At the same time, the two groups of Chishui also agreed with Moxiu from two directions!

This theory can’t escape if it is fast!
In the face of such danger, don’t be afraid. Instead of running away, you quickly put away your life and fly your sword.
At the same time, one hundred real dollars were poured into gold and Lei Jian at the same time!
The thunder of Huang Zhong and Lu suddenly sounded in the road, and a breathtaking force penetrated out.
Even if the company commander needs the four-story repair of the old man’s foundation period, his mind will tremble!
With the boom, it is a big sword with golden light flashing and golden Se!
Gold se sword thundered from time to time, and the potential was appalling.
Jin Leijian!
Hundreds of true yuan at the same time fuelling the power of the Golden Thunder Sword is not weaker than that of the Chinese multiplier!
The bearded old man suddenly changed his face!
Until now, he didn’t know how tough Moxiu’s strength was!
But it’s too late now!
Moxiu launched the strongest blow!
Golden light flashing!
Poof! Poof!
Two water curtains broke with one blow.
Poof! Hey!
Two regiments of Chishui were broken with one blow.
Life fly sword also didn’t stop gold Lei Jian!
On a roll!
Jin Leijian finally broke through all obstacles, cutting the waist of the bearded old man too long, not only cutting off the waist of the bearded old man, but also burning his body into coke by the thunder attached to Jin Leijian.
The bearded old man was killed by a blow!
Chapter 9 Finding Lingshi Vein
Dispose of the body of the bearded old man. Moxiu immediately found a quiet place, and then reunited with the true yuan after a panacea.
After an hour, Mo Xiu finally opened his eyes, but instead of leaving immediately, he secretly calculated.
"This bearded old man can find me? 、
"Just now, I have already started Jin Si soft armor, and even the monks in the then period could not have found me if I didn’t make a spiritual force."
"well! The problem should be that the three monks killed by Shui Yunzong in the past should be that their bodies and objects have leaked my position. "
"But they have so many things that there is no way to distinguish them one by one. It is best to seal them all."
"try the five-element tripod"
Thought of here, Mo Xiu immediately took out the five-element tripod and put everything he had killed into it.
"Not only Shuiyunzong, but also other clans should have this kind of thing. Now put them together. If a monk can find me again, I say there is no place for the five-element tripod."
I patted myself on the dust and set off again.
Just after an hour or so, Mo Xiu suddenly moved his face.
"One of the magic moves faster suddenly! This is by no means the speed that Zhong Lingdan can have! "
"Either it was discovered by other monks or it was swallowed by the fire grass!"
"Go and see!"
A mouthful of real yuan poured into combat boots, and Mo Xiu disappeared like a ghost.
One day later
Mo Xiu stayed in a narrow tunnel, and in front of him was a thick stone wall.
"According to the wisdom of the brain, the magic bullet often appears near here, but I have traveled all over the neighborhood and there are no passages and thick stone walls."

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