screamed that he was always heartless. Besides, these blood-sucking bats are all "blood sons" and I don’t know how many times I have helped myself along the way. How can I ignore their "blood brothers"?
With the giant bat king guiding the clouds to a cave deep in the jungle, it is strange that nothing grows around the cave, and the soil on the ground seems to be much firmer than that in the jungle. The area around the cave mouth, about five feet square, seems to have been artificially chiseled and generally sunk in, which is really strange to the extreme.
Are these natural enemies of vampire bats living in this cave? This is the only idea of cloud.
However, it seems that I haven’t heard that there are animals specializing in bat food, and the vampire bat king should be the top of the food chain. There are fierce monsters who are even afraid of the vampire bat king. Cloud is very confused.
While Yun frowns and thinks, the strong vampire bat king has shaken his chubby body and challenged the unknown creature in the cave. He tried his best to "tweet" like a child who called his parents and family to help after losing the fight.
Suddenly a huge python head appeared inside, and all the blood-sucking bats immediately flew away near the cave, leaving the clouds in place.
This is really a python. I’m afraid the dragon is just so much. The huge python head seems to be how tall one person is, so it is speculated that its body is about dozens of feet and even longer. The cloud has previously met the python in the Tianlong treasure cave in Kunlun. Compared with this, it is more unexpected that the grandchildren can have such a terrible monster cloud. This is why this cave will be so strange. At this moment, I am afraid that the monster has lived for thousands of years and finally dispelled doubts.
After the python poked its head out, it tried to inhale the cloud, only to find that all living and inanimate things around its terror place were sucked by this huge suction, and it became a python’s belly. I believe that the python did not know how many blood-sucking bats it sucked into its abdomen, and that blood-sucking bat would ask for help from itself. The cloud is in reverse, and King Kong’s posture is lightly in place, although the python’s suction is strong and it is also acceptable for such figures as the cloud.
It may be the first time that a python meets a creature that can resist its own suction, but it doesn’t stop. Suddenly, it spits out a huge red letter like a sail and rolls to the clouds.
The cloud was caught off guard immediately, but there was no response yet. Both hands were caught in the python red letter and could not move. As soon as the python red letter was received, it would be swallowed up. The situation was very critical.
"tweet!" Although the vampire bat king didn’t dare to get close to it, he kept holding on to the branches of a big tree not far from the cave to watch the game. At this moment, he saw that the cloud was going to be swallowed by the python. The vampire bat king didn’t know where he got the courage to dive from the high branch and pull the python’s red letter with his front paws. The bat king was terrible. Machamp sent a field at this moment, and the python’s red letter was torn to the cloud. He also took the opportunity to break free and hold of his red letter. He was ready to make a scene in the python’s stomach, but he was very glad that he didn’
After fleeing far away, Yun can still feel his heart beating fast. It was really a close call just now. It was too dangerous. Yun kept blaming himself for being too confident and almost lost his life. Yun knew that Ai Lijie should have been awake by this time, so he put his opposing trembling blood-sucking bat king. It seems that it was also scared this time.
"It’s really hard to have a plan to break the enemy in a hurry today. Why don’t you come to help Brother Bat when you think about it?" Cloud, whether the vampire bat king can understand himself or not, he walked back first. It was already dark, and he didn’t want to stay in this dark forest all night.
The road caught a few wild birds and found a stream in the dense forest to take some water back.
When the cloud returned to the place where the big stone of Ai Lijie was placed, Ai Lijie still stayed where she was when she saw the cloud coming back. Her face flashed with surprise and peace of mind. "You are back."
"Well, I hit a few birds and brought some water back." Yun didn’t want to tell Ai Lijie what she had seen in the jungle. Since she was so timid, it was better not to scare her.
"I’m afraid that you won’t come back." Ai Lijie hung her head and didn’t dare to look at the clouds. She didn’t say that she loved the clouds, but that she was white in such an isolated island. If there were no clouds around, she would not be able to live. She had tried to go into the jungle to find the clouds before, but she was scared to retreat. In fact, she had been crouching in that big rock before the clouds came back.
"Aren’t you afraid of me?" Cloud grinned. He thought it was very interesting. He was so afraid of himself just now.
"It’s better to be eaten by you than to be scared to death by this ghost forest island!" Ai Lijie said that in fact, she just heard a few birds chirping in the forest, but loneliness is sometimes the most terrible. She is afraid of loneliness more.
"I eat birds, do you eat them?" In fact, Ai Lijie’s words in the cloud were ill-chosen or ambiguous at the moment. When they said it, they didn’t think it was right until they finished. They were embarrassed to say it again, and the atmosphere became awkward and ambiguous.
"It’s getting dark in the horse. I’ll get some firewood to make a fire. You wait for me here." Yun successfully changed the subject.
"Well, don’t wait!" Ai Lijie has promised to come, but he is afraid of sitting here alone again. "Shall I go with you?"
"No, your foot is still hurt!" Yun immediately rejected Ai Lijie’s request.
"It’s ready," Ai Lijie said timidly. "Please take me."
"Be obedient and don’t make trouble" is the cloud’s favorite way to blurt out when talking to women like Sun Qing when fooling around.
"I don’t want to stay here alone. I’m afraid!" Ai Lijie confessed.

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