Then I held her cold hand in one hand and turned to look at my parents. One long leg was tilted and overlapped on the other leg. In addition to being domineering, it was a little more calm and quiet, and people could not help but focus on him.

The knife, the axe, and the exquisite outline don’t need to talk. Sitting there holding your breath and looking at people not far away has already taught people a little more depressing.
"Yun Jian naturally won’t die easily, but if you two really fight, you are definitely no match for him." Teng always speaks frankly with his mouth open.
"Even if I die, I will fight with him. Otherwise, how can I be worthy of being this brother?" Professor Teng was exasperated by his seriousness and contempt.
"He is a practitioner and carries a gun with him. I guess you must have just taken the knife on the table. I’m curious how you escaped from his gun."
Professor Yuan …
Gentle …
Professor Teng can’t believe it. Looking at his own son, is this his own son?
"Hum, it’s not your daughter-in-law who ran away with that small jump window and didn’t fall to death. He’s lucky."
Mr. Teng always listened to Professor Teng, but he held his head slightly and seemed to understand that he had just been gentle and red-eyed, and he also understood why they would appear together on the ladder. They were in a mess and indifferent.
"So that’s it. You must seize the opportunity that time." Teng always said with a smile that it seemed serious.
Professor Teng looked up at him and rubbed himself out of the sofa. I think you have to piss me off. I can’t. There is tenderness. Why are you still dating this man?
Gentle and afraid to speak, with her head down like a girl who made a mistake.
"Oh, he broke in hard. I was there with tenderness." Professor Yuan immediately extended for his daughter-in-law.
"Hum, I haven’t said you. How can you leave them alone? Don’t you know how dangerous that underworld leader is? "
"I’m not thinking that he is good with tenderness. I …"
"Good? You can … Hum, I’m too lazy to talk to you. "
Professor Teng said and left with his sleeves, and Professor Yuan left with the child in her arms.
The door was left in the big room, and they were gentle and nervous, but he looked at her silently for a long time without talking.
Gentle in the mind is afraid that he will think about it and he will behave in front of outsiders, but after the two of them are left, he will fight the vinegar altar again. This has happened more than three or five times.
Teng always looked at the woman with her head down and couldn’t do anything.
Chennai sighed and then raised my hand to pick her up, forcing her to look up at herself.
Gentleness is injustice staring at him and seems to be giving him a shot.
"If I didn’t happen to be at the door of the ladder, are you going to elope with that bastard?"
"Know the past and ask"
"Now come and tell me the whole story. Do you really think I am a living fairy and can guess what happened to you?"
He leaned over and looked at her red eyes, and the anger in his heart disappeared.
"First of all, I want to clarify that I am asking because I have finished writing to you."
His low voice put his lip in front of her soft lips.
Gentle and slightly held her breath and looked at him, but she raised her hand and grabbed his hand. Then say it well.
Teng always promised, and then put his legs down and lay beside her in a flash. That handsome move made her laugh.
Lift thin and cover them together. He gently caressed her abdomen wound to warm her, and then I guess Yunjian came to see you and was caught by his father.
"Ah, yes, my father went back and forth. I didn’t expect him to come back so soon. When I heard the sound, I urged Yunjian to leave Yunjian. I was afraid that I was difficult, so I turned over the window. At that time, I was frightened. As soon as I turned around, he jumped. Dad went to wash his hands with a knife. I couldn’t care less, so I chased him out. Then suddenly Yunjian was in front of me on the first floor, and you saw him."
Tell it gently and simply, but manager Teng nods. It’s great, too
"The man I envy most in this world is not gentle, but Yun Jian, who can make you cry like this." He lay beside her and looked at her face and told her that he was still nervous.
"Do you know who I am most jealous of?" Give him a gentle smile.
"Huh?" Teng always didn’t react and then he was curious.
"The person I envy most is you. You can take away all my mind."
He was right to listen to her so that he could go forward and kiss her gently on the forehead and lip corner.
Gentle and tired, leaning in his arms, what should dad do if he is angry again?

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