"Regardless of whether these six people have made any gains, this precious girl, Yu Yun Feng Yu Shao, is inexhaustible for your generation."

Yu Changying looked up and let people see that his expression and eyes were full of distortion and ferocity, as if he finally had a chance to kill his enemy. He seemed almost crazy and cried, "He is the great-grandson of the contemporary Pope in the Imperial Palace. His grandfather will be the Pope in the Imperial Palace. His father is the only son of his grandfather … His father has two sons, and the son born in another wing will never be inherited!"
Everyone was shocked. His words were not only to vent the shadows in his heart for many years, but also to tell someone in the place that this is a big fat sheep.
It is almost foreseeable that in the future, he will be the heir to the imperial palace, inheriting not only the so-called family but also the top 100 super powers in the celestial world
If you see this man in other places, even if he is present, no one dares to touch him, because no one knows how many peerless strong people are close to him.
However, it is different here!
Even if we kill him, no one will know. What’s more important is that this planet allows pick Jin Xian to enter his side at most. It is impossible to be protected by the strong. How can we not grasp such a golden opportunity?
"Yu Yunfeng … surname Yu … Yes, the Emperor Hanyu in the Imperial Palace seems to be surnamed Yu!"
"He is really the imperial palace office? !”
Not many people know the real names of the super powers in the celestial world, but the family names of these overlords are no secret.
The thirteen people’s eyes were a bit hot, but also a little deeply taboo.
There must be an extremely powerful person in the super power. Baby is by no means so easy to kill. Just like Qi Xianer’s ancestor is not the super power overlord, Bao Xiang’s golden wheel can resist the attack of ordinary immortals. What’s more, it’s the great-grandson of the Pope in the Imperial Palace.
If you can’t kill him, he escapes, and those who do it to him will be in trouble, and they will be hunted down by the master of the Imperial Palace.
It is true that there are many people with backgrounds, but there are only people with backgrounds like Yu Qifeng.
"Kill him! What are you still staring at? Kill him! Those treasures are all you! "
Yu Changying almost shouted wildly. This half-brother has been a nightmare hidden in his heart for hundreds of years. There has always been a voice shouting in the depths of his heart. Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to pretend to be submissive before, but it was just that that made the demons grow stronger.
In fact, to be honest, this brother has always treated him as a younger brother, unlike some concubines who fought like hell to suppress concubines.
However, Yu Yunfeng has a great shortcoming, that is, his personality is extremely arrogant, which makes Yu Yunying’s heart full of jealousy from an early age. Besides, his father, grandfather and grandfather, the Pope’s grandfather in the imperial palace, all love Yu Yunfeng to the extreme. What good things are there? All these things make Yu Yunying jealous.
A combination of various reasons will cause his demons. Although Yu Qifeng has always been good to him, it has not calmed the demons in his heart.
"Idiot! How dare you expose our identity simply … "
Yu Qifeng was mad at this half-brother. Now that his identity has been exposed, he has no fear at all. He pointed to the twelve people walking with Yu Changying and said coldly, "I will remember you less, your breath, your appearance, and you are dead!"
It’s over!
The original is also due to the identity recognition of Yu Chang Feng, and Xiao Chen’s cold almost didn’t spit out one mouthful blood.
The arrogance of this cargo really makes people unbearable. No wonder Yu Changying is bent on killing his roommate. Now he wants to say a few words to them through his identity and the other party’s scruples. The other party has scruples and never dares to make moves, but he wants to directly take revenge in the future and change it into a person who is afraid of being hunted by the imperial palace. If he wants to kill him, he will say it again.
Twelve people have already faded away and suddenly broke out, but the immortal knowledge lock is not Yu Qifeng.
Whew! Whew! Whew!
When the overwhelming sword light suddenly appeared, the strongest magic weapon among the twelve people was the fairy, and three of them held the fairy. Others were all the fairy. At this moment, there are five fairy magic weapons for twelve people, but the number of fairy weapons is two more. However, the other seven people are not the fairy, but the water is very powerful!
Just like Chen Han’s team, this elite team is also undiscovered talent, and at least half of them have a strong background.
Emotional Yu Changying hasn’t recovered yet, but he saw several swords and lights nullify at the same time.
"You …"
Before he finished preparing, twelve swords of light completely submerged him.
Although he was born in the imperial palace, Yu Changying, a super power, should have some powerful protective treasures, but he didn’t have a father, grandfather and great-grandfather to pour all his love into Yu Yufeng, as if he had forgotten that he had given all his treasures to his brother, and he didn’t even have a really powerful protective treasure.
Just at the moment when the sword light submerged Yu Changying, I saw a crimson glow almost blinking, and it was forced to squeeze into the sword curtain from the eyebrows of Yu Yufeng.
Booming …
The light clouds are flying, the colorful clouds are overflowing, the eyes are closed, and Yu Changying exclaims that when he is launched by twelve masters, the sword light flies, but there is a layer of crimson water-like ripples, which makes him intact and doesn’t even hurt a hair. This point is that even the immortal can’t break the absolute defense.
How come…
Stabilizing his body, he looked at Yu Qifeng in amazement and muttered, "Why … what did Grandpa Huo Yunxia give you?"
Yu Qifeng gnashed her teeth and couldn’t wait to swallow him alive. "You are an anti-king egg in this nest. You are heartless, but I can’t be unjust. If you weren’t my brother, I would have chopped you up and fed you to the dog today. If you want to kill me, you should collude with outsiders to deal with me on your own. Are you still a person?"
"What will save me?"

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