This cosmopolitanism is such a family support not only for gold, silver and money, but also for force. A family with force can be more prosperous and prosperous, and a family with force can develop more rapidly. The family foundation is that those practitioners who can cultivate their family brothers are naturally more valued than themselves, although Grandpa is also good to himself.

Ye Guchen picked up this "Huang Ji Shen Gong" and studied it carefully. This thing is not abstruse. Ye Guchen can understand it. Although it is a little obscure, it is all in the early stage of high depth, but you can’t see anything. Ye Jia’s "The Sea Decision" cultivated by Ye Guchen is not much different, but it is more profound and subtle. For example, this "The Sea Decision" is practiced on this small Sunday, while this "Huang Ji Shen Gong Gong" is practiced on a large and small Sunday.
Of course, this Ye Guchen is understandable. Although it is not a lot, it is obscure. At first glance, it will be known that it is a congenital practice, and this "Sea Decision" is a cultivation of ten levels of strength, which belongs to the acquired achievement method. It is enough to see the gap between the two.
You know, there are a lot of experts in the martial arts family sects in this mainland, but the overall breakdown is divided into two parts: the acquired fighters are born with great achievements, and the martial arts are broken.
The acquired fighters are divided into one to ten levels, depending on the strength of the ten-level realm. The gap between each level is very obvious. The ten-level peak base says that the innate fighters are masters. If you want to be promoted, you need to have a sense of heaven and earth and a certain chance. The most important thing is that you should have the innate masters of promotion, that is, those who have the innate martial arts school and the Millennium family. Only when they have them will they have the innate martial arts school, ordinary people will have the highest level of promotion. Even if they reach the top of the ten levels, there will never be a shortage of top masters in the Jianghu. However, the number
The master of innate Dacheng is called the master master. These people have cultivated the martial arts to a certain level, which is beyond the average person’s level. Each of them is a master. There are several super sects and families with master masters. There are almost no other places in the whole continent. There are not one thousand but there are hundreds of innate masters. However, this master master is rare in the whole continent, that is, more than a dozen samples. It is because of their grandmaster grandmaster that the Jade Sword Villa has become the first place in this path today.
Here, fighters who have broken through the realm of the master and advanced to a new world are called great masters. If no one knows that they are beyond the general realm, they need intensive study. Sooner or later, they will become the broken and virtual strong. Of course, the broken and virtual master means that the martial arts enter the Tao, and the broken and virtual lead to the destruction of the sky. If success is good, it will be beheaded if it is a careless failure.
It’s not that there hasn’t been a great master’s realm in mainland China. The master tried to break away in the absence of strength, and the result was that the sky thunder was chopped to death alive. The emptiness was just a talk, and it was really only a few hundred years before one could be achieved.
And this great master’s realm master is also rare. Ye Guchen knows that there has not been such a figure in the mainland so far. The only one who is known to be broken is the virtual great master, that is, Xie Feng, the sword god three hundred years ago, and others.
It’s no ordinary difficulty for Ye Guchen to reach this level. There are more than billions of people in the five empires of the mainland. But among so many people, it took three hundred years to produce a sword god Xie Feng and want to be the second martial arts to break the virtual strong. The difficulty is even more difficult. Ye Guchen is still a person who has not even cultivated a layer of strength.
I’m ashamed to say that I asked for tickets. Brothers, who has recommended tickets for me? Help me announce the gods by the way.
Chapter VI Connecting to Level 3
Ye Guchen sat cross-legged and studied it by himself. This "Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill" confirmed its central meditation and recorded it in his mind. Ye Guchen closed his eyes and practiced silently.
To say that Ye Guchen’s size is a genius, although the meridians are blocked badly, it is still rare to accumulate strength to the second level in this continent. If it is not because of its own limitations, it is even less likely to enter the third floor or even the fourth floor now. Although it is always more and more difficult to practice this way, it is not impossible for Ye Guchen to reach the fourth floor at the age of thirteen.
It’s a pity that Ye Guchen is unlucky, and the meridians are not very smooth and blocked, so he can’t impact the acupoints and slowly accumulate strength. Now this level has reached its peak. If he can’t break through the acupoints and clear the meridians, so will his generation. He has two levels of superior strength but can’t transport it. In fact, he is no different from ordinary people
Sitting cross-legged silently, I feel a little warm current in the abdomen, and the leaves alone lead me to walk slowly in my meridians. According to the past experience, I guide the warm current to pass through various acupoints of the body and constantly impact and expand. These acupoints absorb the energy of heaven and earth and enter the body to strengthen their own strength during the operation. When they reach a certain level, they will be advanced when they are fixed.
In fact, this is not difficult for experienced Ye Guchen. The operation ability of things is very difficult for an entry-level person. Most things take a month to get their first true qi successfully, but Ye Guchen has a bottom after all, which can not beat him.
In fact, there is almost no skill in saving energy, and it is not difficult to save energy if you can exercise your skills. The speed of saving energy varies according to different talents. Some people can absorb energy from others after one hour of meditation, while others can absorb energy after one day of meditation, which depends on personal talents.
Of course, there is another factor involved, that is, if the aura of heaven and earth is strong enough, then an ordinary person can become a genius in such an environment. However, the aura of heaven and earth is scarce and richer than that of ordinary places, but the richness is limited. The phenomenon that the concentration of external aura around Ye Guchen is several times and dozens times is almost impossible and has never been heard.
However, these are not very difficult. The most difficult thing is that every promotion will be stuck there, and it will require a certain understanding of energy and impact on acupuncture points. Generally speaking, it can be divided into Baihui, Jade Pillow, Shanzhong, Shoujing, Lingtai, Qihai and Mingmendu. Although the force will pass through these nine acupuncture points on Sunday, almost all of them will pass through one tenth and the remaining nine will be automatically filtered out.
The energy absorbed by layers of screening from the outside world is isolated by these nine acupoints, and 99% of it is only a little bit left, but this little energy keeps increasing. When it reaches a certain level, you can use your strength to hit acupoints. Every time you hit an acupoint, not only will the energy absorbed increase, but the abdomen will also increase several times with the expansion of strength, and the absorbed energy will also increase. This is the so-called practice constructio n.
In fact, each level of promotion is the impact on acupuncture points, and each acupuncture point can be promoted to a higher level. Dantian can also be expanded by one point until the nine acupuncture points hit Dantian to the limit. That is, the first level of cultivation is not to impact any acupuncture points, to see what personal talent can feel the true qi, and to operate the true qi, so that people in the whole world can be called a master, but most of them can break through even one level.
However, no matter if you practice hard, your body is much better than the average person. The mainland is martial and cautious. Even if you can’t practice successfully, you can keep fit. If you have an achievement, it will be worth a hundred times more.
Ye Guchen silently released the aura in his heart. Suddenly, the aura around Ye Guchen became thicker and gathered together. If someone else saw this scene at this time, he would even be jealous. Such a strong aura is slightly different from the world.
I feel that my power has increased a lot after a week’s operation, and I don’t know how much faster than I used to. Suddenly, I was curious and hurried to speed up the operation. After nine weeks’ operation, he was surprised to find that his abdomen was saturated.
What does dantian saturation mean? No one knows this better than Ye Guchen. This watch has absorbed enough force by itself, and it is already a peak, which can impact the first acupuncture point Baihui. This is what Ye Guchen never thought.
He is experienced in hitting the first floor. At the age of five, he practiced under the guidance of his parents for two years. At the age of seven, he was saturated and hit Baihui point to advance to the second floor. However, after only nine weeks of operation, he was saturated.
This Yuzryha solitary Chen some can’t imagine that he doesn’t know what’s going on and thinks for a long time, but then Ye solitary Chen becomes white. This is not because of how talented he is, but because he has a second-floor peak repair. Although Yu Heng broke the meridians, this force has not dissipated, but it continues to lie in the abdomen and the meridians. Now that his meridians have been repaired, it is natural to easily break through the realm before the breakthrough.
Thought of here, Ye Guchen is also unambiguous in operating force, which impacts Baihui point. When Ye Guchen is mobilized, it is slowly transported, and then it is tied up and desperately impacted Baihui point. Ye Guchen feels that there is almost no big feeling after a pain at Baihui point, unlike the original general pain, he just rushed over and advanced to the second floor.
Such a scene, Yuzryha Gu Chen can’t imagine that he is running the second layer of art and working again. This time, he has been running for ten sundays, and Ye Gu Chen has once again hit the second acupuncture point, Jade Pillow. It is still like the first time, and there is almost no wave. When he is too long, he will break through the second layer card.
In this way, Ye Guchen runs the third layer with confidence. He wants to absorb this medicine department with a bang, and there must be no slightest wave running the third layer. As Ye Guchen thought, after running for 36 weeks, the third layer of Shanzhong point has not been broken, but it is vaguely loose.
However, Ye Guchen continued to practice meditation. Unfortunately, after thirty-six weeks of operation, Ye Guchen felt some slight pain in his meridians. He knew that this was a sign that he had reached the limit, and he dared not exercise at will. Because of this, his meridians could be shattered by that crazy violence at any time, and the consequences would be unimaginable, so he quickly stopped exercising, although he was disappointed.
But that’s enough to be a man. You can’t be too greedy. You have been promoted to the third level in a row for one night. You hit two acupoints and got promoted to the third level. This is something that many people don’t even think about. You know Ye Guchen practiced from the age of five, but at the age of ten, he hasn’t broken through the second level and entered the third level. You can imagine how difficult it is to get promoted.
I don’t know how many people are going to vomit blood and die, if that’s not enough.
However, although there are not many thirteen-year-old three-story masters, there are also many, but this shows that a person is talented. In some aristocratic families, people who can cultivate to the third floor at the age of thirteen will be focused on training.
I opened my eyes and found that it was dawn. Ye Guchen quickly got up and went out and came to this courtyard. It is true that boxing and physical exercise are revolutionary money. For martial arts experts, physical exercise is important, but it can’t be pulled away. Although people with advanced skills don’t pay much attention to physical exercise, the better their health, the more vigorous their blood is. It is no secret that many family sects have fixed physical exercise steps. Although everyone doesn’t value it very much, they really need to exercise when they are young, which is good for the future and practice.
Of course, Ye Guchen didn’t say what happened to his body suddenly changed, and he didn’t intend to tell anyone that he was still the master Ye Gujiu, who was still the lonely and unique routine. He was quietly hiding in his own corner and practicing hiding in his own courtyard. As he always did, he lay quietly like a wild animal in his classmates licking his wounds and waiting for his body to recover, and then he would go out of the cave to find his enemies when his wings were fuller and his claws were sharper.
Obviously, now is not a suitable opportunity. Shaoye Guchen thinks so.
(Ask for tickets, ask for tickets, ask for tickets, ask for tickets, hey hey)
Chapter VII Ghost Claw
Ye Guchen, the most basic arhat boxing, practiced it for three times, and then he stopped sweating. After that, Ye Guchen turned his eyes to the direction. There were two stone piers next to it and two ten-foot-high stakes hanging sandbags. That was Ye Guchen’s daily practice.
Ye Gucheng, who can’t practice hard, turned his attention to physical training. Although he didn’t achieve any proud results, Ye Guchen’s body was much better than his peers. He was thirteen years old and physically a child. However, Ye Guchen’s height has grown to about one meter and he is full of muscles. These are the results of his perennial exercise.
Squatting 130 Jin on the stone pier, lifting weights, practicing boxing, 1000. This is Ye Guchen’s daily basic work. After all this, he wiped the sweat. Ye Guchen suddenly thought that he could cultivate his strength, and that Monty Skill also had a set of achievement methods. He suddenly became interested in attacking moves and ran over. He took out the "Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill" from a hidden box under the bed and watched it carefully.
There is an attack technique called Ghost Claw in The Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill. It makes people shudder to hear the name, and it is indeed true. This Ghost Claw is very powerful, and it introduces force into the palm of your hand, covering your fingertips and palms. This hurts people, and his attack moves are the most vulnerable places for people. Once it is hit, the consequences are unimaginable. It can be said that it is cruel and vicious.
After practicing, I have learned that this "Ghost Claw" can break through the body to form a ghost claw, which means that it is terrible to hurt people and kill people in the form.
"Huang Ji Shen Gong" is just such an attack technique, but it is enough. You know, mainland people’s cultivation ability is the root of martial arts skills, and people will choose attack techniques only when there is a breakthrough in force methods, or they will choose attack techniques only after their strength reaches a certain height, because this attack technique seems simple, but it is not so easy to learn, and it is difficult to achieve much without years of hard work. Most people don’t want to be in this wave.
However, Ye Guchen will feel the pain of meridians after practicing for 36 sundays at most, and he will not dare to practice strength, leisure and work. After finishing the matrix exercise, he will naturally look at this "Ghost Claw".
Ye Guchen recorded the ghost claw exercise route and all skills in his mind according to what he said for a few hours before practicing.
I came to the courtyard and looked at the four old servants, Fobo. No longer did Ye Guchen dare to practice according to this book "Ghost Claw", but it’s a pity that this thing is not so easy to learn. Just mastering the exercise route, Yuzryha Guchen groped for a whole day to be mastered.
Ye Guchen did not continue to practice "Ghost Claw" until he finished his physical exercise in the early morning of the next day after he released his aura exercise power that night. It was still half a month before Ye Guchen groped for the ghost claw exercise route.
Then I practiced formally, but Ye Guchen realized that it was not easy to learn the route of "Ghost Claw". Although I remembered it well and groped enough, I was really out of breath when I put it to use, and I always felt that I couldn’t move freely. Although I worked hard for a few days, I still couldn’t move freely.
It took a month for Ye Guchen to feel the way to transport this ghost claw, although it was not very pure, but it was barely able to be put to good use.
This Yuzryha lonely heart a little happy, but then some nai dark sighed, "I really am not a genius, even with a lot of reiki in Yu Pei and this secret skill has this ghost claw, but I only practiced this ghost claw for a month, and it’s not just that I can barely display this talent. Why should I go to Yuheng for revenge? He’s the second man of Yujian Mountain Villa. Hugh reached the top of the tenth floor three years ago. Even Grandpa is no match for him. If I have this ability, why should I take revenge on him? "
"No, I can. I will definitely do better than Yuheng. I must be better than everyone else. Although my talent is not good, you others practice five hours a day. I practice ten hours a day and meditate for two hours. I can’t believe this. I can’t compete with you." Ye Guchen said with a firm hand.
In fact, this is Ye Guchen’s own self-belittling. Although Ye Guchen’s talent is not extremely good, it is absolutely not bad. You know, the cultivation of this skill, style and technique is definitely not successful overnight. Some people have only achieved a little success in drilling for several years, and the more advanced the technique is, it is quite amazing that Ye Guchen can barely master the ghost claws in a month, but he is not in contact with the outside world but he just doesn’t know it.
Then I threw myself into the practice again, and a few days passed in the blink of an eye. However, Ye Guchen recently felt that there was something wrong with practicing "Ghost Claw" at home. Although it was not discovered, the power of this ghost claw was put there. Now I can completely tear the bark of an old tree in the past and leave a paw print on it without being discovered. But once I find that it is not beautiful,
Ye Guchen doesn’t want others to know that he can cultivate things for the time being. Whether it is "Ghost Claw" or "Emperor’s Extremely Magic" is the original sin for Ye Guchen. These things must not be known, otherwise it is difficult to give birth to any curse.
You know, Ye Guchen’s father has five brothers, but they are not very good with each other. Ye Gujia’s great cause has many branches, and hundreds of people are not without struggle with each other. It is a miracle that Ye Guchen can suddenly repair the damaged meridians. If there are advanced practices and good moves and techniques, it will be hard for people to stare at, so Ye Guchen has to think more about it.
Ye guchen, though withdrawn, is not stupid. On the contrary, because his mother died early and his father looked like this, he knows how to protect himself better than his peers. Sometimes, he knows what to say and what not to say, and he knows what to do.

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