That’s stupid. It’s so stupid. The woman wanted to know that the bitch liked this palace best. She didn’t want it to fall into other people’s hands, so she blew herself up and tore it up. She sent it to the mortal world and held it strong. After arranging the forbidden circle and sealing the circle outside the palace, it was completely gone.

You have to thank him for being so considerate of that woman, knowing that she is nothing but an alchemist. The protection array and prohibition in the palace are very simple, otherwise those people who come with you can’t easily get rid of an immortal’s arrangement array and prohibition.
If he is alive in the temple, he is going to ruin his bones. If he doesn’t do much to make those laws banned by mistake, he will temporarily trap my law circle into a seal law circle, and the seal on the outside will keep the palace breath from leaking. By the way, let people know how to get out of the temple from the inside, which will be reduced to being your pet. "
Nine you’s comments are very reasonable to explain why the stone road of the palace will be messy with many spiritual plants. However, if the palace falls from the boundary, the level of those spiritual plants is not too low. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Lan Yadan is very stingy and allows disciples to contact those low-level spiritual plants.
After listening to his remarks, a different person may then sigh a few words that silly remarks are not worth sympathizing with. Hu Yingxue is not unwilling to comment on a dead person without these feelings. After listening to them, he said, "Jiuyou feels that you talk a lot because no one has talked for a long time?"
I choked in my throat for a long time before I recovered my strength. I snorted "narrow-minded woman"
Hu Yingxue laughed. "I really don’t have a big mind’s eye. If I have the right opportunity, I will definitely retaliate. Before you went back, you wanted to accept me as a servant. As a result, I was even. Before you said that I was a bastard, I was very uncomfortable. I also succeeded in adding obstacles to you, which is even."
Nine you raise your head. "Hu Ying Xue Dian likes your personality."
Hu Yingxue wrapped up the three Dan Ding "just don’t be infatuated with me."
Jiuyou vomited a snake and showed disdain. "How can you be infatuated with you if you have never seen anything stunning in the temple?"
Put the Sandan tripod in the Gankun ring and Hu Yingxue walked to the medicine rack by the wall. "I experience that you will have a great chance of infatuation with me after saying this."
Jiuyou choked in her throat for a long time before she recovered. "Hey, aren’t we even?"
Hu Yingxue picked up several boxes of the medicine rack and found that Lingzhi had lost the medicine spirituality because of improper insurance. Unfortunately, she put the box back and said, "I found your fried wool sample very cute."
Nine deep and remote "…"
Seeing Hu Yingxue wandering around Dan’s room, I just couldn’t find a point to plan not to talk to her for a short time. Jiu You couldn’t watch it. "The treasure house twisted a short couch on that short couch and the cow head could hit the entrance."
Hu Yingxue heard the words and walked back to the low couch. Finally, he couldn’t help saying that he wanted to make an evaluation before. "It’s strange that Lan Yadan’s respect is carved with peony low couch and the cow’s head is decorated with handrails."
Nine you smiled a few times. "She told people that she would design a low couch like this because her surname is Niu, and their Niu family finally gave birth to a rich peony flower."
Hu Yingxue rubbed his arm in disgust. "Don’t let me meet her. I’m afraid she will make me sick to death." He paused. "You didn’t mean to say that to disgust me, did you?"
Nine deep and remote cut a "temple is not as narrow-minded as you. That woman is so disgusting."
"How did you get trapped by such a disgusting woman in the first place?" Hu Yingxue asked and said to nine deep and remote that twist a hand.
After a minute and two in the low couch, you replied faintly, "If you are still interested in knowing when the temple wants to talk, the temple will tell you."
In the dark, Hu Yingxue took out the lantern with the night beads again and hit it on a low couch, revealing the steps. "I just want to ask you casually, and don’t always come to the temple. I feel so uncomfortable."
Nine deep and remote once again cut a "woman is trouble in front of you, so I call myself good. You are not too careful. This Dan room is full of orchids, and Yadan Zun can come into the treasure house. There is no law prohibition and I don’t expect much. That bitch will not have any good things in the treasure house."
Hu Yingxue doesn’t care about whether there will be good things in the face, but she doesn’t expect too much. She smiled. "Anyway, it’s nothing to get something to take, but it’s nine secluded places. I have a question to listen to what you said before. How come this palace is in the world? Everything in the palace, including those spiritual plants, is only available in the mortal world?"
Jiuyou replied, "Lan Yadan said that this is a return to nature, and the immortal himself can’t forget the time when he just set foot on the fairy road."
Hu Yingxue paused. "Er, can you go back to nature?"
"She thinks it’s okay."
"… how did she become a fairy?"
"A lot of people are thinking about this problem."
One person, one snake, chatting and walking, the other side has been addicted to breaking the array, and Qingyang suddenly turned to look behind him. "Stop first and Yingxue is gone."
Du He and Du Xiang’s master and pupil stared round their eyes at the same time. "How could they have disappeared?"
Qingyang tightened her brow. "I just found out that she’s gone. I don’t know how."
Chapter 33 Crossing the Elder?
You can’t send news to the outside of the seal circle. The inside of the palace is not affected. When you find that Hu Yingxue is missing, Qingyang calls her "Yingxue, why did you disappear from the garden?"
Hu Yingxue replied, "When I chased you, I passed the Moon Gate and fell into an underground palace. Now I have left the underground palace and am in this treasure house."
Hearing the word treasure house, Qingyang’s eyes suddenly lit up. "Are there many things in it?"
"A lot, to be exact, is a lot." Hu Yingxue’s eyes are full of words. "Master, there are two piles of gold bricks and silver bricks in a treasure house of immortals. What do you think is this?"
Although Hu Yingxue, a treasure of heaven and earth, didn’t expect much from what was in the treasure house because of the nine hidden words and the medicine rack, I never expected to see two big bricks and silver bricks piled up into pyramids in the treasure house. It was roughly estimated that there were tens of millions of bricks and silver bricks together.
"There are two piles of gold bricks and silver bricks in a fairy treasure house, and there is nothing else. What is this situation?" Qingyang turned to look at Du He and Du Xiang, and the teacher and pupil repeated Hu Yingxue’s words. At the same time, he inquired that the jade slips were similar to the mobile phone function ban.
Du He looked at Du Xiang Du Xiang, so he thought about it, and then said in a very polite tone, "Yi Di must have had a very bitter and painful memory before he saw the immortal. Those painful memories left him with indelible scars, which led him to like to accumulate gold and silver after he became an immortal."
Du He slapped him in the past and said, "Speak normally."
Du Xiang smile happily hide du and slap "simply put, the fairy must be poor and crazy, so there is something wrong with her head. Evidence 1. Sister Hu found evidence 2. Except those dragons and people with normal dragon blood flavor, they would never build a palace with pure gold and sterling silver."
In the treasure house, I blocked my eyes with one hand and held Xun Yujian with the other. Hu Yingxue’s mouth was sobbed. "What should I do with those two piles of gold bricks and silver bricks?"
Qingyang ha ha smiled. "If you have a place to put it, put it away. Later, you will contact all the law bans. Sometimes you can talk a lot. You can put away those silver walls and gold tiles. Even if you encounter different head diseases, there will always be people who want gold refining and silver refining to sell them."
Saying that the tone is definitely a red fruit poking fun at Hu Yingxue is a bit angry and pouting. "I don’t tell you that I actually have other gains."
This time, Du and Hehe smiled. "You don’t need to tell us if you come."
Du He didn’t fool Hu Ying Xue Du and Qingyang to explore and find out that everything has always been the one who gets it first. Of course, their friendship is that the other party will never get what they need first and will also give it to the other party. As the saying goes, good brothers settle accounts. Both of them have a good heart, which makes their friendship very strong.
Although it is not limited in the Gankun Ring, it is still very spacious after installing the two piles of bricks. Although Qingyang’s words are mostly ridiculous, it is also a good suggestion. After cutting off the couplet, Hu Yingxue will pour those bricks into the Gankun Ring.
Lan Yadan Zun seems to really care about the entrance to the treasure house of gold bricks and silver bricks, but it is really hard to compliment those gold bricks and silver bricks with a ban and a ban level every hundred pieces. Not to mention that there are very few beginners who can make mistakes, Hu Yingxue can easily solve those bans, but it is still quite troublesome to crack them one by one.
I found that those bricks were banned by Hu Yingxue. I thought about giving up and turning around. Dan Fang was completely shrouded by a ban. Whether her law level was enough or not, I couldn’t get close to the gate, except for the two piles of Jinshan Yinshan Dan in the treasure house. I don’t want to sit around and wait for Qingyang. She can go back and move the bricks.
The ban on Jinshan Yinshan is annoying. There is one in a hundred, and then there is one in a dozen. Later, everyone has patience. It is estimated that they have given up long ago. But Hu Yingxue didn’t lack patience to find that the ban density is getting higher and higher, but she decided not to finish moving Jinshan Yinshan.
The latter ban is more complicated than the former ban, and it is not as full of mistakes as the former. If the layout of the former bans is at the nursery level, then every piece is banned at the preschool level, whether it is at the nursery level or the preschool level, Hu Yingxue, who is a little elementary school, can handle it.
After a day and a night, the two Jinshan Yinshan buildings were left with a gold brick and a silver brick, which were forbidden and somewhat different from the previous ones. Because Qingyang often had a magic array to sharpen Hu Yingxue’s mood, she was sure that they were magic bursts of eyes after seeing them, but the disposal technique was still at the preschool level.

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